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  1. Topic title says it all ,struggle to get ahead then capitulate,pish.No managerial nous shown Stevie Warburton/Mark Gerrard , we deserve a professional. Preferably with plans A/B/C.
  2. Cheers thought it was lack of ambition to actually play.
  3. Mcgregor Tav Goldson Katic Barasic Polster Davis Kamara Kent Hagi Morelos.
  4. I'd like to try him as the wide midfielder in the 4,3,3, play a more defensive right back
  5. Cheers, shouldve been double figures ,bravo.
  6. Thats what we need clarified as to how the compliance officer becomes aware of incidents ,and then make sure we are treated evenly and fairly ,theres plenty of examples of Browns elbowing and stamping ,also Craig Gordon has several examples of kung fu kicks.These tend to be airbrushed over , with at worst a 'not for me' comment from an embittered biased pundit .
  7. Wes Tav Cardross Alves John Candeas Docherty Mcrorie/Holt Murphy Morelos Cummings
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