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  1. Yup, Photoshop, and a bad one at that. Maybe it's one of the 300 DFB's that are on as 'Guests'
  2. Did anybody notice the discount code on the back of the booklet enclosed with the tops
  3. Had much the same, the delivery driver was a bear.
  4. Ooft, well I've had another look and all I can find is a bit saying I'm on Bronze for Q1.
  5. See tbh, I'm not sure, cant find the F'kers on the website. *Edit*I havent been to an away game in over 30 years so I reckon I'll be in the lowest category, I had club deck seat from when it fist opened and then moved to GR5 in 2012 when the shit hit the fan, I've bought extra ticketsfrom time to time but aint really spent a lot.
  6. Yeah I have mate. I had to give up my seat in GR5 two years ago, I went on the waiting list and got offered one in GR1 ( I asked for somewhere in Govan Rear) I've taken it with the hope of a move later on but tbh I'm just glad to have gotten one. I only went on the waiting list in May, a funny thing though, I logged onto Rangers website and noticed it was already in my basket a cpl of days before I got the email offer. I took it but it would only let me pay in instalments however when I got the email offer there was a link to a direct debit payment but it was too late, I had already set up the credit agreement. but like I said, I'm just happy to have gotten one esp when a lot of people must have been on the list longer than me.
  7. Well done Leeds, back where they belong. It's been far too long.
  8. It gets better, apparently Ajir is part of Juve's £75M summer spending spree. So let's see if I've got this right..... They had him worth £50M yesterday so Juventus are spunking 2/3 of their transfer budget on a fucking dud? I think the scum are potless and their lickspittles in the media are whoring them out. All the while constantly stating Alfie is worth £8-£10M, fucking beggars!!
  9. This post is dead on, saw that Daily Mail article this morning and thought I was gonna pish myself laughing, Riseth really is a fucking cretin.
  10. But they didn't agree to it so now she is standing up to them, hence, it's in court. Or would it be better if everyone just dummied up and let THEM rack up 10, 20 .....
  11. They are in court because someone is trying to stand up to them ffs
  12. 40 emails, wonder if any others ended up in the 'spam folder' ....... maybe just this NO vote
  13. 50,000 sales in a day!!!! Fucking hell man 👍
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