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  1. If he could play as good as he can talk he be a world beater
  2. Got a feeling we will get a red card today these bastards will be doing everything to get our players booked .
  3. When caught whup the bastards and whip then hard
  4. The squinty eyed bastards beat the Irish bastards , weve no fucking chance .
  5. Don't like these Feyenoord bastards lets give them a right good going over
  6. Let's face it , today celtic were shite but they were still to good for us we were fucking pathetic.
  7. These cunts on the board forget the crowds of as low as 7500 back in the 80s well most of the crowd were boys that sang the Billy boys without them there might not have been a Rangers through thick and through thin they supported the team , no surrender , FTP.
  8. sack the board , sack the board , sack the board .
  9. need to do better simple as that
  10. a puff of white smoke from the Hampden lum broke the news
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