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  1. He won't be the one leading the train8ng sessions. From the videos we have seen so far the boss seems very hands on and seems to be leading the training sessions. Ferguson will come in and be told what to do when on the training field and be asked to fill in the coaching staff with the rest of the teams, local knowledge etc. The guy knows what it's like to win at Rangers and will be a major plus to the coaching staff if added I think.
  2. you say 99% of the time, how long was he trying to engineer him move away from Rangers. He was linked with a few English clubs and they were clearly at it for a while for them to eventually to end up at Forest. I hope they get relegated and he struggles to get at another club and regrets the day he tried to con the fans. I cant believe Davie Weir's part in this also an ex captain as well.
  3. Had 2 fights so far and both ko's, looks not bad. not had many amateur fights either so is learning as he comes in to the pros, think he was 12-4 from the amateurs. I think that him v Dave Allen could be a fight if Jay McFarlane could get a few more decent wins under his belt.
  4. I had a fiver on the first 3, would have been waiting on unowhatimeanharry for £1300 bottled it and cashed out for £550
  5. Always think its a shame that my younger brother will prob never get to see a player as good as Laudrup or Gazza at Rangers again or at least for a long long time.
  6. The one thing that Dave King deserves credit for by telling the 3 stooges to get to fuck. Fucking chancing bastards.
  7. Never got the composure to score 20-30 goals a season. Any half decent striker would have placed the ball past Gordon.
  8. Would imagine that Ferguson would be the front runner. I would like Murty to stay with the u20s and then he may have a shout at being the next manager. I think if he the becomes the assistant he would then be forced to leave at the next sacking if it was to go down the route. Ferguson would need to remember his place in the set up and learn to bite his tongue but Pedro sounds like he would take no shite so would be more than capable of reminding him of his place within the set up
  9. Prob sitting thinking what the fuck have i signed up for
  10. Has Windass touched the ball yet???
  11. Andy Walker us a dick, it's fine to elbow someone as long as it doesn't look too dangerous
  12. Looks like a squad where attack is going to be the best form of defence
  13. Tav in midfield is a big mistake he has been fucking rotten recently and the midfield has looked good last few games
  14. Today is day 1 for whoever is picked to start fighting for their Rangers career. Hopefully that can be an extra kick up the arse for them.
  15. Hopefully any money that is used to pay players off does not come off his transfer budget. We need 10-15 million I would say We need a full back 4 with Tav, Hill & Wallace kept as back ups. Midfield, we need a tough tackling center mid in there as we dont have that and have been needing that for the last couple of season. We need a good right winger and then someone creative. Keep Windass, Forrester, Rossiter if he can get over this injury, McKay Upfront we need a striker who can score 20-30 goals, I would say someone who can play off Garner. Keep Garner, Miller and another striker who will be back up. Then get rid of the rest tbh.