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  1. Murty press condference

    You can tell Smile is full of shite.
  2. Murty bigging up TLB.

    Enough of that nonsense, you're not allowed to be optimistic. Stick to the script, Murty's an under 20's coach and is doomed to failure.
  3. Poor result and criticism was merited but IMO it went way over the top. Basically we were poor in the first half and addressed the issues at half time, came out in the second half and totally dominated until Tav gave away a needless penalty. This place then went into meltdown. Now you're not happy because people have a positive reaction to a victory.
  4. Poor in the first half, much better second half, deservedly equalised and at that stage looked like we'd go and win the game before a moment of madness from Tav cost us dearly. To read some of the comments afterwards you would swear we were hammered 4 or 5 nil. As I said an overreaction after 5 positive results, that's now 6 out of 7.
  5. Similar to the overreaction to the loss on Saturday after 5 positive results beforehand.
  6. Please board give us a real manager

  7. Please board give us a real manager

    No, the assertion I'm making is that appointing a manager from within a club isn't such a ridiculous concept as has been suggested. I used Guardiola and Barcelona as an example of this. Their rivals Real Madrid appointed Zidane as manager despite him having next to none managerial experience and he went on and won the Spanish league, the super cup and the champions league twice in his first two seasons. Our very own Souness and Smith had zero experience as first team managers yet were still successful. Not for one minute am I saying this means Murty is going to be successful or isn't a gamble but I do believe now that he's been appointed manager it's only fair he's given a chance. As I've said he inherited a team that before him failed to win 3 games in a row under the previous manager, and on top of that he lost a few of the better players to injury. We've only just brought in some decent players to boost the squad but Martin, Murphy, Goss and Cummings need game time to get match sharpness and get familiar with their new teammates. Now I know that you being the idiot you are you won't take any of those circumstances into account as you're of the mindset instant success or the sack.
  8. Please board give us a real manager

    Wrong again, no surprise there. Murty should be given more time IMO because he inherited a mess and has only just strengthened the team. He's also had to deal with injuries to key players which hasn't helped. Now that he's in the job it's only fair he's given adequate time to get it right. On Pep, someone stated it was ridiculous that a club the size of Rangers had promoted the youth coach to manager of the first team and I asked him was it ridiculous when Barcelona did the same thing, then you jumped in going on about their records after 17 games without any thought into the players they had inherited.
  9. Please board give us a real manager

    You're the one who wanted to compare their record after 17 games without taking into account the team Murty took over had failed to win 3 games in a row under the previous manager while Guardilola took over a team packed with world class talent.
  10. Please board give us a real manager

    Yep I knew you wouldn't come back with the players Guardiola had at his disposal so I'll help you out. Puyal, Pique, Dani Alves, Innesta, Xavi, Messi, Henry and Eto to name a few. I'd imagine Pep's record after 17 games with that group of world class players would be pretty decent. What point were you trying to make anyway?
  11. Please board give us a real manager

    Don't know, why don't you go and check, and while you're at it have a wee look at the players that were available for selection, then come back and let me know if any of them were any good. I know you won't.
  12. Please board give us a real manager

    If the accusation is, its ridiculous to appoint a youth team coach as manager at a club of Rangers stature then it can't be wrong to mention Barcelona did the same.
  13. Please board give us a real manager

    Why? I could have added Zidane but it only took one example to show promoting from within the club isn't necessarily a ridiculous thing to do.without doubt it's a gamble.
  14. Please board give us a real manager

    Pedro inherited a mess, brought in his own players and several months later we were still a mess. I blamed the board for his appointment and said they fucked up and you come on and accuse me of protecting them😀😀. Someone said appointing a youth team coach as manager of the first team was a ridiculous thing to do and I pointed out Barcelona did the same thing when they appointed Pep Guardiola as their first team coach. I take it you believe it was a ridiculous thing for the Barcelona board to do?
  15. Please board give us a real manager

    I agree we've added decent players to the squad but sometimes it takes time for players to settle into things at Ibrox. We had a poor first half yesterday and improved in the second half. A rash moment cost us dearly but going by the reaction on here you'd think we got pumped 5-0. I'm not saying Murty deserves it because Pedro was a riot, I'm saying any manager no matter how established might have found it difficult to turn the team around immediately, on top of that Murty's had to cope with a series of injuries that left him without several key players.