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  1. Shitting themselves going to a youth match is brutal. Imagine using RM as basis for what to expect too 😂
  2. Great performance. Always is a tough ground to visit.
  3. 1 up, could and should be more. Need to finish them off early second half
  4. Definitely not a penalty. Just poor from alfie. Unlike him
  5. Alan Brazil so literally means fuck all.
  6. I get that mate. My main concern is selling all our best players to make a profit but having no one to replace them to challenge for league.
  7. What's shown we are doing what we need to do? Who have we sold on for a big profit and brought in an equal replacement for less money? Speculation is all we have on current squad.
  8. Hard to get excited about our team costing peanuts when we are still in loads of debt. Need to keep up the clever player investments to allow it to continue but it is really impressive that we have a team at the standard we do on such a small budget by comparison.
  9. Really poor first half. Lucky to not be a few behind.
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