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  1. Not missing it much at all tbh. Far more stress elsewhere just now
  2. Should have just been one emoji- 🖕🏻 Regards Rangers
  3. The quality of of football might be a lot better but the english league is nothing but a tourist attraction run purely to make money now.
  4. They played well but i actually think Braga looked better than they did tonight tbh
  5. We were shite first half but can't exactly complain. They are a very strong team and we gave it a go just a bit too late
  6. Scumbag behaviour throwing bottles. Ffs man
  7. They did this before. I remember it quite vividly as i was at the game. Their fans really are shite
  8. I had that top as a young primary school boy. Nice kit
  9. Worried they will see 55 before us at this rate. Really need to fix whatever mental barrier our players have picked up or they will. Scary reality.
  10. Another "i'm a better fan than you" thread.
  11. Until we win something they all get a fail. Winning the odd game doesn't get pass marks in football
  12. The whole team has been shite. No one worthy of the armband
  13. Tims going for 12 in a row and £100m in the bank by then
  14. Hamilton will score again before we do. That's how shite we are
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