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  1. Domthenbud


    The club I don’t mind. Every town , city has its club and it is essential to that town, city. The Aberdeen support though are the dregs and the worst in uk footie. Any band of support who sing the songs they do are beyond contempt. They are filth and not worthy of debate. There are decent Aberdeen supporters out there, there must be, and I am astonished I have never heard a word condemning the scum in their support.
  2. Domthenbud

    Siege Mentality

    Yeah you would.
  3. Domthenbud

    Gerrard’s Celebration

    Your obviously a fucking bigot.
  4. Not sure but would suggest they are money driven.
  5. Domthenbud

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Saw that incident on sportscene earlier. That was a brutal elbow to the side of the head. Red card all day long. Was actually looking for an alleged, should have been, red for Lego muncher. Nothing on sportscene.
  6. Domthenbud

    SSN Reaction

    It happens in every game and we all wonder why a penalty is not awarded. This is the first I have seen one given so maybe it’s new instructions to refs. Ha fucking ha.
  7. Domthenbud

    SSN Reaction

    I’ll forgive you then 😂
  8. Domthenbud

    SSN Reaction

    Fuck all to do with granddads. In fact that’s “granddadist”.
  9. Domthenbud

    Morelos card appealed.

    Think it might because he was booked and this cannot be changed.
  10. Domthenbud

    Michael Stewart

    BNB tut tut. I thought you were the educated one among us.
  11. Great article Dude. We really need to stay on the front foot with these truths which hopefully should eventually dispel the ceptic comments.
  12. Domthenbud

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    I must have missed the inquisition on the two stonewall penalties not given and the soft foul outside the box given as a penalty during the Cowdenbeath game.
  13. Domthenbud


    Tbh. The only thing Dallas gave us in the game was 4 penalties.
  14. Domthenbud

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    we were hammering them. 3-0 halftime. A wrong bad decision 1 min after halftime fucked it.
  15. Domthenbud

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    There is a time for fishing and its not now. the major decisions were a fucking joke.