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  1. If you had the choice of one song to be added to the matchday playlist what would it be? I'd go with this under appreciated classic especially for European games
  2. I was thinking your post was needing updated tbh
  3. I've heard a song called forever blue put out by Rangers before. It was on an official album about 15 years ago but couldn't tell you if it's the same one as i didn't hear it and no longer have the album. Maybe someone else has the album to check. Cheers for reading.
  4. He has something but he does seem to hit the first man a lot with crosses and doesn't seem to want to try anything other than whip in a cross wherever he is on park
  5. Happy with that. Really controlled performance and dominated.
  6. You're just encouraging his posts with replies like that 😂
  7. Transfer section makes more sense. If we are making suggestions could the transfer section be moved to be a sub forum below the bears den like the financial one is?
  8. Thought he would have stayed. Sure he will do well if he gets into a team.
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