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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I want a judicial review on that one.
  2. Questionable to say the least I'd say

    Lots of good bears up here mate.
  3. Questionable to say the least I'd say

    Hope Broughty Ferry is ok for you. Ya racist.
  4. Bheast FC: Statement

    I dont disagree with you on that but, you know, the cunts are having to do fuck all to win so many battles currently and we, the fans need a lift. I am sick to the teeth of Brown getting off with so many onfield incidents, nothing being said of their historical 'indiscretions', 11 previous fines in uefa games not being considered in their latest shameful act, they got beat yesterday because of the spending power of their opponents, eh, look at scottish football. And the rest. Do you think the latest news from England re ' sweepsweep under the carpet, the alleged child abuse at Villa, will encourage our media to mention a similar scenario at a Scottish club. I dont think so. I am fucking sick to death of them and they need to be hounded no matter how small the incident.
  5. Bheast FC: Statement

    Because they need to be told they have been caught lying. That, I think, is contrary to their 'sporting integrity' beliefs.
  6. Bheast FC: Statement

    The bheast fc statement asks for an independent review into theevents surrounding our use of ebt's and subsequent governance. They say no review will mean a lack of transparency, accountability, leadership and fail to provide full facts. I am in no way a linguist, or well up on legal matters, etc. However can it be read into that bheast statement that bheast believes we were bumped to the lowest division, lost a team, transfer fees, tele money, sponserships and everything else, without tranparency, accountability, leadership or indeed the full facts. Maybe its just the way I'm reading it. But it used to be called a kangaroo court. Absolute cunts. Bring them down.
  7. Bheast FC: Statement

    That post deserves a medal mate.
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Caus they are cunts.
  9. 12 Angry Men

    Agree. He was appointed last season to get his feet under the table and ensure we started this season on front foot.
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    You keep sitting on the fence BNB. Fucking love you.
  11. Club 1872 Statement on Neil Lennon

    Absolutely agree. On one hand many condemn the 'dignified silence of the past' and now many are saying that making statements and petitions is taig like. Lets make up our minds. Remember petitions got us put to the bottom league, shouting their tim mouths off created a refs strike and we don't seem to have had many results since. Spewing his lies to the press seems to have worked ok for 'lenny' as the press like to call him. I say, if there is an injustice let them know, if there is a second injustice let them know there is a pattern forming. And at the same time work like fuck to beat them on the park.
  12. Hodson.

    Cheers mate. Appreciated. That's the way I've gone for previous ops. I seem to have been given a 5 year plan for hip ops.
  13. Hodson.

    I,m going for a hip replacement on Tuesday but I could postpone and play full back on Saturday if needed. He is fucking awful.
  14. Stokes headbut

    FFS we were ok for first 20 minutes. Everyone was fighting. If we had kept that momemtum we would prob have won easily. Things happen and I believe an injustice was done and maybe the new guys don't quite have the mentality yet but yes we were disappointing but not shite.