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  1. james_85

    Tops Available From 20th September?

    Home long sleeve top bought, took the best part of 90 mind to sort but got there in the end. Wanted the away one but will just get that when it comes out
  2. Points a massive bonus especially with a poor performance. Thought we were sneaking at the end therer as well
  3. Fuck sake struggle to make 10 yards passes its not fucking difficult
  4. Midfield is fucking rotten. This sitting off them is creating our own problems
  5. james_85

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    All strikers miss chances but its the amount of chances that would be classes as sitters that he misses, his chance against Dundee for example. If he can start scoring them then he's 30 goals a season no bother
  6. james_85


    Done me out of money as well. Think we'll need to get our claims into the appeals panel
  7. james_85

    Stevie Post Match Reaction

    Was at the game and I thought we were OK. Took our chances but at times I thought the midfield went missing especially the 2nd half of the first half.
  8. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Garcia v Porter should be a cracking fight later on.
  9. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Khan's full of shite
  10. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    I tought he was just throwing a load of 9f punches hoping the ref would jump in. Vargas looks solid last few rounds should be interesting as Khan will look for a stoppage late on and could get careless
  11. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Threw a lot of punches but they don't look to be hurting
  12. james_85

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    Will be that the players have put in a lot recently and playing Thursday/Sunday has taken its toll and the game in Russia with 9 men.
  13. james_85

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Ffs that was a sitter
  14. james_85

    Morelos new 4 year deal.agreed

    Good to see the board are doing things properly and getting assets tied up on good deals and no messing about. Finally after some hards times we are moving in the right direction. He will score the mora
  15. james_85

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Heard on the radio that dembele signed a 4 year deal which would make him half way through his contract, surely you sell him this year as when it comes to next year clubs will go fuck paying 15mil for him when we can get him for free in a year