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  1. You still haven’t got over King and co kicking out Ashley’s men, have you. The good old days.
  2. Just watched it and after the game they discussed Morelos two yellows but only showed the second one. There is no other football programme on the planet that wouldn’t highlight both incidents that led to a sending off when discussing it.
  3. Not saying you’re wrong but Steven Gerrard said it was Ross County when asked about the points gap in a recent press conference.
  4. Not sure why anyone would want to drop Kamara, for me he is a class act, reads the game well, keeps things simple and seldom gives the ball away. Its a tough one between Aribo and Arfield, Aribo’s form has been very good of late but Arfield has plenty of experience and tends to play well against the bheasts. No matter who drops out I honestly believe if Rangers play their A game we will be too good for them.
  5. Dallas and McCluskie didn’t favour us when referring our games, not sure how you have come to that conclusion.
  6. I didn’t say Madden is a bluenose but there is a perception that he is and he goes out his way to show he isn’t.🙂
  7. That’s why I would rather have Collum refereeing our games. Madden tries way way too hard to show he not a blue nose.
  8. I’m not disputing that in certain games he hasn’t got it right, this was more evident last season but this season and especially in games such as Sunday’s and last night’s I didn’t see any obvious changes that could have made a positive impact on the game. With Jones and Davis out our options on the bench are limited.
  9. After a couple of tough games in the last week there were a lot of weary legs out there, kamara, Jack, Aribo and Kent who had put so much into the game looked out on their feet and we badly missed Davis in the closing stages but the problem for me wasn’t down to Gerrard’s inability to change a game with subs but rather the lack of quality he has at his disposal. The starting 11 is strong but for me the squad is still 2 or 3 players short of what is required when playing at the top level.
  10. Hate to say it but there are one or two thick cunts in our support. When the teams were announced and Morelos name was called out a couple of people next to me were going on about how he should have been dropped and with every touch up to he scored they were greetin about him not making the right choices, made his goal even sweeter and shut them up.
  11. I take that back red card was correct🙂
  12. To be fair the picture doesn’t show the direction the ball is travelling or their keeper’s position. I watched the incident yesterday and while there was no question that it was a blatant penalty I wouldn’t say I was convinced Morelos was 100% reaching the ball first, I’ll take your word on Brown kicking Morelos and no right minded person could deny their goal was offside or that the penalty should have been retaken.
  13. Do you think the ref who denied Alfredo a blatant penalty against Feyenoord is out of a job? I doubt it very much and don’t think Collum would have been out of a job either, in saying that if he had denied the bheasts a stonewall penalty there’s every chance he would have been banished from top flight football.
  14. I only seen the brief highlights on BT, can’t comment on all the incidents but when I left Hampden I didn’t feel the ref had cheated us out of a win. From what I’ve seen any finger of blame should be pointed in the direction of the linesmen imo. The penalty we got was a stonewaller but can’t say with any certainty Alfredo would have got to the ball and scored , if Collum had gave us the Penalty and booked the player for a clumsy challenge then I don’t think there would have been too much of an argument.
  15. Tbh if Collum was at it, he wouldn’t have gave us the penalty or gave them a red card at the same time. Both linesmen were to blame for allowing their blatant offside goal to stand and for their keeper to get away with moving of the goal line at the penalty. Would rather have Collum refereeing our games than Madden who tries way too hard to show he’s not a Rangers man.
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