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  1. Candeias

    Reminds me of Novo in terms of speed, work rate and commitment (minus finishing). Having a wide midfielder capable of defending is key for games against celtic, Aberdeen and Hibs when there is a battle on in the midfield. Hopefully we’ll go further in Europe next season too, so we’ll have to play more of those sort of games. I’d extend.
  2. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Got to see this mob beat Edinburgh Uni in an earlier round, don’t think we should have anything to worry about. My only concern is our defending of set pieces and crosses coupled with the high wind expected. They will be right up for it but our superior possession and pressing game will tire them out. I’ll go 4-0 Rangers although it may be a lot closer till nearer the end. Hope everybody travelling up has a cracking evening.
  3. Rangers vs celtic 10/03

    No chance the polis will allow any sort of late kick off
  4. Junkies vs Rangers

    Without a doubt the most dreadful performance I've seen all season. Passing accuracy must be about 50%.
  5. First half was very good and you have to be pleased with the result but we've been hemmed in much too deep in this second half and Partick have created chances as a result. Against a better team we could have find ourselves in trouble.
  6. Hearts v Rangers: The Goals

    Agreed, before Windass had me eating humble pie the day I would have played Hodson and Tav on the right and shifted Candeias to the left. Then again, fuck playing Hodson at right back anawl.
  7. Hearts v Rangers: The Goals

    Unfortunately for every beautiful assist there is a goal lost by him being five yards behind his man at the back post.
  8. The table at full time

    Never thought of it that way but a fair point!
  9. The table at full time

    Just makes Wednesday's last gasp antics all the more infuriating.
  10. Murrayfield National Stadium Bid

    If the atmosphere is good tomorrow with it half-full then by all means, if not stick with Hampden. Allocation is enough of a problem just now with no mark clubs with delusions of grandeur without adding another 17,000 seats to be filled.
  11. Pedro's First Signing

    Hope he can adapt quickly to the pace of the game over here but the standard of Serie A is miles ahead so I'm optimistic about this one. Start as you mean to go on and all that...
  12. Sack The Manager etc

    For one thing I hope he carries out his promise to sign men with character. Even the team we have now would have easily finished 2nd if they had some fight and determination about them. I'd like him to continue to give youth a chance where appropriate especially to young Beerman and Barjonas. Youth development seems to be an area where Celtic have been streets ahead of us and that has real financial ramifications. As for expectations, that depends on the level of investment we see. The manager is confident that the board are going to deliver so taking his word for it I would expect a close 2nd at the least and a cup. Our peformances against Celtic obviously have to be better, we gave them far too much respect and they are unfortunately physically stronger as well as technically better. If he does indeed sign warriors I'd expect much closer contests, and I'd hope to be winning at Ibrox twice. But if losing to Celtic four times meant stopping 7 in a row I'd take it. In terms of Europe I'd be happy just to take everything one game at a time and go as far as we can. Not much to say when we haven't seen the draw.
  13. Sack The Manager etc

    Which is why I specifically said Pedro is no Sir Alex. I used him because he's the only example that came to mind. If you'd have told me Brenda would have led the Tims to a treble undefeated after the Red Imps defeat I would have laughed in your face.
  14. Sack The Manager etc

    Sir Alex got humped 5-1 off City and suffered 6 defeats and 2 draws in 8 consecutive games in his third season. Going into 1990 they were tottering above relegation. Now Pedro may not even be a 10th of the manager Ferguson was but the plain fact is that none of us know whether he's going to be successful or not. Judging a manager by his first 7 weeks with a squad that is not his own is paranoid lunacy I would expect to find on Kerrydale. I think the jury is very much out on Pedro's tactical ability, he's been using different systems in preparation for next season. His tactics at Pittrodrie unquestionably worked, while those against the Tims and Aberdeen have not. Again, it's too early to judge definitively. And our league must be the only one in the world where it is unthinkable for 2nd place to beat 3rd place away by a single goal. We're at a low ebb, like we have been before (several times in the last 15 years even). As Struth said the only way we'll come out stronger is if we are rational and level-headed. Pedro may or may not be the answer, but we won't know either way if we're making our final judgements on him after 2 months.
  15. Get Pedro to f along with the board

    The last time Aberdeen beat us at home we had the foundations of a team that would win 9 in a row, any Rangers team might have lost this record so we're lucky it's this shower of no mark cunts that did and not a proper side. Keep Pedro and get some perspective.