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  1. See if we can take ull points in the next 3 games and the both clubs take the same amount of points up till end of November, they would then need to potentially miss another 2 games for the semi/final of last year's Scottish Cup. This could end up massive for us
  2. Time to start building a points gap in the league, they miss 2 games we need to be 8 points potentially 11 points ahead by the next time they play
  3. Wasn't exciting to watch but give me another 36 of them and I won't care
  4. Looked comfortable at the back. Nice bit of pace when covering Goldson. Also looks like we could go 3 at the back with him on the middle and Helander on the left. Likes a bomb forward as well
  5. Was expecting these to be out by now, quick look on the Spfl twitter and it looks like they have taken all mention of fixtures down, wonder if it has anything to do with the court case
  6. Nice to see all the good posts about Jim, he is now home and recovering well
  7. Nice to see that someones earning their keep at Ibrox by managing to reduce the already agreed transfer fee
  8. I'm sure I see a set of accounts on twitter basically the Spfl have very little money in the bank, if Hearts can make a successful claim to loss of earnings do the clubs need to pull together to pay it?
  9. Was posted in a WhatsApp group with the championship clubs after the votes were cast, other clubs did the same
  10. Tom English spoke to 3 separate clubs who back our statement and of of them quoted as saying we feel like we have a gun to our head. This is a fucking joke
  11. Clubs were told that the vote was a take it or leave it option, this was the only way that they could legally issue money to clubs confirmed by the ICT chairman. Fucking stitch up from the start
  12. ICT explaining the Spfl are a bunch of sleekit cunts
  13. Looks like 1 team still to vote in the championship and it could still pass
  14. Might have more chance of scoring if she was playing
  15. Never captain material, a massive shite bag like the current captain. When the final whistle went he actually ran off the park, couldn't get away quick enough. The only player that showed any captain material was Edmunds on going round applauding the fans for having to put up with that shite tonight
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