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  1. Mcleish

    Del now 3/1 on Paddy Power for anyone wanting a wee flutter. If it's Eck I might top myself.
  2. Derek McInnes

    The sheep fans on that forum are absolutely vile with some of their comments and they're still deluded enough to think that Del is gonna knock us back.
  3. Kenny McLean

    Those Aberdeen fans on that forum are foul, absolute dogs abuse he is getting.
  4. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    Rangers - 3 The Junkie Side of Ayrshire - 0
  5. Mccrorie...

    Thought Cardoso was much better when Alves came off. Young Mccrorie was excellent when he came on.
  6. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    Whittaker, Stokes, Lennon so many reasons to batter these cunts up and down the park not to mention their vile fans. 3-0 to the good guys.
  7. The sight of Waghorn, Holt and Windass

    Wags did absolutely fuck all tonight. Windass didn't play and wee Holty tried his best but not good enough.
  8. The signings

    Probably Morelos considering his goal scoring record so far. Definitely Rossiter too considering we only saw him 4 odd times last season.
  9. Scottish Cup Draw

    We owe those Edinburgh junkie bastards a doing.
  10. How much will we be able to pay a new manager

    We're all in this together. I don't care how much they can afford. The guy they get in has to do better with this group of players. Personally think Warbs didn't deliver what was promised with the resources available to him. The board will get it right I'm sure of it!
  11. ***Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread***

    That's the one for me.
  12. ****Your official Dundee v Rangers thread****

    Michael O'Halloran will tear that defence a new arsehole. Get.Him.On.
  13. *****The Official Rangers vs Morton thread*****

    When are we playing Hibs? It's going to be all over by then isn't it?
  14. *****QOTS v Rangers Official match thread*****

    We have now won more league games than the whole of last season. Puts it into context a bit. 8 points clear.