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  1. Standing on the chairs belting out the Jermain Defoe is no a good idea. Fell off it twice and I have a massive bruise on my back. 46 years old, I should know better and leave that to the young team. Was worth it though
  2. Was doing my best to remain calm but was right out my seat cheering when Andy won that tackle. Laid down an early marker that today was going to be different. It is what we needed
  3. That is not true, Lennon was giving his team clear instructions in 2nd half to get it down our right side. Where did their goal come from?
  4. Travelrug


    He was going after one of their players after final whistle. Looked like Boyd was dragging him away. Pity some of his teammates did not have the same passion and desire as him.
  5. RIP Edmiston Drive. Such sad news to hear of his illness and passing.
  6. Try this link for details on RR ?
  7. It is brilliant we have guys all over the world setting alarm clocks or interrupting their work/shifts to watch our matches, then even more brilliant that some of these same guys are doing the same to call into RR to have a blether about their team thousand of miles away. It is a great wee platform for all us fans to get entertained by or get involved in.
  8. I am out of the country so watched the match on RTV. Excellent coverage from the club media people and having Tom and Kevin Thomson commentating was excellent. Good to have positive people who are passionate about our club getting as excited as we are when things are going well on the pitch. The way Kev speaks about the youth set-up also helps provide an insight into what is happening behind the scenes and the potential that is building there also. Best thing about the RTV coverage is that this money stays within our club and fees are not being paid to people that despise us, have revelled in our misfortunes over the past few years and have very little to say about us in a positive nature. We know who they are and I would happily never see them back in our stadium again.
  9. Will keep an eye out for you ?. Unlikely to be at home games this week as I am out of the country just now. GB makes good use of both our tickets, I had the pleasure of his company at one of our games towards the tail of last season when he was at your seat (to be fair, blethering with GB was more entertaining than what was on the park)
  10. I believe our seats are very close together. Will need to say hello next time we are at the game, think we are only 4 or 5 seats along from you. Just keep an eye out for a wee 11yo getting very embarrassed at his silly old dad getting over excited at the game. That will be me and the boy ?
  11. Donation made. Hope you raise plenty ?
  12. Work permitting I will definitely be there. My boy would be fuming if he mised an opportunity to meet Broxi (and you and GB obviously).
  13. Would the trainer and club consider a half time appearance by our Broxi to promote the work that Bravehound do? Even a wee feature in the match programme that day might raise the profile a wee bit.
  14. Willie Miller critisicing Windass for having too much to say to the referee. Could not believe that coming from him, he was always moaning at referees throughout his career. Arsehole.
  15. No bother at all. Glad they got to you in plenty of time. Never any hassle dealing with you bud. My first point of contact as I know I can rely on you. Cheers
  16. Who said David Bates could not pass?
  17. No satisfied with a blazer, is he wanting stripped as well?
  18. I would rather give that money a miss (not sure the money would be that much anyway) than give that shower any income off our backs. The last few years should teach us that they will do anything to hurt us and we should never, ever forget it. A better organised tour of North America, with a couple of decent games in Canada would generate a few quid for the club and would payback the loyal supporters there. We cannot repeat the apparent debacle that happened last time we visited.
  19. During the pre-fight I thought Holm looked nervous and with all that pacing and prancing I thought this is looking bad for her. Little did I know she just continued all that movement during the fight. She was on top of Rousey in the first round and just got up, I thought she missed a chance but she was obviously just sticking to her plan. Well done
  20. Holm's game plan was immaculate. What a performance. It seemed that every punch she threw connected.
  21. I am also part of the MFN posse (and another proud Ayrshire man). Unfortunately I am unable to attend tomorrows game due to work commitments so I am sure GB will be delighted if you donate on my behalf. I will return the favour at the next game I can attend when the collecting bins are in place (I agree it does not happen as often as before). Before I get pounced upon, GB has already found two willing volunteers for my seats. to GB
  22. £20 donated GB. Great effort again GB and a smashing response from all the bears in such a short space of time. Well done everyone ??
  23. Just had a blether with Arthur Numan on flight to Amsterdam this morning. He said he was amazed with the turnout because he had heard the crowds had dropped away recently. Said it gave him goosebumps to be back playing at Ibrox. A lad asked him if he fancied getting the boots out for next week, he sniggered and said oh yes. A real gentleman who was only to happy to make time for supporters and also made it clear he understood how important it was to beat that lot next week.
  24. Also the movement of Negri would shame the "forwards" we have at the club at the moment. Unfortunately the legs were not as sharp as his mind
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