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  1. People might not agree but for me another player with a fiery temperament on the pitch was Lennon but rather than being hounded by the press he was defended to the hilt. Anyone who dared criticise him was immediately labelled a bigot. The Northern Irish catholic was always the victim.
  2. The two of them were world class and an absolute joy to watch but Gazza just shades it for me on natural talent.
  3. I wish I could share the optimism of some of you but after seeing Rangers being fucked over so many times in recent years I won’t be at all surprised if Doncaster and his fellow slimey bastards somehow manage to wriggle out of this relatively unscathed. When it comes to Scottish football authorities and the media we really are up against it.
  4. For me this has nothing to do with loyalty and everything to do with cash. A terrible time to launch this scheme when so many have lost their income and that’s not to take into account that under normal times plenty of supporters on low income have to take out loans in order to purchase season tickets in the first place. I understand the need to maximise revenue streams but the way this is branded is a kick in the teeth to loyal supporters.
  5. As long as I can afford it i’ll pay my season ticket if it helps keep Rangers afloat, even if they take a stance and refuse to play in our corrupt league.
  6. I totally understand your frustration, it’s been going on for years.
  7. Why won’t you renew your season ticket? All you’re doing is punishing Rangers, we have enough cunts trying to do that as it is. Edit, not saying you’re a cunt.
  8. I’ve got a Rangers mug and dug but no a rug.
  9. Tbh no, but the criteria as far as I know is the league champions get the C/L qualifier spot.
  10. There is no way in the world they would accept us being awarded the C/L spot if we were top of the table. Sporting integrity and all that. If the league season is incomplete then it has to be null and void including European places.
  11. I’m asking your opinion and from what I’ve known about you over the years I find it hard to believe you could think a team that hasn’t won the league should be awarded the title, never mind what the SPFL think.
  12. The league season ends when all the games agreed at the start of the season are completed. If they can’t be finished and no team has accumulated enough points where they can’t be caught then in the name of sporting integrity the competition must be declared null and void. If Rangers were winning at this stage I would be absolutely gutted but would still know in my heart of hearts we hadn’t won the league.
  13. Probably is absolutely no reason to give out awards. I’ve always respected you Dude but on this occasion I think you’re attitude is utter bonkers and unfair on every club that still has a chance however slim it may appear. My advice to you is stop posting, go and have a lie down and come back tomorrow having come to your senses.
  14. Honestly stunned, they haven’t won it. Would be scandalous to award them the title at a stage where they can still realistically get caught.
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