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  1. Hope

    Agree with some of that. However 15iar is not an option imo. Scottish football is dying a slow death at the moment and cannot see it lasting another 8 years with the scum winning everything in sight. Think even the daily rebel and sun would get sick of that. You were probably exaggerating a wee bit but from a business model point of view I feel we need to be back within the next 3 years or the games a bogey in Scotland.
  2. Another low in the history of our club

    The huge majority of players in the premier league are good to very good talented footballers. The big difference in them is attitude and ability to play at the highest level and meet the expectations of 50000 screaming fans. Case in point, and perhaps proof, is what happened at the piggery when brenda took over. Roughly the same players are unbeaten in scottish football for 18 mths. Now the same goes for all teams in the league. Players now line up against us almost expecting to win. They no longer fear us and unfortunately no longer respect us. Managers are instilling belief in them that they can beat us. Look at the motherwell game and to a lesser extent yesterday, we were fucking bullied. Now that is a managers job. Get the attitude correct and the natural talents will come out. I firmly believe we have some talented players, excepting hodson and windass, who can do the business and can be a foundation for the future. However we need a manager to bring that out and it aint GM. 70 mins before he made a change yesterday. FFS. Why no Alves on bench? McCrorie and Wilson was always going to be a gamble. Alves has that winning attitude. Like the op I drove home last night just about as low as you can get. We need this managerial position settled immediately.
  3. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    1961. Dont remember who we were playing. I dont feel too bad though. These days I have trouble remembering who we played last week.
  4. Brenda

  5. Article today

    That's what he's telling us mate. How many times do you need it explained. Ffs.
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Did he not have a thing with Queen Victoria. Does not sound like a yes man.
  7. Miller

    Don't sit on the fence mate. Ha ha. Absolutely spot on. Totally agree.
  8. Good Luck Pedro

    Best wishes Pedro. You saw through that bombscare that is our media pretty quickly and if it wasn't for the 'minor' nuances of our two languages they would have got fuck all. Good luck.
  9. Scottish Football

    Goes even deeper I believe. The msm have e a huge role to play. They do not want success and are consistently looking for failure. Failure sells more newspapers or online hits. Total agreement about your main point. Germany, Iceland are good examples.
  10. 2 match ban for Bruno

    Find that incredible also. He led with elbow. No way on earth it was not deliberate. Hence red. There is no yellow option. IMO.
  11. 2 match ban for Bruno

    So the obvious question is why Alves was not booked when Moult was for retaliation. Retaliation is a reaction to being fouled. The ref must have seen it if he saw Moult. Dont really know what I'm trying to say here caus I try hard not to belive in conspiracy. However there appears to be a fairly obvious deriliction of duty by the ref which has helped M'well and punished us.
  12. Referee today

    Odds on.
  13. Referee today

    Any player other than Windass and we wud have been 2/3 up. We created the chances. We actually played ok. Unfortunately the chances fell to Windass. How the fuck it took until about 75 mins to bin him baffles me.
  14. Linfield fans not happy

    I think the last paragraph tells the truth, ie The Official Linfield Twitter thanked the Rangers fans for their support. Now that will be the truth.
  15. Newcastle investigated for tax fraud

    FFS Have you not learned anything. Its not about trophies won, its about sporting integrity.