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  1. My thots entirely. Smells of scum devious/deflection tactics. And the amount of bbc coverage baffles me when there are the “fairly significant “ allegations against the scum which are not being reported as they should be. The bbc news reporters should be ashamed of themselves. Shit, I forgot the court cases dont allow media to report. Aye right. If Rangers do not comment on this I will be fucking angry. Even if we are in the wrong.
  2. What game are they after or is it just every game.
  3. He wasn’t far off it against the sheep.
  4. I suppose we can all be grateful that Davis’s backheel was not considered a passback. Fuck me, that would have been some free kick on the goal line.
  5. I think I read that Rennie is now one of the top cunts in Holicom, that septic pr agency.
  6. Doubt it very much. Any major investigation would undoubtably open the scum up to further investigation. The last thing they want. Mike finnigin has not thot this one through.
  7. I’m enjoying it. Finding it quite educational. However it’s only 6pm. Fuck knows what posters will be declaring come 11.00pm.
  8. Was there not a suggestion, many, many posts ago that nda,s are not allowed in criminal situations. Or am I being a bit naive?
  9. I think what is really pleasing is that these cunts have had success over us for past couple of seasons and they were expecting more. They got humped and it is very pleasing.
  10. I know you are at the windup but I agree he should have had more by his own standards. However I think you will agree to create these chances he worked bloody hard, and won, against much bigger opposition. He is total class.
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