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  1. Windass stat

    Our greatest ever striker averaged about 2 a season against them. Windass isn't a striker.
  2. Windass stat

    Player finds it easier to score against poorer opposition. Hardly surprising is it. He's scored against every single side in the top six. 5 of his 12 league goals against the top sides. Not bad for a guy that isn't actually a striker.
  3. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Any idea what time bar 72 opens at tomorrow? I don't normally sit there, so I've no idea.
  4. Rangers v Aberdeen. The goals.

    It's on the BBC website. I thought it was onside from practically in line with it in the govan but it's offside.
  5. Candieas

    2 assists
  6. And he joined after Roy Aitken had been sacked.
  7. Fan Reaction.

    Overdubbed it with generic crowd noise as well.