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  1. it was 3-2 tho so I doubt it
  2. demoted for his abysmal performance - doesn't mean he got that decision wrong - in their eyes
  3. After the refs performance on Saturday whoever the ref was this week was going to have a tough day. A lot of fans will be going Into the game with their back up and the first 50/50 that goes against us a lot of people will be on his case which may make things worse. Hopefully we get a decent consistent performance
  4. To be heard on Thursday, is it normally that quick?
  5. From what I have heard is the family will be back in Glasgow soon, bought a house in the area that the school they want the kids to go to. Theres no chance that we will be paying £4m for him.
  6. I have heard that there is a chance that he may be moving back to Glasgow but that it wont be to us
  7. easier to sell someone who is playing than someone who is wasting away in the reserves
  8. Cardoso makes it look so easy
  9. It was only the other day that the manager came out and said that he was taking time to fit in and wanted to make sure that he was fully match fit before throwing him in. I would hate to throw him in and its like Crooks against Hearts when he should have never been in the squad never mind in the team.
  10. Crolla v Burns just announced for the 7th October. Retirement fight for the loser. Crolla should be too good for Burns, feel like he has never been the same since he had his jaw broke.
  11. Winders looks like a different player with the ball at his feet
  12. still have the stupid mistake in us
  13. yassss, lets push for a good few today