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  1. Not sure how we will be able to play this tomorrow. Weather isn't going to improve much but if they can get it on it takes away the fixture congestion
  2. Just seen Motherwell called off imagine we would be the same
  3. Happen twice now, win the NY game and then the players go away and think that they are world beaters. The game v hearts should have brought th down a peg or two. Need to win every game now
  4. Problem you have with that is Matchroom are tied up with sky till 2025 I think there's no way DAZN are coming to the UK unless they get Matchroom
  5. Good to see young boys being sensible about fans turning up. Makes a change to see fans treated well
  6. 3 of the back 4 had an absolute nightmare and still kept a clean sheet and through
  7. Kamara has been booked and the ref has already spoke to him after a tackle he made not long ago
  8. Nice bit of play, the difference when you try and play football
  9. james_85


    Was a brilliant performance but needs to pack in the diving and rolling about as if he's been shot. If he never dived early doors he prob gets another pen
  10. Canelo v Kovalev announced. Kovalev looked his age v Yarde but looking at the pictures there's a massive size difference, Canelo better get stuck back into the dodgy mexican steaks
  11. He has been honking since the start of the season but teams are setting up so he doesn't have space and we have no out ball. Today and on Thursday both teams left lots of room on the left and crowded the right leave not space and we had no out ball on the right. So much of our game comes from that side and teams know how to set up and we are clueless on how to change it
  12. Campbell is always in there, losing rounds but looks like when he lands he can hurt Lomachenko
  13. Started decent, keeping the distance well and landed a couple of decent body shots
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