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  1. james_85

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Seen that they are linked with Micha Richards, would be some wage and injury prone as well
  2. Some start to the game, Leeds pen given and then cancelled for offside when he was at least a yard onside
  3. james_85

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Surely this new guy can't get a work permit, 36 senior appearances and 4 under 22 international caps in 2015.
  4. james_85

    Beaton calls in the police

    What a week. Best old firm game that has been on the TV for ages, 4 teams within 4 points for the league. Winter break time to praise the league through the press unless your bitter bastards that are only looking to create headlines for themselves. I've heard Sutton say before we should be bigging the game up and then fucks it up and has also now created bigger issues for Beaton who I though had a great game
  5. james_85

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Another winger, just the exact type of player they are needing
  6. james_85

    Steven Davis

    Looks like an 18 month deal with the option of an another year
  7. james_85

    Steven Davis

    18 goals and 54 assists in 152 games the last time he was here. Would like to think he will come back a better player for being away.
  8. james_85

    Steven Davis

    Would say he is the exact signing that could win us the league. Our issue isn't that we need another striker our issue is goals from midfield or the lack of creativity at times from midfield Davis fits what we need
  9. james_85

    Dermot Gallagher on Morelos

    All 3 incidents when you slow them down look worse. I was at the game and never noticed any of them as being incidents that looked like yellow cards never mind red cards. I would also say the hand ball and also the lego muncher tackle I also missed but can't remember much outrage at the time. I thought that the ref had a good game tried to let it flow some strong fair tackles going in which was good to see.
  10. james_85

    For the younger fans

    My brother who is 17 had never been old enough to remember us beating them the semi final doesn't count either. When I was his age and younger I expected us to win. Hopefully now we are back to normal
  11. james_85

    Transfer Window

    Time for the board to do their part. We have asked the players and management to do theirs, we've had a good European run and we are close enough now to push on for the league. 2 or 3 quality players brought in can win us the league
  12. james_85

    Training pictures today who's missing

    Wonder if Gerrard is at the mind games giving them their own training session indoors. Kent was training with the team before the hibs game
  13. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Warrington throwing plenty of punches and looking busy just don't think that they are hurtful. Frampton just needs to step it up a bit
  14. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

  15. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Do you have a stream can't seem to get a decent one?