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  1. Looks like we will have more fans in their stadium than they will
  2. Gerrard talks far too much sense to be a manager in scotland tbh
  3. Only time i ever leave early is when i've a train i have to get. Been left stuck and having to fork out a bomb on taxis a few times.
  4. Favourite game: rugby park 2011. Lucky enough to be there too Favourite player: morelos Favourite goal: mckay v tims at hampden
  5. It's their "free bet" positioning that is causing the stir ­čśé
  6. I would mate but i've long since moved away from where he lives
  7. I know the guy that does all these anti Rangers articles for the sun. He's a hearts fan and a complete wanker.
  8. Never a penalty and then hand ball goal. No chance are we getting var in scotland with these cunts needing shite refereeing to get something from games
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