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  1. Domthenbud

    SFA Director to step down

    High up people don’t get sacked. They are allowed to determine their own demise and generally fall on their rubber swords in a “ it wisny me fashion”. Cunts.
  2. Domthenbud

    Are all the spare Season Tickets sold

    I always look forward to your random and impronto posts.
  3. Domthenbud


    You have taken that too far.
  4. Domthenbud

    Celta Vigo

    Can I ask a question? There must be an interesting answer as to why you have always wanted to see this ground. Bernabeu, Camp Nou, Mestalla I can understand and you may have already seen these. Why Celta Vigo? I’m just a nosey cunt.
  5. Domthenbud

    Mad Joe Once Again Nutcase.

    joe orouke is a cunt. He is a bitter catholic cunt whose team have had a free passage for 7ish years and thinks , like the rest of them, that they are gods gift. “ Fuck me why have we not won the champions league”. He is a cunt and has a platform and maybe we should ban anything with his name on it. Btw he is a cunt.
  6. Domthenbud

    SPFL Chairman

    Well DK must have his facts correct. Hopefully. Nothing about the latest statement on the sports section of bbc Scotland news. Instead there was a 5 min report on kayak slaloming( hope that’s spelled correct) with the final picture a 10 sec view of the slalom poles which were green and white stripes. I may be becoming paranoid but that was utterly pathetic.
  7. Domthenbud

    Dave king statement

    Surely tom English isn’t b@#&*£ or shud it be surely b@#&*£ isn’t TE.
  8. Domthenbud

    Pressure from taigs

    That is quite a quote mate. No idea where it could have come from in your mind. Does the Neely situation not satisfy your complex thought process about our thoughts on the matter.
  9. Domthenbud

    Pressure from taigs

    You are normally pretty spot o but in this instance, don’t talk shit.
  10. Domthenbud

    Livingston vs Thistle

    Brilliant penalty. My missed penalty bet came up at 12/1
  11. Domthenbud

    Planned Incompetence

    I’ve said for some time now that it is a subconscious bias. Brought on by the extraordinary media campaign raged against us since 2012. They are incompetent but this does not excuse some of the blatant decisions against us or not for us. It’s not rocket science to determine a few of yesterday’s decisions or lack of decisions.
  12. Domthenbud

    Holts 2nd yellow just how stupid was that?

    On saying that I cannot think of another instance of a player being yellow carded for trying to delay the taking of a free kick. If the player stops the ball within the 10 yd limit, yes, but just delaying it, no. Hard done by in the extreme.
  13. Domthenbud


    Tbf barker wud walk by usain bolt. Thank fuck he didn’t start.
  14. Domthenbud

    Shitebags as per usual

    What a load of shite. Yes we were not very good. We lack quality and we get bullied. However there was effort. Chucking it and trying to get sent off are way wide of the mark. The penalty decision was scandalous and from then it was a total scrap and we are not strong enough. 2nd half we dominated but finishing was woeful.
  15. Domthenbud

    Sir Alex

    Well said.