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  1. That's their fb hacked too and they have had to delete their twitter 😂😂😂
  2. Hope he's alright but this place never fails to amaze me with how this thread has developed. Some right weirdos on here
  3. Really like it. Waiting on the limited edition european top 😎
  4. I'm not convinced we have had a better player since him to warrant his withdrawal from the first team. Quite entitled to try get his place back but then again no one knows what he's been told by the club.
  5. Lee Wallace stuck with us when the "Rangers men" fucked off down south and abroad before crawling back now we are back challenging.
  6. I guess it's posted publicly anyway... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/439293203500370/
  7. Just got an advert on my fb page saying someone (whos name i won't mention) is selling all sorts of these shite tops in motherwell and in all sizes at £18 a go 🤯
  8. Can't see tonnes rushing to buy him with his temperament the way it is just now so another season isn't unlikely but the way he talks it's clear he sees himself as bigger than us and wants away.
  9. He was poor today but is generally a great player. Funny season is well under way
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