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  1. Seeing Barisic play with confidence gives me a semi
  2. Now that's a fucking result Rangers Not bad for a team that lacks "craft or knowledge to get through these games " Up ye Charlie ya fuckin munter
  3. On his day off...... from his full time job as Rangers manager youd be locked up in the loony bin
  4. 1-0 Defoe https://tiger.cdnja.co/v/bm/bM74.mp4?secure=ZwYm7odyKcLDU-LGH8LTUg&expires=1570386600 2-0 Goldson https://tiger.cdnja.co/v/7o/7owr.mp4?secure=K9qetgq3dXsbhcWQA5kiRw&expires=1570386600 3-0 Barasic https://tiger.cdnja.co/v/qq/qqQ3.mp4?secure=T4GAskOYhanlPPHMshPjwA&expires=1570386600 4-0 Defoe https://tiger.cdnja.co/v/2n/2nEr.mp4?secure=MDCloqVUN3JtmG5f6mP6Nw&expires=1570386600 5-0 Defoe https://tiger.cdnja.co/v/6a/6awm.mp4?secure=_Gv70LT2d-gxZF2jf6nrig&expires=1570386600
  5. Stewart making a superb case for himself here. Some vision on the boy, pulls some ridiculous passes out his back pocket.
  6. The u19 bears are 1 up away to Young Boys just now in the UYL
  7. https://proxy-nyc.hidemyass-freeproxy.com/proxy/en-gb/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g_dj1oNjlGV1FjME5zSSZmZWF0dXJlPXlvdXR1LmJl The youtube link above put through Hidemyass proxy for anyone that can't see it.
  8. Big man is as cool as a cucumber, looks a cracking player
  9. This is what I was looking for from this type of signing, very little game time but when they do come in they are chomping at the bit to impress.
  10. Been outstanding today, 20+ chances according to bet365 and we've gladly took more of them today. Now give us 5 Rangers.
  11. Protecting yourself that's called now according to fucking Sutton.... Closer to serious assault.
  12. Hutchy WATP


    My stream being a bit behind bet365 summed up Jacks engine and performance. He was winning the ball back on the edge of our box on my stream but was up the other end having a shot at goal on bet365. Being a midfielder and having Gerrard as your manager must be a dream for him.
  13. Rangers 1-0 Feyenoord Doesn't that just feel right? Fucking nerve shredding at times but by fuck i'll take the 3 points
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