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  1. ffs first one hasn't even gone in on my stream yet
  2. The question is...... did you use bet365? Mon the fucking teddy bears
  3. Tell you what, god bless all the people still finding streams for the bears this late in the game Get fucking in there Andy my son!!
  4. Utter cunts mate, was hard enough getting one over the bookies but they've got you tied up one way or another now with the terms and conditions online. I like a shot on the slots myself, pure poison as well, find it hard to leave them
  5. That's exactly what happens mate, happened to me before.
  6. Even further back in the day it was typing "paranoid club devoid of trophies" into google and pressing I'm feeling lucky took you straight to their homepage. Pretty sure the google search algorithm is a proddy
  7. You ever see him on any panel shows? Watched him on Would I Lie To You, the typically thick taig asked David Mitchell if his bedroom door was an in or an out door An dunno if people have ever heard any other Scottish people doing this, but when he tries to pronounce Horse clearly he ends up saying Horth, frys ma fuckin brain.
  8. First one to lay a marker down on a taig gets first pick on the karaoke. Obviously Andy Halliday had a few tunes in mind going in on that first tackle.
  9. To a fruitful 2019 to every bear around the world. And one for absent friends. No Surrender.
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