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  1. Too valuable to Scottish footie. Worth more than all the golf in the whole of the world.
  2. Does it make him another separate entity?
  3. Thanks for that mate. I’m just about done in with this shit.
  4. Is there not something going on just now about legality of nda’s.
  5. Anyway what do you all think about this 2011 uefa license.
  6. Almost agree. However why are football clubs different to other companies?
  7. You say apparently abused so, legally, would that not be the correct course of action since nothing had been confirmed at that point in time. Also, as I think you have alluded to in previous posts, take the allegations to the police for investigation.
  8. Why are Rangers just as guilty? I assume that’s what you mean by “us”.
  9. Hard to disagree with any of that mate. I’ve been going to Ibrox for 57 years and until 2012 didn’t realise the degree of hatred for us. It was and is intense. But for fuck sake go and have a cup of tea before you damage yourself.
  10. I hate to get involved in this piece of fucking mince BUT how the fuck can they get a perceived gold for ‘legal’ when they are up to their armpits in criminal cases, threatened legal action, investigations by sfa and their own club. It’s beyond a joke. They could be bringing down football and general sport to a level never seen before and they are a platinum club. Ffs. Platinum must be the new Teflon.
  11. Would that be a separate entity separate enquiry.
  12. Ffs mate. You are making it bear on bear. Big time. Let’s respect each other’s opinions, theories, without resorting to insult. Commenting on a grammatical issue is fucking insulting. IMO.
  13. Wasn’t Souness in charge at the time. Don’t think he will ignore the shite that might come our way.
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