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  1. Roy Hobbs


    He didn't play against Motherwell because we didn't play any wingers.
  2. Roy Hobbs


    Who has played well away from home 3 times this season?
  3. Roy Hobbs

    Steven Gerrards Rangers

    I'm guessing the record was set in the 93 champions League season?
  4. Roy Hobbs

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    That isn't following the line of the grass.
  5. Roy Hobbs

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    I think they're at home in the second leg.
  6. Roy Hobbs

    Moneyball anyone? :)

    The statistical analysis is the really important part.
  7. Roy Hobbs

    Moneyball anyone? :)

    I don't think you understand what moneyball is.
  8. Roy Hobbs


    3 games in, 3 clean sheets, 1 goal and 2 assists.
  9. Roy Hobbs


    Skinned twice in the first half. Almost cost a goal with a poor clearance as well.
  10. Roy Hobbs

    Second Qualifying Round Ticket Info

    Are these tickets on sale yet? It's not showing in my account, but it wasn't for the previous round and I had to book over the phone. Ignore me. It's already in my basket.
  11. Roy Hobbs

    Welcome to Rangers, Coulibaly

    France has produced far more players playing in the world cup than any other nation By far. They might no longer play there, but they all started there.
  12. Roy Hobbs

    Welcome to Rangers, Coulibaly

    I've no idea if this will turn out well, and history with us would suggest not, but nobody had heard of Mahrez before he signed for Leicester. He was far from rated.
  13. Roy Hobbs

    Welcome to Rangers, Coulibaly

    £450k rated.
  14. Roy Hobbs

    Welcome to Rangers, Coulibaly

    Mahrez played 17 games in league 2 the season before Leicester signed him.
  15. Roy Hobbs

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Subscribe to rfcfixtures-2011@yahoo.co.uk