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  1. When did you work with her, BNB?
  2. Best refereeing performance of the season. Thot he was excellent.
  3. I am sure bbc Scotland claimed it was st mirren fans chanting scum.
  4. Come on to fuck. It was just broony being broony.
  5. I find it quite shocking that they can suggest it’s not a stamp therefore a yellow. The cunt stood, deliberately, on the boys stomach/ribs with the obvious intention of hurting. If he is not cited and banned for this then the game is a bogie.
  6. Don’t think he has been cited but he did receive a red card for a horrendous tackle, I believe last season. And it was rescinded.
  7. You are being a bit of an arse and not seeing the bigger picture. So long as they, and others, keep getting the major decisions, we will keep losing and therefore losing out on the big money required to build a team to challenge them. If we say nothing they get away with it and we continually get hammered. Waken up. We can only beat them if we have a level playing field.
  8. I don’t disagree with our players deserving punishment. However why no sanctions against brown, broadfoot when there are clear and obvious fouls or provocation.
  9. Stewart’s assertion that everything was ok because the ref gave a foul and occasionally a yellow card for the majority of the thuggery( my word) which went on. He is not looking at the bigger picture. Yes we got the free kick, however they used thug tactics to halt promising moves which may have led to attempts at goal. The man is a total prick. Killie’s tactics worked but in my opinion brought the game to a new low. Even the halftime and after match actions were probably rehearsed to deflect what went on. Eg, Clubfoot,s attempt to wind up Morelos; their players protestation to ref and their laughable comments to MSM.
  10. No, I don’t think SG will give a fuck. However I just think it shows the mentality of these people when we get something good into Scottish football and they attempt to hound them out.
  11. And they have already started the scenario on SG.
  12. Have said that for past couple of seasons. I believe their is something akin to a rotation system to minimise red cards. Yep paranoid.
  13. I may be being a tad simplistic but there is plenty of footage of the incident, television coverage etc. Can the evidence not be recreated and the route to the perpetrators, can that not be done again.
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