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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Big Boyd struggling to hide his big cheeser

    Board have a lot to answer for if it had been planned properly we could have had a new manager buzz about the team and being on a good run. Today proves they are shite as well.
  3. Perspective

    We are fucking rotten. As much as I enjoyed the 2 games against the sheep it might have been the worst thing that happened for us to move forward and today may have been for the best or we may have had Murty till the end of the season. Hopefully the board look to get a new manager in as we can't be bringing in players in January with manager in place for them to come in and not like them and we would have wasted another transfer window
  4. Graeme Murty

    No being funny but he was clueless today. The diamond worked because Aberdeen never expected it. Teams know how we are going to play before we even name the team now. Cause the diamond worked once dissent mean it will work every game. We were asking Windass to play up with Morelos but also to track back on the left hand side. We were far too narrow. Candeias can't play in the diamond. Why he took Wilson off I will never know. I thought the obvious thing was to go 3-5-2 take Holt off who had been booked and put McCrorie back. They then never bothered to tell McCrorie what was happening. They were shite in the first half and needed someone to give them a kick up the arse and Murty will never be that man. He has done his best which isn't good enough to be Rangers manager but has been hung out to dry by the board. Needs sorted asap
  5. Alves v Hill

    Big Clint had a bit of a slow start when he first came and he admits himself that it took him a bit of time to adjust to the pressure of being at Rangers. Alves has been in and out of the team and just when we look as if we might get a good run of games with him and Wilson together we are going to hit the winter break. I believe we will see Alves have the same sort of second half of the season that we see with Hill
  6. Ryan Jack Red

    was double checking his ban and it looks like the SFA cant even do this properly 2 FIRST TEAM MATCHES IMMEDIATE AND 1 SPFL FIRST TEAM LEAGUE MATCH FROM 17/12/2017 So it means he can play this weekend against St Johnstone and then misses away to Kilmarnock
  7. Graeme Murty

    Give him his due he has made the team stable and is getting wins but he is not ready to be manager yet but thats not to say that he cant be in the future. We see from the team last night that we are reaping the rewards with the u20s being in the starting 11 and squad so he is doing a great job there in a position we have struggled over the years to bring the youngsters through. I wouldnt mind him doing his u20 role but when it comes to the next manager having him involved in as well in some capacity with the first team in case he does then have to step up again if all goes wrong. At a time when we are looking to properly get settled and build a team to challenge for titles we need someone with experience and someone who would be able to drive this team forward as there is a decent team there which I think could be better and then throw in a couple of decent signing hopefully in January.
  8. Kenny

    Injury might be a blessing in disguise. I know we are struggling for numbers just now but it now let's Murty to try get a settled team playing on the run up to the game against them. I think we play better without Miller just need players to step up now and take their chance
  9. Junkies vs Rangers

    amount of times cunts time waste at ibrox and nothing is ever done about it and big wes gets booked the night
  10. Craig Mulholland

    Any time i have seen Barjonas he has well impressed me. Always looking to get forward he has impressed me the most out of the academy players even tho McCrorie has played well recently
  11. Junkies vs Rangers

    I personally dont think you should just play a system every game because it has worked in a couple of games. A good manager is able to change their team/formation based on who they are playing and i feel that has hindered us in the last few years. When we changed things up at Ibrox against the sheep they didnt have a clue how to handle us but now we have used it a few times teams will start to suss us out and set up to play against it
  12. Junkies vs Rangers

    Was thinking more for his forward runs as Candeias tends to stay out wider.
  13. Junkies vs Rangers

    if we play the diamond then I think Candeias struggled in the first half as he doesnt have enough of a presence for that and is far better when he is hugging the touch line looking to get crosses in. If he sticks with the diamond i would like to see Barjonas get a chance as he looks a player. I would like to see us go 3-5-2 and pack the midfield and win that battle Foderingham Cardosso Alves Wilson Candeias Tav McCrorie Holt John Morelos Windass With McCrorie sitting you would have plenty of runs from midfield that their defense wouldn't know who to pick up
  14. The Boxing News Thread

    Big Tyson accepts a back dated 2 year ban. I wonder if this was the fastest way to get back to try and get back to boxing or if he really was a cheat. Also was the positive test not taken from before he won the titles therefore would he be stripped of his win