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  1. Pm me the account details please👌
  2. Behind the scenes with Stevie G

    Fantastic, can almost feel his excitement, let's go!! 👍
  3. RIP Ray Wilkins

    What a blow, R.I.P Ray, a gentleman and a true blue.
  4. Vanguard Bears - an absolute credit

    Fantastic, well done VB.
  5. Craig shite to release a book

    ^^2 fantastic posts.
  6. I'll pledge tonight and pay tomorrow but instead of the usual amount I'm gonna shake it up a wee bit and I'll donate £10 for every PSG goal tonight and as a sort of bonus ball, I'll donate an extra £10 if "broony" gets his marching orders ?
  7. Article today

    Daily Record . . ?? Horseshit.
  8. Rangers Statement on Compliance Officer

    read his post again and substitute the word "die" for the word "did".
  9. Rangers Statement on Compliance Officer

    I think die should read did
  10. Two hundred percent

    Someone's taking it pretty bad. " moan the EBT'S "
  11. Just some pussy drinking her milk ?
  12. Jimmy Savile just signed it ?