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  1. Real Ranger

    Gerrard and the away form

    I doubt giving the ball away cheaply time after time and not closing down players quickly enough would have been today's tactics.
  2. Real Ranger

    Semi final allocation

    Can't believe they haven't blamed the big bad Rangers supporters for their woeful tickets sales. A missed opportunity and one the media would have gladly went along with.
  3. Real Ranger

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    I dont believe it's SNP policy to conspire against Rangers but being the proud Unionist football institution that we are there will undoubtably be a significant element within the SNP that detest our club. It's therefore inevitable that Rangers will be treated differently from any other club whenever these haters find themselves in a position of influence, the fanzone being an example of this.
  4. Real Ranger

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    There’s no denying many nationalists hate everything about the UK from the Union flag to the monarchy, it’s hardly surprising that there is bound to be a sizeable number within the SNP that also despise everything about our football club, to suggest that’s not the case is being extremely naive.
  5. Real Ranger

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    The nationalists showing their true colours yet again. Shame on any Rangers supporter who would vote for them.
  6. Real Ranger

    Our crowds early 80's

    Thought it was just called the rover ticket. 20 quid for boys and included all league and cup games as well as reserve games.
  7. Wouldn't go as far as knighting him but do applaud him for standing up against a corrupt regime. Our victory was removing Ashley's placemen from the boardroom.
  8. I understand that you don't have any time for Craig Houston Booler, but don't know what relevance he has to the point I was making.
  9. Ashley has a thing for gagging orders. I reckon there's every chance the club are being prevented from making any kind of statement regarding retail and the SLO along with club 1872 will be aware of this.
  10. Real Ranger

    Those Around You At Ibrox

    Guy who sits behind me has to have a victim. Used to be Miller, then Tav and now it's Morelos. Over the years he's had an uncanny knack of shouting abuse seconds before the said player scores or sets up a goal much to the amusement of everyone around him.
  11. Real Ranger

    Absolute mind numbing negativity....

    In the name of God, can we not all be happy for once. I'm away back to the boardroom section where sensible discussion is the norm.
  12. Real Ranger

    The Atmosphere

    The lack of goal mouth action over the first 80 minutes undoubtedly contributed to the crowd being relatively quiet but as you say the last 10 minutes the atmosphere was Fucking sensational.
  13. I'm the same as yourself, bought it last week and wore it to the game and been wearing it in the house. One wash in and so far it looks as good as new. I have the adidas top from 92, when we beat Leeds in the champions league and the club crest is also stuck on, happy to report ithe badge is still intact.
  14. Real Ranger

    Gerrard and Katic press conference

    Another negative headline missed.