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  1. I think over the course of a season we were still the best supported team in Scotland.
  2. Called him a bastard from what I remember
  3. I thought it was his exhaust pipe he was alluding to? Don't think the police can stop you leaving rehab.
  4. English clubs can't make an approach until the contract has ended.
  5. I'm pretty sure his dad does as well. Came from Easterhouse.
  6. Is that in the govan? Folk in front of me were going nuts at a banner that was hanging down. I sit about 2 rows back from where the govan rear stops.
  7. Aye that's ironic at best considering you've gone from not being good enough for this level, to being able to beat top champions League teams, with a bit of money ball in between. I'm surprised you can actually spell debate. What is it they say about arguing with idiots? I feel beat in that respect.
  8. It's got absolutely fuck all to do with scouting. Literally fuck all. He's measurably succeeding at this level. It's fact.
  9. what the fuck are you on about?
  10. We wont get a right back that'll have us competing with top champions League teams any time soon. Or any other position for that matter. Aye it's me that's on the drink.
  11. I'm pure raging. Angry smiley.
  12. Even thinking upgrading Tavernier would somehow allow us to compete with top champions League teams is fucking insane.
  13. Your argument was he's not good enough at this level. This level is the Europa League group stages. The champions League and winning the League has fuck all to do with what you said. This is your daft fucking argument. Stick to it instead of talking shite about money ball and the top teams in Europe. Tavernier is on uefas merits one of the best performing defenders currently in the competition. He's playing for a team that's in with a shout of qualifying. He's performing at this level. It doesn't get any more objective than that. It's subjective you're confused with.
  14. Why would they be playing the top 3 or 4 from Spain, Germany, Italy or England in the group stages of the Europa League?
  15. Statistics don't lie but they should always be used in context. In the context of the Europa League this season, Tavernier is doing fine. You're completely ignoring the facts. This is not objective by any definition.
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