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  1. Wouldnt want to ideally no but if no available striker i think hed do ok centrally for one game ,
  2. We might need to change strategy and use up squad players to run their energy levels down for an hour and then bring on creativity,also protection from the cluggers.
  3. Aribo could develop into an out and out striker imo.
  4. They've sussed him early ,switch of play and he's AWOL as usual
  5. Let's see how well Nicolas track and trace works.
  6. I'm amazed that no clubs have went to the wall yet ,theres limited income came in or likely to come in soon, i think after the SPFL eventually announces the outcome that some may announce they are in real trouble and were waiting for news.Never had much of an axe to grind with other clubs but theres a few i hope to see gone now .
  7. Motherwell's Alan Burrows not standing for SPFL board again . Interesting.
  8. Hearts trying to get Robbie neilson from Dundee utd, top shithousery. Fuck me he's signed ,hearts using their spfl compensation early.
  9. Aberdeen to miss out on Ryan Fraser sell on fee 20% ,how sad .
  10. Irresponsible if its announced at the beginning of a weekend ,they'll not be able to contain themselves.
  11. At least their integrity will stop them making any dvds this year, it would be too crass even for them what with the lives lost. (makes mental note of page 546)
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