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  1. I would imagine it will be Barisic he's talking about since he's the only natural left back we have and can't get a game
  2. Would like to see young Rudden get a game up front playing East Fife shouldn't be a problem
  3. Hahaha was just asked what will you do to bolster the defence with a couple of weeks to go and his response was work with the guys we have rather than go out and spend. They are fucked
  4. 7 million centre back, 3 million left back on the bench and yet they still can't defend for shit
  5. Will be 25 million to pay for legal costs, looks like an almost brand new back 4. Thumb will be going missing again and they have only spent money on the defence. A couple of injuries and they are fucked
  6. Simunovic picked up some muscle injury possibly calf. Was he not injured a lot last year as well
  7. He wanted to leave. I work with one of his mates. Was never going to kick up a fuss if the deal never went through as he was still on a good wage and supports them but they were aware that he wanted the deal to go through
  8. I would image the result tonight will have a major say in this transfer. If they lose by a couple then they will be begging arsenal to take him
  9. Makes up for making an arse of their goal
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