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  1. Seen this was posted a page back, apologies @bluenoz. In case anyone missed it anyway. Goalkeeper Mat Ryan will leave Brighton & Hove Albion after four years to join Real Sociedad. The 29-year-old was the club's first-choice keeper for three-and-a-half seasons. The Australia keeper will join the Spanish La Liga side on undisclosed terms and subject to international clearance. Ryan joined Arsenal on loan last season and made three appearances for the Gunners. Head coach Graham Potter said: "Mat has been a great servant to the Albion over the past four years and on behalf of the club I'd like to place on record our gratitude for his efforts." Source: BBC Another who I thought was joining the scum to solve their Gk crisis?!
  2. Impressive footage. Sure would be shit scared of them. Fucking mugs.
  3. The constant comments during games on Sky about his angry demeanour on the pitch and ‘wonder whether he’ll smile at full time’ blah fucking blah. Well he’s smiled 55 times more today than Lego and the whole scum squad put together this afternoon. Enjoy your evening and summer Alfie! GIRUY all the haters!
  4. Sky Sports reporting Jack is out for the rest of the season and Euros.
  5. Hadn’t seen the Motherwell Tweet. At least they used the correct hashtag. As I think you are saying, the scum’s Tweet is just self serving. Means the square root of fuck all. I’ve never felt so behind a Rangers team as I do tomorrow after the events over the last few days.
  6. They can fuck right off with that.
  7. Yes they do not speak for the fans there. I hope they get absolutely battered by whoever they meet next. Fucking scum. Good statement bar that sentence Rangers. WATP.
  8. Written word for word what I was going to write pretty much. Vermin / parasites / scum are not even strong enough words to describe this lot, or at least the perpetrator. I sincerely hope we haven’t heard the last of this and UEFA deal with them in the correct way. Kick them out. And I don’t even mean for us to get reinstated. That’s not the goal. The goal must be a punishment which fits the crime. Feel sorry for Kamara, nobody deserves what was said to him last night. He seems like a top young man and I hope he is able to shrug it off quickly. Would help if UEFA take appropriate action no doubt.
  9. I can’t see it myself but it’s not impossible. Clearly it would take huge investment in management and players, huge in terms of what the rest pay for transfers and on wages at least. I’ve often wondered this myself. To be honest nobody is really even close to breaking us and the scum between 1st and 2nd place, so would take a monumental turnaround. If forced between yes and no I’d say no.
  10. Get well soon Walter Smith, absolute legend. You are loved by us all.
  11. I don’t think he would now. He won’t make the same mistake as Lampard and plus he wants to take us on a Champions League run.
  12. Agreed. It’s embarrassing how bad they are. However, they still have a chance of nicking it!
  13. I mean imagine players and fans enjoying themselves like today after being fucked by every organisation in Scotland who could fuck us over the last ten years. I totally appreciate that rules have been broken but it’s clearly acceptable to turn up to a stadium and throw fences and sharks at police. Against the law to have fun and celebrate. Fuck the BBC and fuck every single cunt who condemns it. WATP.
  14. One of the sweetest aspects of our return to rightful position at the top of Scottish football and their pathetic abject failure at winning their fabled ten (9.75) is that the last ten years will be consigned to history in their memories. As a Rangers fan for around 30 years I reminisce and enjoy looking back at games from the beginning of our 9 in a row right up to the present day. Like most of us I even have some great memories of the years in the lower leagues! My point is the last ten years means NOTHING to them now. They were singing about ten in a row when Lustig but the police hat on for fucks sake. None of it means anything, and that’s exactly what it should mean, NOTHING. Scudding a Rangers team managed by Murty and filled with loanees, poor signings from the lower leagues of England and ex-EPL players coming to the end of their careers is nothing to look back on and be proud of. Searching on YouTube for Old Firm wins over Rangers will just bring back painful memories of what could have been. There’s almost fuck all to look back on in Europe for them too. It was all about ‘the ten’! My life is Rangers and I’ve never felt prouder than I do now, albeit in 2-3 weeks that will be surpassed by something I don’t know how I’ll control. RIP the last ten years scum FC. You reap what you sow you bitter Fenian bastards. WATP
  15. From the BBC match report: ”The day after celtic announced chief executive Peter Lawwell will leave at the end of the season, the club's rudderless predicament was further underlined by an insipid performance.” The word ‘rudderless’ reminded me of something: GIRUY Sutton and all of you mhanky stinking Fenian bastards!! Cry yourselves to sleep tonight you cunts. Jimmy is enjoying your tears. 55 not long now 🤣🤣🤣
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