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  1. It’s the big decisions which determine if he has an ok game. IMO. It was the big decisions that gave them a pen and us fuck all, got our player sent off for two yellows but didn’t theirs, twice at least. To say he had an ok game is bullshit.
  2. I guess when they discovered there was another opportunity to fuck off a great Gers talent.
  3. Cosgrove was on a mission. Should have been red carded. Logan, arguably, should have been off. I think, when you look at the clarity Beaton had for “penalty”, we were cheated.
  4. Just wakened up mate. Virgin. It’s there in black and white. Doh!!!!
  5. Who are you with mate to get all that for £68. I use Amazon a lot and pay, I think £79.99 annually. Now get footie as well. Can’t be bad.
  6. Defoe was poor due to lack of support. He had 2 fucking huge uncompromising defenders on him whole game. No support, no service then Defoe is useless. Morelos should prob have been on 30 mins earlier. On 5 mins and provided the goal assist.
  7. I was saying to my mates that at least Hamilton weren’t hammer throwers like other squads. Then with about 20 mins to go, it all changed. They became very physical. I think because we gave them a belief that they could get something from game. We need to put these cunts to the sword earlier in the game.
  8. Yes. But that is still not calling them out for what they are. Despicable press reporting.
  9. Hate to say it, but it was like bringing on our 11th player.
  10. It’s a great question op but I think to continue to improve we must chase the big teams and the big money.
  11. Jack has had a lot of fouls tho’. Not far from another booking.
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