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  1. Looks like they sponsor fiorentina also.
  2. Tried to use that stripe webpage and i keep getting unresponsive server error,anyone else getting this?
  3. same here,tried to phone ticket office and its closed....
  4. Really need someone to smash Brown a couple of times,hes running the show,seen in recent times he loses the head and they collapse or he loses the head and does something stupid and gets sent of,the guys a ticking timebomb.
  5. So the hibs game youre saying that the sending off didn't affect the outcome of the match or the fact there was about 9 yellows given to us before a card yellow was even produced to a player who was running about assaulting anything that moved?Same with the Hearts game,everytime we made a challenge or tackle ,we got penalised,yet they got to kick hack anything that moved. Partick game the reffing wasn't as bad as the other 2 ,but some crappy decisions were made.Today the same again,everytime we tackled,free kicks/fouls ,Morelos getting deemed offside when he was clearly onside,no penalty,Brown
  6. So far this season it has been the refs,seen an improvement in the team this season,just look back, penalties disallowed,sendings off and not sending off,fouls,freekicks the refs in Scotland are getting away with it,maybe their just shit but call me paranoid if I was that bad at my job I wouldn't have it.
  7. Turning into the usual Pedro bashing ,teams shite thread,always the same crap getting said over and over.Do the people thats commenting actually go and watch the games?Were not good enough by far but so far this season its been the refs that's caused the difference in the games,just look back and see.Hibs game ,dodgy reffing,same with hearts and same here today. We had a patchwork defence today also,missing 2 key defenders.Call yourselves Rangers supporters....
  8. We need another defender in the same mould/calibre of Alves.If he gets injured we are well in the shit if we need to rely on Wilson or bates.
  9. Wilson more interested in pushing germaine than actually trying to get the ball.
  10. The Chosen Few (Burns Bar Loyal) 18 hours on the road so far just passed Paderborn.Bus has been jumping all the time.
  11. Kiernan is back to his usual bombscare...... pull him off now before he gets sent off for his stupidness or before he gifts ST Johnstone another goal,thought the tide was turning and he was beginning to show the potential that Warburton see's in him then he does that.
  12. He was almost standing on the bloody goal line when that ball was passed to him.Wonder who the refs wife put a bet on for her husband tonight...
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