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  1. Dunno how I've managed to quote you and submit a reply.
  2. That's got nothing to do with being behind the ball when it's played. You can be ahead of the last defender as long as you're behind the ball when it's played. It's always been the rule.
  3. Worryingly that's been sent from the future.
  4. You talk some amount of shite.
  5. Man of the man in the other 35 games. Widely accepted that he's inconsistent though.
  6. You went to watch a dreadful team 4 times, while on holiday?
  7. How long do you go on holiday to be able to watch a good few games?
  8. Right above me but can't see myself. See the old boy that's 2 seats to the right.
  9. Roy Hobbs


    Looked like he was waving goodbye at the end
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