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  1. Bruno needs to stay captain for the rest of the season
  2. That's why Dorrans should never be the holding midfielder
  3. Pena

    Looks like in the head he is a yard in front of everyone on the pitch but his body is a yard behind - I don't understand why if he had been here for so long
  4. Strachan

    Thank fuck. An out the box pick for me would be Harry Redknapp and big Joe Jordan.
  5. Scotland v Slovakia

    Slovakia to win & BTTS is 7/1 which is think is a cracking price as Scotland will need to score but Slovakia will pick them of when the game gets open and they start leaving space
  6. Pedro looks like he is here to stay. Nice and calm
  7. Daft tackle when you've just been booked. Penas was never a second booking. Butcher is a fucking knob disgrace to think he was a Ranger captain
  8. Yasss straight to Pedro as well. This is more like it
  9. Yasss John, best player on the park so far
  10. Windass has to go for that with his head
  11. Pedro clearly making the point that Miller is the leak
  12. The problem is pure and simply financial

    finance is a major part to play but we dont help ourselves. when you know a team are better you need to change your game to stop them playing. They played that wee dick up front himself and they crowd the midfield, always had a spare man. we would have been better going 3-5-2. the amount of times we let their cb go 20-30 yards unchallenged was a joke. Fed up of watching players defend space, space wont score goals or create chances the players will.
  13. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    I think we could have a right go at them and be solid at the back if we went 3-5-2 - Team below obviously depending on injuries. Windass and Miller will be good for impact subs Fod Mccrorie/Hodson Cardoso Alves Tav Jack Pena Dorrans Candeias/John Morelos Herrera
  14. Miller And Kranjcar

    I like Jack as the holding player and I dont think that Rossiter would be fit enough to come in against them. I think we could go 4-1-4-1 and really get at them. Jack Candeias Dorrans Pena Windass Morelos With an attacking team like that we could then say to Tav and Wallace to try an not get caught out of position so we would then still be solid defensively
  15. Dorrans and Jack

    What I noticed on Saturday was that Jack was about 10 yards further forward that Dorrans. When we signed Dorrans I was expecting him to be further forward getting into the positions that Pena was when he came on. I feel he is being wasted playing the way he is and is a waste of a jersey at times as a sitting holding midfielder.