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  1. Real Ranger


    Would be very unfair on Katic if he’s dropped for Helander, rather see him moved to left back or as a target man up front, probably win the golden boot.
  2. The Rangers supporters on the board have invested millions and put time and effort in without taking a wage. They certainly haven't got everything right and deserve criticism but to describe them as scum to a man is just bonkers.
  3. We’ll need to agree to disagree then, for me there is no comparison between the present board and the fat wanker.
  4. Go and have a read through some threads on Ashley in the boardroom section if you can be bothered and you might see why I’m of this opinion. Ashley is a cunt but any blame is always directed at the board.
  5. Can't answer for CH but from my perspective as Rangers supporters themselves I believe the board have the best intentions for the club and for that reason there is'nt the same need for a protest group such as SOS. If you disagree then there's nothing stopping you or others taking a stance. That's not to say King and co haven't made mistakes or that their current actions won't ultimately prove more costly than had they let Ashley profit from Rangers for a few more years. Ashley on the other hand doesn't give a shit about the history or future of Rangers, he's only interested in sports direct and for me there are too many apologists on here for fat Mike's role in all of this.
  6. Don't see any evidence of anyone selling their souls, the guy took a stance and thousands of supporters clearly shared the concerns ( myself included) that we were in the hands of a corrupt regime. Not sure how CH being given a minor role in the club he supports appears to be of greater concern for some.
  7. Much the same as most protests I'd imagine, if nothing else it let those in charge know the support weren't happy with them. What was a better alternative, sit on our arses and say nothing while the cunts were ripping Rangers off?
  8. At least the guy had the balls to stand up and be counted when the club was getting screwed. Better that than those on here who did their best to deflect any criticism away from the cunts. So fuck if he has a minor role in the club now.
  9. The Man Utd number 2 is a boy mountain.
  10. Our United Kingdom hating nationalist government helping combat intolerance! 😂
  11. An initiative supported by a Scottish government that hates the United Kingdom. One Scotland many cultures my arse.
  12. I don’t think I’m alone here but I have no trust in what the press prints. I appreciate they have to sell papers but all to often that leads to them distorting the truth ie taking quotes totally out of context in order to get headlines and that doesn’t just apply to Rangers. As for BBC Scotland sports department it’s clear they’re certainly no friends of Rangers.
  13. To be fair Dude, if a manager or player is struggling we don’t need the media to point it out.
  14. Real Ranger

    Joe Aribo

    Aribo didn’t have a huge influence on the game for me but when he was involved he did very well.
  15. On retail, which is bad enough but thank fuck he’s no longer in control of the boardroom.
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