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  1. Real Ranger

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

  2. Real Ranger

    Katic punched?

    The reaction of McGregor isn't evident in that clip that only lasts a few seconds but watching the incident at the game McGregor was having a go at the st Mirren players and gesturing there had been a punch. At the final whistle he also had a right go at the ref.
  3. Real Ranger

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    You missed CD's point, he's upset at someone's point of view who he refers to a as a fans chief even though I suspect only a tiny proportion of Rangers supporters, if any at all would describe him as a fans chief. MA is hated by Rangers supporters because he ripped Rangers off and has treated the club with utter contempt, it really is that simple.
  4. Real Ranger

    Steven Gerrard is a kingaling

    King is far from perfect but he has put time and effort in for nothing and probably invested more money in Rangers than any other individual.
  5. Real Ranger

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    Your patter is stinking.
  6. Real Ranger

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    I didn't know we had a chief, on a brighter note, great goal by Lafferty.
  7. Real Ranger

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    Wtf is this shite in the Bears Den?
  8. Real Ranger

    Tav tonight

    Think criticising Candeias for the goal is as unfair as criticising Tav. Like Morelos he ran his heart out, whether making runs or closing down Maribor defenders. At the game I thought Tav was at fault and could have been closer to the scorer but having watched it back there was nothing wrong with his positioning and the goal was down to a great strike rather than poor defending.
  9. Real Ranger


    Another great performance from Alfredo tonight. His work rate was immense.
  10. Real Ranger

    Farewell Josh Windass

    Had potential but was posted missing in far far too many games.
  11. Real Ranger

    Barisic signs

    For me he was a stand out for them in the first leg and although he did score at Ibrox,, before Candeias went off he didn't have anywhere near the same impact as he did in the first leg. It will be interesting to see where he slots into the team.
  12. Real Ranger

    Barisic signs

    There's been a lot of negative talk about Tav but for me on the evidence of the two games Barisic looks similar as his strength appears to be his attacking ability. Thats what stood out in the first leg and having watched the return at Ibrox again, he was found wanting on a good few occasions. He struggled to stop crosses getting into the box and at set pieces he was caught in no man's land on a couple of occasions.
  13. Real Ranger

    Barisic (Osijek)

    From the two games I've seen him play, most of his good work was done in an attacking sense. Similar in many ways to Tav.
  14. Real Ranger

    That “challenge” on Jack

    Not sure if May's initial thought was to win the ball but when it became clear he wasn't winning it, he 100% attempted and succeeded in wiping Jack out. A straight red every day of the week. Morelos on the other hand might have kicked out after being barged but anyone being honest with themselves would see there was no intention to cause injury and the fact his opponent didn't so much as flinch provides evidence that there was nothing in it.
  15. Real Ranger

    The Red Card

    I agree that Morelos has to keep his cool but I think a bigger issue is he doesn't get any protection from officials yet the second he reacts the cards come out against him. Today was another example of this. Think it's time for the club to come out fighting and appeal his red card as well publicly highlighting the double standards being set by officials.