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  1. Domthenbud

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    A complete cock up.
  2. Domthenbud

    Semi Final Tickets

    Cheers mate
  3. Domthenbud

    Semi Final Tickets

  4. Domthenbud

    Semi Final Tickets

    Assuming both me and my mate get tickets in the ballot how do we ensure we get seats together?
  5. Great news FB. Keep believing. We are all thinking of you.
  6. Domthenbud

    Absolute mind numbing negativity....

    I can see you are having a problem with the negativity from some and have put a sneaky wee comment about some constructive criticism also, so should you not add some of this constructive criticism to your post. I’ve been on the site for half an hour and found huge positivity. And why shouldn’t fellow Gers fans have their rant. It’s their forum as it is yours. Eg. I thot Ejaria was pish first half and wanted him replaced. He was fucking immense 2nd half so he had a no bad game. I,m not being too critical of your post but balance it a bit with the positive. The Uber critics will always be there and are good if only for a right good natter and pint apres match. Mon the Gers, what a great result.
  7. Domthenbud

    McGregor booked?

    Fuck me unless the linesman is about 50ft tall he didn’t boot towards him. He just fucking walloped it into the stand. Rightly so caus it was a cunt of a decision and outcome.
  8. Domthenbud

    Great Game Of American Fitbaw

    Certainly correct about American fitbaw. Don’t think I’ve seen so much blatant ‘blocking’ and niggling fouls throughout 90 mins. Thot ref was ok for first 20 mins then deteriorated badly. Their no. 22 should have been seen to by Goldson long before he was booked in the 85ish minute.
  9. Domthenbud

    After match fracas

    What happened after the match finished. There seemed to be a few Gers players involved with a Livi player mouthing off. Don’t think there was ref involvement but think the livi player was having a few things to say.
  10. Domthenbud

    Manager Reaction

    Can’t disagree again. His main attribute is his fitness and workability( is that a word). He is a good player on our journey back to No 1
  11. Domthenbud

    Manager Reaction

    I thought he did. Fought back and forward as usual. Did not hide and was his usual biting self. He wasn’t brilliant but was ok. Candelas has limits and I think he plays to that limit most games.
  12. Domthenbud

    2 Up Top

    With our obvious monetary advantage over the huge majority of teams in the league I honestly don’t see why we need to change formation for away games. We will be playing against a packed defence every week, bar them, so fucking get into them.
  13. Domthenbud

    Acting like tarriers

    Our good name is worth a hell of a lot more than some fucking cowardly sleekit wee shite.
  14. Domthenbud

    Our attitude to away games

    That’s a given mate.