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  1. Did you google the meaning of the words “your round”.
  2. I was genuinely surprised at that myself.
  3. Hopefully the same ending. “Had a great fall”.
  4. His brain couldn’t cope with an episode of Humpty Dumpty. I’m old school.
  5. The expense must be in the financial records. I would think.
  6. Agree except the Deloitte comment. They are huge and are not going to risk their world renowned reputation to support a tinpot league ruled by a club riddled with paedophilia. They were given a mandate and did that and nothing else. Although I’m a bit surprised they took the gig.
  7. Is that not less than the minimum we could be winning if we reached group stages. Remember we have decent pedigree, albeit Europa, in past couple of years.
  8. My like was only for your final comment. I’m still hopeful that the more that comes out, possibly dungcaster in stand at a later date, maybe just maybe things will improve. If hearts and pt are successful this may be the catalyst for other clubs to say, they can do it, what else can we achieve. I’m a fucking dreamer, I know.
  9. We won a court case with SD but was the settlement immediate or within a few months to give everyone time to sort detail. If that time was after our launch date, we fucked up caus we are still tied to SD. It’s obvious I’m no legal expert, just asking questions.
  10. When the deal with fat mike was finished, was a finish date announced. If it was the the biggest fuck up is launch date. That, unfortunately is a board fuck up.
  11. Which would suggest Castores due dilligence(think that’s the term) was shit and didn’t recognise SD involvement. It’s crazy, just doesn’t add up.
  12. Too emotional mate. Many fans still need the cheapest deals they can get. I hate the fat cunt with a passion, just like you, but if we can make money from him, fucking get in.
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