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  1. If you follow the link that's been posted earlier in the thread we're actually third in shots on target as well. So it's a myth that we don't create chances. Depressing is finishing over 20 points behind or having clowns like Caixhina as a manager . Not playing like it's FIFA and creating chance after chance is called unrealistic and entitled.
  2. We're averaging nearly 3 goals a game in the league. What were you expecting?
  3. I bet you said it was a stupid idea when we did it against Motherwell last season.
  4. Messi didn't start any games at 17.
  5. I sit in GF1. It was the motherwell fans booing him because they thought he dived.
  6. I think it was 21 years ago. It was mentioned on the highlights.
  7. 10 games, 8 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat. Scored 29, conceded 7. I can't wait until we hit form.
  8. They are rested though. Neither of them are internationals. They both regularly have a free week when others are playing 2 games and traveling.
  9. Roy Hobbs


    No he's not. Then there's Alexander Arnold and Wan Bissaka. He's got no chance of getting near the England squad. I just can't wait until he actually starts playing well. He must be pushing double figures between goals and assists, so it's going to be mega when he's not poor anymore.
  10. They've managed to not fuck up the scheduling this year. Mid week before is Ross county on the Wednesday, not a Europa League game.
  11. That's not true either. The arm has to be in an unnatural position. Which it was. He also moved his arm towards to the ball so it was deliberate as well.
  12. Not a spot of blood on his white shorts.
  13. Roy Hobbs


    But you're replying anyway.
  14. Roy Hobbs


    He's a right back that's created 5 goals by September, if that's poor I'll take it every single season.
  15. Roy Hobbs


    No it really is.
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