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  1. Murty

    You mean when he said we should be respectful against a team who had already scored twice and shouldn’t needlessly let them back in the game? Behave!
  2. The Rangers report - stats

    They are relevant in a lot of ways though, although results come first of course. They can be an important thing for the club to know when a fresh pair of legs might be needed in games, what we're lacking etc.
  3. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    I never really understand it considering the biggest pieces of crowd trouble in the last few years have involved non old firm sides. It's all a load of bollocks peddled by self righteous wankers. Rather be offended than have a discussion.
  4. Interesting Comments From Murty After Yesterday's Game

    Never mind the fact the people complaining were probably the same one's greeting when we get caught on the break.
  5. Interesting Comments From Murty After Yesterday's Game

    We have had a massive problem the last few years with being caught on the break. Surely he means respecting their ability to break? It's all very good having 8 guys forward but if none are in a position to get back it's disrespectful to the opponents capabilities and will cost us.
  6. Russell Martin

    Usual on here with ok players, couple of mistakes and now they’re not good enough for Annan. How can we expect to ever make any money on players when everyone ever is shite? I’d rather give him time to get up to speed, doesn’t he prefer being on the right side of the defence too?
  7. *** Official NBA thread ***

    No, but I can't see him staying when his contract ends in a few years the way things are going. Constantly 1 step forward 2 steps back. Cousins I thought would be the answer but achilles injuries tend to ruin careers in the NBA. Especially a big man like him.
  8. *** Official NBA thread ***

    I'm a New Orleans fan, things were going ok but now Cousins is out I can't see the playoffs. They need rid of Demps and Gentry for anything to happen though or Davis will leave.
  9. *** Official NBA thread ***

    Isaiah Thomas is a great scorer but he’s absolutely awful at defending. Why teams are so easy to be rid of him.
  10. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    Horrible that it’s come to the point we have to swallow our pride just to get a top player. Times have changed.
  11. A lot of guys aren’t interested in players performing well, just that they can somehow be proved right. Swear some of our fans prefer when are shite so they can tell everyone they knew it all along.
  12. David Bates

    Think he’s unjustly rounded on about being poor under pressure and his passing. The lads trained at a lower league club where he no doubt hoofed it up the park the whole time. It takes time to adjust your whole play and he gets more comfortable each time. I think for years our defence has been getting it tight when the big problem we have is an absolutely inept midfield who usually offer nothing in defence or going forward.
  13. If he had stayed I think he would have eventually taken Scotland to a big tournament I’d guess he thinks the same. He said himself he wouldn’t have left the job for anyone else. What excuses? I already said I’d rather he didn’t take it. But if he wants to take it he should. Merely presuming why he would.
  14. I’d rather he didn’t take it but if he wants and takes the job which is just part time. Then I don’t really see the problem with it. He might see it as unfinished business. Walter wouldn’t be able to do much here now either we have our whole starting central midfield out.
  15. How so? Half of your point was him not taking charge here.