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  1. Can the boy Aidan wilson play at cb if he was recalled from his loan?
  2. Is the American anything to do with Fenway Sports?
  3. Absolute heartbreaking. RIP butch
  4. The boy was fucking rotten before he went across there and couldn’t get a game. How people suddenly think he is going to be any use is beyond me
  5. This. But my fear is he will play Bates if it’s 3 at the back
  6. Think u may be right. Although candeias will need to work a lot harder than he did at Easter Road.
  7. They are fucking shitebags. A fucking embarrassment
  8. Fucking never fails with us and injuries
  9. A win would be massive and really crank the pressure up.
  10. We’re a fucking open goal for the Tim media
  11. Cunts couldn’t organise a fucking raffle. The only ones letting this massive club down
  12. Thought it was a howlin decision but also thought we were completely wasting our time appealing it
  13. Crash in at 2am, swally for 6, bus for 08.45. Carlsberg Sunday’s. FTP
  14. Should be sound mate. Normally get the standard 4 hours or whatever they give u now before the try and book u.
  15. Keep the discipline and win the scrap in the first 20-25 minutes and I think we will be fine. Midfield will be key again after having a bit of fight in their on Wednesday for the first time in a long time.
  16. Was last year when we won 3 nil mate. From the council, not one of these daft parking mobs. Cunts must have got a shift just to book all of us that parked there for the game.
  17. Should be plenty. Don’t park on the street around from the grave yard. I thought u would get away with it being a Sunday and got done £60
  18. CM 1234

    Ryan Jack

    Our biggest problem is leaving the buffalo isolated because we have midfielders who cant control the middle of the park and windass who is a useless cunt.
  19. CM 1234

    Ryan Jack

    Boy made a cunt of it. To blame him for the defeat is laughable. Score the pen and there is no discussion. Fucking idiots.
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