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  1. Really hesitant to post this but is that Gogzy near the end?
  2. If it makes you feel any better i put my usual 3pm k.o btts coupon, logged back in this morning and I had picked the sheep - hearts game by accident Coupon burst before it began.
  3. You watched any of it? Whole forest crowd were booing him for taking their goalscorer off at 2-1 down Same attitude from him wherever he goes it seems, never makes subs based on the players performance.
  4. The twilight zone hasn't got a patch on it.
  5. Was thinking along those lines, it was kinda broken english at the end of an answer. Just lost in translation from him and the media have ran with it (not like them rat fucks).
  6. aww fucked about with images for too long
  7. You know what makes this 10 times better than first look? Big Wes just below it, cause you know an I know that's got to be the Ye Ragin Mate meme
  8. I'll excuse the dodgy transfer stories just this once, this is superb
  9. Is that Gregco someone from on here? If so take a bow son
  10. I hate this country nowadays.
  11. I laughed way too much at this
  12. I would really really struggle to stop myself wanting to punch fuck out of lego muncher if I was a player. One of the most arrogant cunts to ever play in Scotland.