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  1. who's going to pay for it at the wee clubs
  2. There is not one of them got the credentials to be a Rangers captain, no not one .
  3. It was the cunt linesman today a proper cunt
  4. the drummer


    We know now he's no penalty taker
  5. Simple fact is we couldn't beat ten fucking tarriers they have the cup we have fuck all
  6. Manager picks the team and sets the tactics he must take his share of this fuck up .
  7. not before fucking time only one man for the job Rodgers
  8. First half we were shite second half we should have won the game our old failing of not being able to hold on to a lead came back to punish us
  9. A fine is on the way maybe who do they think they are the tarriers we et banned they get fined
  10. We could have had Ashley and llambias for fucks sake
  11. better play better than yesterday at Hamilton
  12. We were pish play like that against the tarriers and we will get fucked out of sight .
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