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  1. I mean imagine players and fans enjoying themselves like today after being fucked by every organisation in Scotland who could fuck us over the last ten years. I totally appreciate that rules have been broken but it’s clearly acceptable to turn up to a stadium and throw fences and sharks at police. Against the law to have fun and celebrate. Fuck the BBC and fuck every single cunt who condemns it. WATP.
  2. One of the sweetest aspects of our return to rightful position at the top of Scottish football and their pathetic abject failure at winning their fabled ten (9.75) is that the last ten years will be consigned to history in their memories. As a Rangers fan for around 30 years I reminisce and enjoy looking back at games from the beginning of our 9 in a row right up to the present day. Like most of us I even have some great memories of the years in the lower leagues! My point is the last ten years means NOTHING to them now. They were singing about ten in a row when Lustig but the police hat
  3. From the BBC match report: ”The day after celtic announced chief executive Peter Lawwell will leave at the end of the season, the club's rudderless predicament was further underlined by an insipid performance.” The word ‘rudderless’ reminded me of something: GIRUY Sutton and all of you mhanky stinking Fenian bastards!! Cry yourselves to sleep tonight you cunts. Jimmy is enjoying your tears. 55 not long now 🤣🤣🤣
  4. I keep reading on this thread / elsewhere about the court cases that are coming against the scum. Obv the financial implications could potentially be huge. Needless to say settlements to the families and victims by this vile entity is far from substantial. They should be kicked out of football permanently. However, my question is when are these court cases coming? I don’t read anything about the scum other than what’s on this thread so haven’t a clue. This thread has been immense btw, plus the previous incarnation as well. Kept me going through lockdown, only second to the fact 55 is coming so
  5. Don’t do Twitter but when we win 55 I want to get a naked photo of Gerrard on top of Broxi holding a union flag with a police hat on sent to that fucking CUNT Lustig.
  6. It was more that he didn’t say anything wrong mate. I’m not Ally, wish I was!
  7. Sorry everyone haven’t read whole thread. But does anyone know how Sutton and Hartson are getting on? Sutton is very active on Twitter usually?
  8. It’s like a dream. Keep expecting to wake up and be like one of those dreams you have with a blonde bird with massive tits and that sense of disappointment. But this is fucking real. The goal difference we have is like an extra point don’t forget. We’ve won nothing yet but we’re steam rolling teams. We always knew pay back for the last decade was going to be sweet. It’s only just begun. The last ten years have been torturous. We deserve this and I hope their suffering is beyond their wildest nightmares. Fenian cunts.
  9. Was speaking to a couple of Brighton season ticket holders yesterday. One was a Duffy fan (although admitted he was prone to the odd fuck up) and the other thought he was absolute mince and they are well shot of him. I know he got a couple of goals for the scum in his first (two?) games but he looks absolutely honking. Another EPL player expecting to stroll it in Scotland and getting found out. He was possibly their worst player today and thought he probably was last week against us. Wonderful!! He was supposed to be the saviour 😂
  10. We’ve also never been a goal down in a qualifier under Gerrard. It really is a remarkable record. WATP
  11. Never really saw him play for Hull but wonder if he was so animated and shouty for them. Or if the fire in his belly has returned after coming back to us. He is a world class keeper. Haven’t looked to see if there is a compilation but it would be immense to see a comp of his saves since he came back. Europe last season there were some simply outstanding saves that I don’t believe got their own video on BBC. Keep it up Shagger and retain your discipline. Absolute pivotal player in our side.
  12. First time they come up against a decent side this season and they fuck it massively. Looking forward to the 1st September even more so now. GIRUY 🙂
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