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  1. You still think it was a ridiculous decision to start Defoe and leave Alfredo on the bench?
  2. Who’s going to take a bag of messages to the game?
  3. Wolves, a squad that plays top class teams week in and week out and only cost 92 million to assemble.
  4. Can still remember Fernando’s first visit to the beggardome, it was nothing short of disastrous and one that many a player would have failed to recover from, but not only did Fernando recover from it he went on to become the Rangers captain who led us to one of the most memorable league titles in our history. That’s testament to the amazing strength of character the man had and the same strength of character that shone through in the documentary.
  5. Cringeworthy attempts at charging our support, nevertheless seeing how UEFA hammered Rangers for one or 2 words they deemed offensive I fully expect Feyenoord to be play their next home game behind closed doors.
  6. Well done to the organisers and all who supported the RSEA at Partick bowling club. Over 9k raised for our Erskine veterans .🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  7. Can't see how you can say he got lucky, in his first season he took over when Kilmarnock were bottom of the league and won more points than Rogers did with the beggars and more points than Stevie G did with us finishing 5th in the league, last season with next to no cash they finished 3rd in the league. He also had coaching experience at the highest level at both Chelsea and Liverpool .As much as I don't like him I still recognise he did a great job at Killie. Gareth Southgate has done a decent job with England without proving himself at the highest level beforehand.
  8. Clarke performed a minor miracle at Kilmarnock proving he could take on a piss poor team, organise them and make them very hard to beat. Scotland however might be a bridge too far, can't say I'm too unhappy about that.
  9. RSEA holding a fund raiser at Partick bowling club tomorrow with many great raffle prizes including hospitality for the Feyenoord game and a framed England shirt signed by Steven Gerrard.
  10. Only here to see the Rangers🇬🇧
  11. Jack, Davis and Katic were outstanding tonight.
  12. Can’t bring myself to watch this shite no matter how well we do.
  13. My two sons ( ST’s in BF1 ) have supported the club through the bad times and like the vast majority of us were right up for the game on Thursday but can no longer go. Poor show by the board without any thought for the loyal fans in this section.
  14. Aye that will show UEFA! If people want our our home European games played in an empty stadium then they should carry on singing the TBB loud and proud.
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