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  1. Real Ranger

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    You should try taking your head out yer arse and listen to the interview.
  2. Real Ranger

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    Good interview, makes it clear that Rangers are being treated differently from every other club by the authorities and the BBC.
  3. Real Ranger

    Gerrard's benchmark.

    Any comparrison should stop at both were rookie managers. Rangers were in a position to bring in top British players but now Scottish football doesn't come close to competing financially with the English championship never mind their top league. Souness himself was still one of the best midfielders in the game and the team in his first season also included the likes of England goalkeeper Chris Woods, arguably the best central defensive partnership the club has had in Butcher and Roberts as well as other guenuine quality players such as Durrant, Derek Ferguson, Robert Fleck, Davie Cooper and Ally McCoist. A team of that quality would would absolutely romp the current league in my opinion.
  4. Real Ranger

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Just imagine the kind of lights they could have with all that money.
  5. Real Ranger


    Fully expect sportscene to run a 2 hour special tomorrow dedicated to the 4 penalties.
  6. Real Ranger

    fans running on the park

    If it's acceptable for our fans to run on to the trackside/pitch when we score then the same would apply to opposition fans when they score. Fuck that for a carry on, stay in the stands.
  7. Real Ranger

    Ryan kent

    Thought Kent was badly let down by his team mates, the only one who merited pass marks for me.
  8. Real Ranger

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Feel for him but the decision to drop him is no disgrace, what would be a disgrace would be Gerrard not picking the team he believes has the best chance of picking up 3 points.
  9. Real Ranger

    Game off

  10. Real Ranger

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    Was an integral part of the team that brought great success to Rangers and doesn't deserve to be branded a rat for moving when he did. Don't believe any of us really knows what was going on behind the scenes with Green and co at that time. Welcome back Steven.
  11. Real Ranger

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    My point wasn't about the reception Davis recieves on other online platforms but the real life reception he will recieve on his return to Ibrox, which won't be a reflection of the mixed welcome he's recieved in here.
  12. Real Ranger

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    Thankfully this place doesn't always reflect the views of the wider support and just like McGreggor and Lafferty, Davis will recieve a great reception on his return to Ibrox.
  13. Real Ranger

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    Thought you had fucked off after we signed the taig manager. He's doing alright isn't he?
  14. Real Ranger

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    Great news, Davis has the required experience and quality that looked to be missing at times in the first half of the season.
  15. Real Ranger

    Minute Silence, should it end at OF games?

    The last thing we should do is stop paying our respect to the 66 victims by not observing a minute's silence. Whilst IMO the vast majority of them are respectful during the minute I think we've got to the stage Rangers should make it clear to their officials that they won't have any future allocation for this fixture if a section of their fans continue to marr the occasion. It would then be down to the beggars to police their own or face the consequences. I would also ban the thick cunts in our support who also think it's ok to shout during the silence.