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  1. james_85

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Southgate costing England here. Should have went 4-4-2. No need for 3 at the back and Henderson. Should have took Trippier and Alli off, Walker right back, sterling right mid, Rashford on the left with Vardy and Kane up front
  2. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Will be interesting when he steps up to world level, massive puncher but how will he cope with someone who got a bit of class and can punch
  3. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Lewis Ritson can punch like fuck, will be very interesting to see how far he can go
  4. james_85

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    I don't under stand how Skrtel has been linked with us again. Even if Morelos was to be sold there no chance we can pay Skrtels wages so the Skrtel + money deal sounds like the media trying to stir up shite
  5. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Wilder supposedly agreed to fight AJ in the autumn in the uk
  6. james_85

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    https://twitter.com/SportsPeteO/status/1006255531978317825?s=19 Deal done supposedly
  7. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Their Newcastle show should be good this weekend Josh Kelly could be really special and Lewis Ritson is looking really good as well
  8. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Aye he might be boring but he has golden boy doing the pr for him as he is their cash cow. A lot of the fighters need to do their own pr to hype their own fights if you don't have a personality then that becomes even harder
  9. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Have you heard him do an interview. Shocking. Also with a lot of the boxers in the US they aren't very well promoted. Guess that's why Matchroom want to go over there and start tearing it up. Just goes to show unless your Mayweather who is constant PR or Canelo who is Golden Boys cash cow then they find it difficult to be a well know fight. Wilder should he huge in the US unbeaten heavy weight 40 fights but he just isn't
  10. james_85

    The Boxing News Thread

    Don't see what the point of this fight is for Whyte. The Ortiz fight would have made him mandatory for a title fight. This doesn't get him any closet to a title fight
  11. james_85

    Carlos Peña - Club Necaxa

    Guys got some agent, in rehab and still gets a new club.
  12. james_85

    GERRARD, THE NEXT 3 SEASONS - What would you take?

    In my life time I seen 9 in a row. I never want to see them do it. So he has 2 years to win the league
  13. james_85

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Juve not fucking about, 40 mil plus Higuain for Icardi
  14. james_85


    Go and try get John Terry out of contract and villa stating in championship for another year.
  15. what the fuck is the keeper up to