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  1. Can't believe we still have sold out stock at this point of the season. There should be a massive stock holding at this stage.
  2. Just on my way to sports direct just now. Hopefully have some left
  3. They do, sure it's 2 weeks or something
  4. Supposed to be more stock today but nothing so far
  5. FF posters who got them for not being as staunch as RM imo
  6. Still waiting on covid19 belly sized coming back into stock
  7. More stock on tuesday. New site next week. White kit for thursday
  8. I'm waiting to get mine at the megastore as sizing sounds a bit different
  9. Or a massive missed opportunity where people want to buy and can't. Seems every year over the last few we have the same issue
  10. Home top only got size medium left again and away kit sold out in some sizes too. Availability seems shite again
  11. Any deals on sky sports nowtv codes anywhere other than cdkeys?
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