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  1. Real Ranger


    In his opening games he looked to have great potential and once up to speed would prove to be an asset to the team, but almost 6 months on the reality is he still gets caught on the ball far too often and playing the killer pass or scoring from the good positions he gets into are too few and far between.
  2. Real Ranger

    Steven Davis

    Future success for Rangers far outweighs any issues over players leaving the club in the past. If Davis or any other player can help deliver success then that's all that matters.
  3. Real Ranger

    Rangers supporter stabbed

    It was about a 5/10 minute walk from the stadium close to Govan bowling club.
  4. Real Ranger

    Rangers supporter stabbed

    No surprise but the article is inaccurate, the attack didn't take place directly outside Ibrox, though the Sun are happy to suggest it did.
  5. Real Ranger

    Scum haven't taken tickets for the 29th (Rumour)

    The only possibility of the atmosphere being shite is if we find ourselves on the losing side and tbh if that's the case I'd take a quiet stadium over having to listen to them celebrating. Why any Rangers supporter would prefer the Broomloan to be full of beggars rather than fellow bears is beyond me.
  6. Real Ranger


    Naw just being competitive against Berra and Berra in return tried his best to get Morelos booked.
  7. Real Ranger


    Haliday has played well at LB under Gerrard and thought he had a great game today. Wouldnt change any of the back four at the moment.
  8. Real Ranger

    Gerrard & Grezda Post Match Reaction

    Was surprised to hear him say that, possibly feels we should have enough quality to beat the sheep at Ibrox without Artfield giving him a wee break.
  9. Nothing more than a yellow, the keeper's initial reaction conned the ref.
  10. Real Ranger


    Thought the back four played very well. Goldson benifits from having McAuley beside him, similar to how Davie Weir brought out the best in his defensive partners.
  11. Real Ranger

    Liam Kelly

    Haven't really seen much of him, what's your own opinion on him?
  12. Real Ranger


    Had the beating of Patterson every time in the first half. Game over after going 2 down with 10 men.
  13. Real Ranger

    Motherwell Highlights

    If that had been the keeper, Stewart would have been raving about it being a tremendous one handed save.
  14. Real Ranger

    Worral get rid !

    You’re getting ragdolled again, mission accomplished auld yin?
  15. Real Ranger

    The referee & the Russians

    Not the best ref but had he set out to be biased he would haven given Candeias a second yellow for a foul in the second half.