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  1. Neil1418

    Reserve match today

    Thanks for the post nice to see some of the youngsters, hope they all make it.
  2. Neil1418


    Stopped watching this crap programme long time ago, as for Thompson, remember the BBC puts money into his bank, which is a nice wee earner for him. So he’ll spout all the crap they want to hear.
  3. Neil1418

    Worst Sports For Rangers Players To Take Part In.

    Your correct that’s the way I remember it, them as being the h**, again they turned it around to suit the ends of manky mob.
  4. Neil1418

    Club Statement - Murdoch MacLennan

    Great statement, keep up the pressure on the taig empire building, let’s drive in a wedge into the cracks that are now appearing to get a level playing field. looking forward to the next move, well played our board.
  5. Neil1418

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    Around 68 years my dad took me to Ibrox when I was 5 that would be 1950. I was born a mile from Ibrox therefore as the years progressed I was never away from the place, every week reserve games one week then the “big” team the next week, have never stopped supporting them and never will.
  6. Neil1418

    Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Taigs at work, everything and anything to have go at us. Can’t wait for us to get stronger again but we also need to get the right people in power, that’s what they’ve done.
  7. Neil1418

    Where will we finish this season?

    Sorry, never did the sums, just so fed up with last Sunday’s result and the thought of the next three games.
  8. Neil1418

    Brenda - " Thrown to the garbage "

    Agree, none of his business he should keep his comments to himself.
  9. Neil1418

    Where will we finish this season?

    4th or 5th unfortunately.
  10. Neil1418

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    Eck did a remarkable job here with what he had, then if I remember correctly Murray did the dirty on him, shame because I thought Eck would have made a good successful manager. I'd be very happy for him to return he would put a bit of steel into the team, he knows the score and what's required to beat the scum.
  11. Neil1418

    Scotland v England

    Same for me. Not a penny.