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    My stream being a bit behind bet365 summed up Jacks engine and performance. He was winning the ball back on the edge of our box on my stream but was up the other end having a shot at goal on bet365. Being a midfielder and having Gerrard as your manager must be a dream for him.
  2. Rangers 1-0 Feyenoord Doesn't that just feel right? Fucking nerve shredding at times but by fuck i'll take the 3 points
  3. Pinged an email off but the article was gone before I had even sent it.
  4. His heart on the pitch was the epitome of a Rangers man RIP Fernando
  5. http://www.sportwoop.com/Ukraine-Nigeria-11ERIZ#rdblk It was Aribo that scored
  6. Well fuck Loaded up the stream to see the result at the bottom totally forgot about this But fwiw Lomachenko is a fuckin machine
  7. I was expecting him to take a bit of time to settle in but the big mans been superb so far, pops up all over the park for the full 90 minutes. Some engine on him. The longer time goes on, the more I see why Bowyer (prick) was so mad about losing him for buttons.
  8. Everything about his involvement is sketchy. The other day he was telling that Michelle Gray, who maintains he never contacted her, that he had tried to contact her and that it was likely a lost email or some similar pish. He kept quiet right up until that last court case, then crawls out with some damage limitation, distancing and "wisnae poor selic mister". Pretty much trying to look pro active but keep their name away from it. Then comes away with that cracker about knowing "Nothing like what has come out". So what did you know James? Is he just another in a long list that knew details about the "open secret" and kept quiet? sinister as fuck. But your spot on about him being watched. Wouldn't be surprised if we see him keep schtum for a while, as his ilk are prone to do, silence is the norm for them around this type of systematic abuse.
  9. That's one of the best goals I've ever fuckin witnessed btw!
  10. It's just not the same without El Buffalo bootin cunts in the face
  11. Fucking postman bastard, a missed the second goal
  12. The way he went on about it at the start of the game, he was just shy of saying "Hearts don't bother their arse trying against Rangers" Bitter wee cunt that he is.
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