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  1. james_85

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Croatia v Spain has been some game.
  2. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    I am sure it was a 3 fight deal with Bellow fight being the first one. Winner or Whyte/Chisora gets a big pay day in April and Usyk may even fight in the same card against a Takam or someone of that level with a AJ/Usyk fight in September. Usyk can take a punch as well, he was in some proper scraps on his way to winning the wbss. He will. Get bigger as well with not having to make weight
  3. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Usyk will be a star but will be interesting to see who he fights before he fights AJ which is the agreed plan with him signing with Hearn
  4. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

  5. james_85

    The League

    Motherwell would have watched that game and went fuck we have a chance on Sunday cos we can't defend for shit and don't have a back bone between them.
  6. james_85

    Gerarrds Fault

    Only negative about Gerrard so far is he doesn't seem to be learning from previous mistakes
  7. To only take 1 point from 6 against them is criminal. They were shocking
  8. james_85


    Has rescued us many times. Would hate to think what would have happened if we had someone else In goals
  9. I thought they were a good side at Ibrox we had home advantage which gave us that edge. From tonight and the first half in Spain they will pick us off if we give them the chance
  10. We had to get something from tonight. If its down to us and rapid to go through based on tonights performance and from what I seen from rapid we won't beat them
  11. james_85

    Rotating your centre backs

    This is where we became shite at the back. The one area you don't fuck about unless there's injuries
  12. Greg Wylde springs to mind
  13. Gerrard has a lot to answer for. We had a solid defensive partnership and he's chopped and changed which has caused Katic to lose confidence and then he brings him in for a game like this after his shite performance against Hamilton fucking joke
  14. Does Gerrard know the starting 11 don't need to finish the game
  15. Only time in the full game we have had a spell of possession was before the 3rd goal. If you can't control possession then it's always going to be a struggle