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  1. I wouldn't be too sure that he will stay with Cardiff. Has an amazing record for getting teams promoted but shit record in the premiership. They will go up and not spend much money and then he will get the sack after 10 games when they haven't even have him a proper chance
  2. The table

    Since we have made a grand fuck up of the last couple games and our home form is so shite we may end up struggling to stay in the top 3 unless we seriously buck up our ideas. Since we have played everyone at ibrox twice, I would image that the games that don't mean as much will be played at home I.e Kilmarnock and Hearts. Which will leave us with away trips for the rest. Both teams below us have a game in hand. We've struggles against Hibs all season. Did well did well against the sheep and then threw away the best chance we've had to beat the tims. If we get more performances like Saturday we won't be in Europe which would be a massive fuck up by all concerned
  3. This summers rebuild mk5

    Priority has to he 3 new centre backs and they need to have pace. I would punt Alves, Bates, Martin and Cardoso. Any good team is built around a solid defence and this has been our problem for the last few seasons.
  4. Goss

    Could it be he came up here and got his head down thinking he could maby win himself a deal and then Holloway came out and said that there was no chance he would.end up our player. Form seems to have dipped around the same time. If his heart isn't in it anymore then he needs dropped as we are not good enough to carry passengers
  5. Murty should be let go now.

    Personally should be demoted back to the u20s but since he has had a chance at the big time will.he want that. The youths are doing well and he has been a big part of that. Time to put him back to what his job was
  6. Cummings is not good enough

    I dont think we can judge him for any games he has played so far. Started cup games against nobody's and came on in league games when we have chucked it. Today we were never at the races so hard to judge him. Should never be played as 1 up front.
  7. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Not 1 sub warming up. Play shite and everyone know they get to come back on. Joke Just seen Holt on
  8. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    them being dragged through extra time the other night should hopefully help. Would like a nice comfortable 3-0 but no doubt we'll be left sweating towards the end. Just get the win!
  9. Scottish Cup.

    As painful as it is to say, the only way we win the semi final is if we score in the last min to go a goal ahead as the players dont have the bottle to see the game out. We were handed a major boost yesterday as they had started the 2nd half better and then got a guy sent off and we still couldn't win, this team of shit bags couldn't even muster up a draw. I have read that we will have players back for the semi final but they never had Sinclair, Roberts or thumb who will all be fit for the semi final. I hope we can scrape a win from somewhere as we need to get a result at some point against them
  10. Too much too soon

    To think these arseholes cheered when we got the scum in the semi final. Never had the bottle to win against 10 men how do they expect to win the semi final. No excuses they were there for the taken today and we just weren't good enough. When we pressed we looked good but decide to stand off them last 15 mins of the first half, the goal was always coming. Today was the chance to make a statement but I don't know if they are either not good enough or don't have the bottle or both. This one will hurt for a long time
  11. Morelos

    Just watched it back. Fuck knows why he doesn't tap it in with his left. The 1 on 1 he was never scoring, too much time to think about it. That's both old firm games he has let us down when it counts
  12. The Boxing News Thread

    Steps up a weight class and still fails it. An absolute joke.
  13. Bates Wage?

    I think if we offered 2500 then that's a fair wage, he should only offered a 2 year deal and if he continues to improve it can be looked at again. He's a young boy that hasn't played much football. I think this summer we should he looking for 2 new starting centre backs or at least 1 if Martin stays. Bates should only be back up at best.
  14. The Boxing News Thread

    Another dirty cheat or just some dodgy Mexican meat https://www.behindthegloves.com/canelo-drug-test-results-came-back-positive-for-trace-levels-of-clenbuterol