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  1. It wasn't biased imo. His shite refereeing balanced out over game anyway but it was the standard that was shocking. Linesman and his offside calls were also questionable
  2. Never over the line. Not that it matters in the end. That handball was the main issue today and the number of inconsistencies with other decisions too.
  3. Need gerrard to seriously go through them at half time. We don't seem to want to win this league
  4. Facebook fans are the worst. Apart from me when I make a really good point then it's fine.
  5. Davis making a desperate call for help
  6. Nameless Ghoul


    His interview after the game was odd as well. It was like he was unwilling to admit any issues but at the same time his face said "thank fuck that's over"
  7. Nameless Ghoul


    I thought he was decent tbh. Certainly not worthy of a thread just after a good win
  8. Brilliant first half. We should already be well clear. More of the same second half and push for more
  9. This thread is so childish it's unreal. A man has died and this is deemed to matter in the slightest? Have a word. Grow up and show some respect.
  10. Nice gesture regardless of what the song typically means to us.
  11. It would just end up turning into a wee clique anyway mate. Bad enough on here already sometimes
  12. Likes and post count mean absolute fuck all on here when most is given for posting articles other have written etc
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