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  1. If you can't see the progression in the team since Murty brought in the new additions then you're definetly a glass half empty man.
  2. The glass is half full with Murty, he's taking us in the right direction. I'm not accepting mediocrity any more than you. If we sack Murty tomorrow and bring in an experienced manager and he doesn't win the Scottish cup will you be calling for his head? Walter Smith had never managed a club before he got the Rangers job, Guardiola's only experience was managing Barcelona youths and Zidane had no experience as a number one yet they all enjoyed great success. If you think that Murty's lack of experience equates to failure then you're a glass half empty man.
  3. It's not as simple as bringing in an experienced manager and success is guaranteed. Le Guen was considered good enough when he arrived at Ibrox having won 3 consecutive French titles yet he looked completely out of his depth. As for Murty, people should look beyond his inexperience and take into consideration the team he inherited and what should be a realistic target for him or indeed any manager no matter how experienced. On paper, securing second place should be a realistic target, whilst knocking the scum out of the Scottish cup would be a huge bonus his future shouldn't depend on winning that game.
  4. So with a few players brought in on loan we've played 11 games, won 9 lost 2 , scoring 33 goals in the process, impressive stats for a youth team coach who is supposedly out of his depth. If an established manager such as Walter Smith had came in and achieved the same results with that team I doubt he would have recieved anywhere near the amount of criticism Murty has.
  5. Based on his short time in charge I don't believe it's fair to say Murty is a shit manager. Before he had an opportunity to bring in his own players he inhereted a shit team devoid of confidence and one that had failed to win 3 games in a row under the previous manager. Without doubt there were a few piss poor performances but he also managed to beat Aberdeen home and away, Hearts and Hibs away and got a draw away to celtic, he also had to contend with injuries to key players in this period. Since the transfer window there have been two dissapointing results, one being at home to Hibs and again on Sunday, the biggest frustration about both games is we managed to put ourselves in a great position to win them. Apart from that we have generally been playing free flowing entertaining football with plenty of goals scored. If Murty secures second spot then for me he deserves more time and the chance to further strengthen the squad.
  6. If Murty had got the job at the start of last season, been given a budget somewhere in the region of 3 times that of the beggars, and had 4 transfer windows to build his own team then we would all be demanding he must win, but the reality is very different and IMO it's bonkers demanding he must knock them out the cup or be sacked. We'd be going through a new manager every 3 months going by this logic. The mere fact that most of us went into the game last Sunday confident that we could beat them demonstrates how well Murty has done in a very short period of time. As frustrating as the result was, looking back we weren't outclassed and if Morelos had his shooting boots on there's every chance we would have won. For me the sensible thing to do is assess the situation at the end of the season.
  7. At 2-2 with them down to 10 men Morelos missed a golden opportunity when through on goal, that's what cost us a certain victory and with a couple of minutes left 3-2 down the miss of the century by Morelos prevented us from salvaging a draw.
  8. 2m a year & an under 20s novice - the difference

    Murty certainly isn't above criticism but the hysterical reaction by some on here is beyond a joke.
  9. 2m a year & an under 20s novice - the difference

    So that's how we got beat, ffs.
  10. The ultimate false dawn?

    It looks to me like you purposely stayed off the forum because the team were playing well and scoring plenty of goals, all it took was a defeat and you couldn't wait to come back on to tell us how shite you think we are. Anyone who has watched us in recent games can see the improvement in the team, the fact is things were going so well that for the first time in a long time many of us felt we had a good chance of beating them. As much as the result was a huge dissapointment we weren't outclassed and weren't played off the park, we still require 2 or 3 quality additions to the team but without doubt we're heading in the direction. To say after this defeat Murty now can't get the job beyond the season is nothing short of ridiculous. He is 3 months into the job after taking over a team incapable of winning 3 games in a row. He's had one transfer window and the overall improvement has been there for all to see. Do you believe that if we had brought in an experienced manager results such as yesterday's couldn't happen?
  11. Souness - Rangers win would be good for Scottish football

    There's no denying Scottish football has its problems but for me the SPL has improved recently and it's not only down to the current form of Rangers, the likes of Kilmarnock and Hibs have being playing decent stuff and though the quality may be missing some of the games have proved to be decent contests. Outside our games recent games involving Hearts and Kilmarnock v the beggars were most enjoyable and the Kilmarnock v Hibs game a few weeks ago was entertaining. In contrast the EPL is on another planet financially but I'm increasingly finding many of the games to be pretty boring, especially games involving the bigger clubs such as Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal.
  12. Warburton - Rangers have a chance.

    Getting two draws in their midden with Rangers teams as poor as we've seen is hardly a blot on Murty's cv.
  13. Willie Collum

    At least he's not under immense pressure to prove he's not bias towards us.
  14. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    For me Morelos has a lot in common with McCoist when he started out with Rangers, like Morelos Ally got himself into great scoring positions, missed more than a few sitters and both weren't the greatest in the air, where I think Morelos is better at this stage of his career is his ability to drop deeper and bring others into play. McCoist tended to play the traditional poachers role and this is possibly why he received more grief from the fans, if he wasn't scoring he wasn't contributing whereas Morelos doesn't necessarily have to score to contribute.
  15. Murty’s record since being officially appointed

    At the end of the season he should judged on results against all opposition. Wasn't long ago the general view was the beggars were miles ahead of us on the park, the fact that we're now going into next game confident that we can get a positive result is testament to the job Murty's doing.