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  1. Just shows you its part of the football culture over there, wee number 10 pushes him in the chest and it makes his legs fold under him?
  2. I might be talking utter pish here but I think i remember seeing it somewhere we took someone on trial there with us. Looks solid enough, was unlucky wae that shot there.
  3. Is it McCrorie thats in goal? Like the way he came out to that shot there, high hopes for both brothers.
  4. Can only imagine the beers flowing, in the space of a couple of hours its went from only hearing the coaches to renditions of American Pie
  5. Hope to fuck that's not you singing mate song book is shocking.
  6. Seems a few of the articles have sort of mentioned (in garbled Portuguese half the time) that Pedro is an influence on the players decisions. If push comes to shove lets just hope thats enough to secure their signatures. Might be a bit of a controversial subject for some on here but because of where we are right now plus the overall state of Scottish football and football as a whole, if Pedro can sell them the dream of a couple of seasons here, fighting for trophies and trying for Europe, then being sold on to England for profit i'm all for it. I just want us back competing pronto, mediocrity is soul destroying.
  7. That was one of they tv shows that was on cause my mates watched it and I thought it was pish. Didn't take long for me to change ma mind right enough, fucking brilliant. Forgot what thread I was in fuck el papa the pedo harbouring nazi fuck that he is.
  8. You don't just jump into bed with Terry Tibbs, you take him out for lunch, you wine and dine him, you give him an oil massage and then he gives you £1950...... If you're lucky.
  9. I'm sure Nicholas comeback will go something like this.......
  10. One that was built on shaky foundations..... Apparently it rocks.
  11. Knew exactly what free-kick you were talking about before I even started the video, balls nearly back out the net by the time the keeper dives Fucking hell, that Laudrup goal the man was superb at leaving people looking like dicks
  12. I don't think it's a coincidence that his better performances recently have came with Kiernan out the team. Kiernan puts everybody around him under pressure when he's short with back passes to the keeper and just bad decision making in general. That and he's not being forced to play it out on the deck, even under pressure, like Warburton had him doing. Time and a place for that, also a time and a place to just skelp it to fuck.
  13. Yup, at least the semi. Sure its cause its a straight red its the very next game you miss.