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  1. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12036464/alfredo-morelos-Rangers-striker-agrees-to-join-lille
  2. Don't know if its a lot of shite but said but said it was breaking news about 15/20 mins ago.
  3. According to sky sports Morelos has agreed personal terms with Lille. Clubs still negotiating fee. Is there any other news source saying this? Would club allow him to talk to them without first agreeing fee?
  4. Would be interesting to see the minutes ( if not conveniently lost) from meetings just prior to SPL being merged. Current situation though is bad enough but it will be interesting to see who comes out victorious and will it just be a bloody nose or a knockout blow onto the loser.
  5. Yep, don't dispute for a second that they were put up to it. But on advice from SPFL they will have invested in preparation for not league up. Therefore prob better to have legal team ready either way.
  6. Yep totally agree. On advice from SPFL they will have invested somewhat in preparation for position's in new league. They will have to prepare their legal team firstly to try and support the hampden clowns but then, in case Hearts and Co win to seek compensation from the league administrators. The more legal teams that get involved will just muddy the already murky waters further.
  7. That's United, Raith and Cove Rangers instructed lawyers to look at, and defend their positions for promotions. Total clusterfuck and the messier it gets the better the viewing.
  8. Not sure if a club has been as expressive before but I for one like it. Maybe our new leadership/ PR are gonna stand up for us and call out the gaping discrepancies that exist between us and others.
  9. At start of program did they say that the second leg will be played on Wednesday 26th whoever plays Braga?
  10. Best wishes mate. Hope all works out well for you guys.
  11. Was worried for him but stood ip to the task asked of him. Well done.
  12. Glad the wee man enjoyed that game and hopefully continues enjoying games throughout the season with us. However he wasnt on his own screaming and bawling at last few seasons performances.
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