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  1. The biggest frustration this season has been the points dropped that really shouldn't have been, last minute goals against us while they have scored last minute goals is basically what separated us. Almost as much depends on what they do in the summer as what we do in all honesty. I've no doubt not losing anyone and adding 2 or 3 quality players is all it will take if they fail to improve.
  2. To be fair, I think after beating the beggars when we were in the championship, many of us were guilty of being far too optimistic on our chances of winning the league but by the time Pedro got the bullet I think most believed nothing less than a major overhaul of the squad was needed. If the beggars stand still and we can hang on to Kent as well as adding another 2 or 3 quality additions it will make our chances of winning the league a distinct possibility. While I don't agree that King and the board lack drive or ambition, I can't argue that there isn't room for improvement.
  3. £614 for me, thank fuck my sons are working for a living.
  4. Without question, mistakes have been made, but would you agree that right now we are only 2 or 3 more decent additions short of having a team capable of winning the league? If so then you would also agree King and the board are taking the club in the right direction. If there is someone out there with the resources and ambition to take us back to top I'll be right behind but at this point in time I think the current board are our best option going forward.
  5. The team has improved and the squad is 2 or 3 decent players short of turning those draws that have proved so costly into wins IMO. It's blatantly obvious King and the board the don't have a bottomless pit of money but for me they are clearly men with the club at heart and rather than slaughtering them we should be grateful for the time and money they have put into the club.
  6. To be fair, Brown has controlled games in recent years, not because of some god given talent, more to do with us not having players worthy of wearing the Rangers jersey.The game at Ibrox was a prime example of how good he really is when put under any kind of pressure. There was a time, not long ago when we wouldn't cry to the media and went down the dignified silence route which got us nowhere, all we're doing now is fighting our corner by highlighting the double standards that clearly exist.
  7. We were woeful in the first half and didn't have a single shot on target up until the equaliser. Without doubt we had a better second half but you have to take into account the beggars are rotten
  8. We have 48k season ticket holders and most weeks Ibrox is packed despite years without success, plenty of us give a fuck. If you're only referring to fan groups then what makes them any better from other groups when so few of their membership could be arsed attending their own demo? ps well done to those who did turn out ( members and non members ).
  9. 😃 Perfect choice for you Sassaaaa, a tremendous player but one that gives you the opportunity to have a go at the same time. For me Butcher and Graham Roberts were the best centre half pairing We’ve had though Gazza would be my choice. We would be running away with the league if we had him at his prime.
  10. Nonsense, the group contributes so much to improving the atmosphere and that can only help the team, not sure how hard it would be for the club to provide a safe standing area but moving them to a more prominent position wouldn't be too difficult.
  11. Think we take the UB's level of support for granted at times, tonight showed just how much the group contribute to creating an atmosphere when they're not in a huff.
  12. That's both Walker and Clarke with the crowd noise turned down at the same time, maybe we're just being paranoid.
  13. Looked decent when he broke into the team but ultimately he wasn't up to the standard required at Rangers.
  14. How can we possibly be past that when children in this country are divided into two groups at the tender age of 5 by the Catholic Church and happily funded by the state. I know it's been said many times on here and it's blatantly obvious, if the authorities are in any way serious about addressing sectarianism in Scotland, then they must begin with eradicating segragated schools.
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