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  1. At least we know what we’re up against I don’t think we’ll need to go looking for trouble.
  2. I got so fed up with listening to him I sent an email to Sky complaining about comments and how sick and tired I was listening to his whining voice and the bias against RFC so much so he has taken the enjoyment out of the game for me, therefore come September when my contract is due I’m looking for changes on Sky’s part if not then I will make changes. I know my complaint will make no difference as far as Sky are concerned and I’ll get the standard reply, but at least I got a rant out of my system after listening to the whinging of a “football expert” it’s like listening to an address at a wake.
  3. Got to go now, can’t depend on him, he’s had too many chances only thinks of himself not a team player.
  4. I agree with you, Why are we acknowledging anything this man says. I treat him the same way as I treat the daily record, bbc sportscene , sutton etc I don’t read don’t watch and don’t listen.
  5. Last week I Googled, which Scottish team has the biggest support came back with them 800K, THE Rangers 8 million. it should be noted Google said they are estimated figures so I guess we could have 10 million haha
  6. Oh how I hate these A-holes, I wish we could get out of this dump league/country and leave to the taigs
  7. Eck did a remarkable job here with what he had, then if I remember correctly Murray did the dirty on him, shame because I thought Eck would have made a good successful manager. I'd be very happy for him to return he would put a bit of steel into the team, he knows the score and what's required to beat the scum.
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