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  1. He was captain of his team in Romania at 17.
  2. Roy Hobbs


    I think it might be headed goals, not corners. Still 5 or 6 more than the nearest team, so it's a myth that we're poor at attacking set pieces.
  3. Roy Hobbs


    Morelos drifts out wide because he can turn defenders out there and get running in on goal. It's one of his best attributes.
  4. Ignoring facts is what's fucking daft, and everything you've offered is an opinion before you claim otherwise.
  5. And it's an utterly meaningless quote regardless of who said it.
  6. Gerrard was quoted weeks ago saying he wouldn't reveal who his penalty taker was.
  7. Obscurity. It's a fucking internet forum.
  8. I understand the meaning of always.
  9. So you didn't say strikers should always take penalties, it's what they are paid for? And being captain does not mean you need to take everything, and should step back when they are not great. That wasn't you? You didn't mention Barisic once in that thread. You should take some proper time to read it. Not angry in the slightest.
  10. I was shouting for him to take it when it was given. I wasn't the only one where I was. So you're saying you don't trust Tavernier to take penalties unless it's against celtic? That makes absolute sense. Remember you said strikers should ALWAYS take penalties, that defaulted to Morelos yesterday. No ifs, no buts.
  11. I voted that Tavernier should take a break from penalties in your thread. If I don't think he should be taking them at all I definitely don't think he should just be taking the really important one. It's fucking dumb logic to say otherwise.
  12. It wasn't decided on the spot, had Tavernier taken it and missed your have been saying Morelos should have took it. You've said you have no confidence in Tavernier but you wanted him to take the most important penalty this season having already missed 3.
  13. Did you not start a thread saying strikers should always take penalties? And I imagine it was decided after Tavernier missed his last one in October, not when it was awarded yesterday.
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