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  1. I've got a feeling he'll have somebody in to give Tav a bit of a run for his place in the team, no source just a feeling.
  2. None, this lot has had their chance, obviously not talented enough poor squad sorry to say.
  3. I'm an old man can somebody explain this to me, what is trending??? I don't understand, and please respect your elders with the answers haha
  4. Great player, but I think greed may have taken over and turned him into a horrible self centred man, unfortunately. He would be better staying away and keeping quiet and make arrangements for a proxy vote in future
  5. I wish him all the best and hope he's successful but I'd like to see the new boss in before the end of the season but after the scum game this week. I think it's only fair that he has time to have a look at what he's been left with from Mr Wonderful MW so sad.
  6. With this lot of players we have! Hibs would run over the top of them, we might be playing football but we're a team without balls.
  7. Eck did a remarkable job here with what he had, then if I remember correctly Murray did the dirty on him, shame because I thought Eck would have made a good successful manager. I'd be very happy for him to return he would put a bit of steel into the team, he knows the score and what's required to beat the scum.
  8. That's exactly what you should do, as far as I can see the board has released a statement explaining what happened they do not need to go any furthern, what needs to ebe remembered is that this business may go legal therefore the board must be very careful what is being, said and the least said the better.
  9. Nobody is going come near or invest in our club while MA is lurking in the background, just my personal opinion.
  10. MW is the man for stats I wonder what he would say about this. let me guess "we'll learn from it"
  11. For goodness sake I'd be better than Warburton that tells you how bad he is, and no I don't want the job.
  12. Absolutely no way, his signings have been unbelievable and indeed puzzling why sign around fifteen mediocre players. I would have thought he would signed two quality big fast CH's and two quality midfielders. Build the team around a solid defence and m/field and I reckon we would be less money for wages than we are now. But that's only my opinion and I still can't work out his thinking, about running with tight squad young hungry fast players I just don't know. He also puts me in mind of McCoist as it appears that he can't change tactics of the team during a game. I'm just sick and tired of these performances and I don't think he can be trusted for anymore signings.
  13. Big Eck did really well before with very limited funds IF he would come then I would grab him, it would interesting to see if he would be able to do something with this pile of dross that Warburton has assembled.
  14. No proof but I don't think King has much time for him. Just a couple of things that's been said in the past has given me that impression then again I could be wrong.
  15. He hasn't got a clue, this jobs too big for him, I've been saying this since last year. The team is begging for decent CH's and decent MF why can't he see that everybody can see it. I'm sick fed up listening to him telling us we'll learn for this, well away and learn somewhere else this is not a training ground for you.