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  1. Should take the ban now and miss hearts and Motherwell. If he plays tomorrow I have a feeling that the first game in the split will be against them and we don't him him missing when we will already be missing Morelos
  2. Will no doubt included the next old firm game
  3. This must be up there with one of the worst Scotland teams ever. The last 2 performances have been shocking. Feel sorry for big Eck but no wonder he's not been in management for a while and won't be back in it once he has been sacked
  4. james_85


    Hopefully he gets some confidence from being away as he looks a shadow of the player that played against us
  5. Bad timing with the amount of travelling he will be doing before the old firm game
  6. Just seen the highlights, Candeias is shocking at their goal. Doesn't bother to track back just stands and watches everything. He does his job we would have won
  7. If a goal is scored by an accidental hand ball it now won't count as a goal. I assume this rule is being brought in to be used with VAR as it will be easier to tell when the ball hits a hand. Also a new rule is subs going off at the nearest point rather than having to come off at the dug outs, should save on time wasting.
  8. mark guidi stating on clyde 1 he is now getting paid £7m a year
  9. I had a quick. Look at their squad. Losing 5 loan players and 5 or 6 players out of contract. I am guessing that the link with PSG is also out the window. The loan players that they have brought in always talk about working with Brenda, wonder if they now down tools. They have a massive rebuilding job in the Summer. Hopefully we win it this year but a good summer we should win it next year
  10. Can't believe they appointed Lennon as an interim manager, a guy who left them as he wasn't backed with transfer funds. He won't be there next year. The players won't play for him as it won't matter.
  11. Joyce has left it to late to turn professional. Not sure where he goes after this fight. I doubt he would be able to beat Chisora never AJ/Wilder/Fury or Whyte
  12. Joyce looks like he has no power and Stiverne is a waste of space
  13. Joke of a sub. 10 a side a we are now inviting them on. This happened the first time we played them
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