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  1. I think what is really pleasing is that these cunts have had success over us for past couple of seasons and they were expecting more. They got humped and it is very pleasing.
  2. I know you are at the windup but I agree he should have had more by his own standards. However I think you will agree to create these chances he worked bloody hard, and won, against much bigger opposition. He is total class.
  3. Senior civil servant at Stormont house awarded £10000 for having to walk under a portrait of our Queen. Yes, some compensation awards are fucking desperate.
  4. I see him fairly often around the directors box and the media area in front.
  5. And they may well win. A roof obviously easily accessible, could be used as an escape route in the event of an incident, with no warning that it may(sorry will) collapse under the weight of a average size person.
  6. This seems to be their stance every time. No comment. They really are just banking on this going away.
  7. Your posts are radical and generally very good. Don’t make an ass of yourself by posting this.
  8. Would love to ask these shameless bastards at that shameless radio station how they would react if their children had been victims of those perverts. Would they say, fuck it, they didn’t have to report it. Just get on with your life. this is a sub human defence of the horrible crimes.
  9. Ffs. Your not taking this seriously. We also kick over sandcastles with our feet.
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