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  1. Think this would be more appropriate although still very tacky. It has been said that WW1 titles were official and while that is the case, in the record books, I believe there were many changes to format and indeed some clubs were asked to leave, presumably due to location, and were reinstated after the war. I also believe Scotland is practically the only European country to recognise titles won during the Great war. England, NI, France, Germany and others suspended their top leagues. Just some interesting facts but on balance leave well alone. On the who won the titles during 1914-1919, Celtic have 4, Rangers have 1.
  2. Is Ralph topping involved with st. J?
  3. Fuck that. You never know where they candles have been.
  4. So Brenda is condemning the gb. Ffs I thot he would just have laid healing hands. Oops.
  5. So just last week, Brenda was able to solve all NI problems by giving a few wee sermons. Now the groin brigade have told him to fuck off( in as many words) and Brenda is very disappointed. Well fuck you Brenda. I,m sure you knew what you signed up for.
  6. Hefty????????
  7. Nice one Sparkle. This is a very serious incident but it does need the odd comment to lighten the moment.
  8. I heard that Brenda reported it as," griffs capers". Ffs fucking capers.
  9. We keep reading that he was booked for time wasting. Tbf that does seem a bit harsh. However was that not also the time he was gesturing to the crowd with his 5-1 signs and could that have been the reason for the booking. In other words it could well be a justified booking.
  10. Was hoping it was the police who charged him. Should have been.
  11. Brilliant video and ffs we got penalties even in these days. Fucking cheats. WATP.
  12. We have got to follow thru' and not keep making soundbites.
  13. Wonder if we'll get a council grant?
  14. Basically agree with what you are saying. However another part of the 1872 statement said they are currently examining some latest articles from the rhebel with a view to taking action if necessary. This obviously means somebody would require to read future editions and continue to take action if required. This would presumably help stop their continuing derogatory and vicious assaults on anything Rangers.
  15. Just 10000. Ffs they are slipping. Fuck everyone of them.