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  1. Many years ago 50+, I used to follow Rangers everywhere in Scotland and England for pre season friendliest etc. In these days and because my old man worked in the railway I got privileged rail travel concessions. I could get a return ticket for the price of about 50% child single. I think. Anyway in these days the Rangers players travelled by train often and there were opportunities to mingle with them on the platform of the stations, Queen St/Central. My biggest memory was chatting to Davie Provan. He was a quiet big guy but great with the fans. Great memories.
  2. Ffs liewell told him to say it.
  3. They are a different case entirely. Time to party.
  4. Ffs. Surely only if they were going on a tour of Japan.
  5. Should the leagues be abandoned with no winners, who plays in champions league next season.
  6. Will we get a 1/16 share of the Europa cup.
  7. I tend to agree with the gist of that. You can only take so much and then say” fuck it, what’s the point”. However good leadership on and off pitch should get a counter reaction.
  8. Who is in charge at bbc Scotland. Not a word in Reporting Scotland tonight. Surely someone must be making a decision not to report via this program although it is in MSM.
  9. You need to explain what you mean there. Unless it’s we should have been min 2 up a at h/t so why were we not. I thot defensively we were superb and counter attack superb except finishes.
  10. Just maybe the PR firm dragging other clubs in to deflect from the proven sordid deeds of septic, would be the catalyst for other clubs to make their voices heard. Everyone knows where the problems are, it’s just that nobody has had any need to voice their concerns. Turn a blind eye and all that.
  11. When did you last see a player booked for being a bit emotional. Give the guy a fucking break.
  12. I don’t know where these restrictions are, but I wonder if septic park have similar restrictions on match days. Paranoid, I know.
  13. I could never understand how that could be considered legal ie no money, although due, could be given to new company, however all our debts were still due. Seems contradictory.
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