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  1. He doesn't have an agent. He is represented by the players union who do what they are told by the player and they are just there to make sure the player is signing the contract that they have agreed on
  2. Seen on twitter they are paying over 3m and add ons.
  3. His statement there gets worse and worse the more you read it. Any normal person who was asked if they were aware of the past would've said no and if I was then I would have reported. His response was, Not at all, I’d never have joined it if I knew that.
  4. Kelly no trying to deny his was involved in the trophy centre. From the DR: When we asked about his directorship of the Trophy Centre – Torbett’s company – he said: “I wasn’t a director.” What a fucking scumbag legal documents prove he was and if he is lying about this what else would he be happily to lie about from that time
  5. Dumfries was bought by PSV for 5.5m and is an absolute fucking donkey. Had a look on transfermarkt which has his current market value at 12 mil. Not sure how much you can read into that but I have seen him play the last 2 games and Tav is better, shows the higher end of the transfer value we should be looking at if we sell
  6. Malmo for round 3 would be good as I think they would have enough coefficient points to be seeded round 4
  7. Read the piece in the record and they seem to be up for carrying the fight which is surprising. They show a piece from the celtic view which states that they investigated the allegations but they never went to the police. If they are separate entities why did they investigate this. They are fucked
  8. Kompany trying to get Tielemans a move to city
  9. Thank fuck Mcinnes didn't have the balls to manage us. They are a shite team and I can't believe they knocked us out of both cups. They were 1 down and still playing with 5 at the back. They had to win to try and get 2nd place and they were not interested at all. Good performance from us today should have been more than the 2. Tavs crossing was poor but took his pens well. Another clean sheet as well, will be interested to see who starts up front next week with Morelos back
  10. Outstanding today and has been excellent in every game since he has come back into the team
  11. Brighton getting exactly what they deserve, made no effort to try and get a positive result
  12. Should take the ban now and miss hearts and Motherwell. If he plays tomorrow I have a feeling that the first game in the split will be against them and we don't him him missing when we will already be missing Morelos
  13. Will no doubt included the next old firm game
  14. This must be up there with one of the worst Scotland teams ever. The last 2 performances have been shocking. Feel sorry for big Eck but no wonder he's not been in management for a while and won't be back in it once he has been sacked
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