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  1. I think they had pandemic insurance but a loop hole means they can't use it, fecking priceless.
  2. See what you did there.😉
  3. So it's up to the associations to solve this conundrum, god help us, this could be their most spectacular failure yet, I can't even remember which ones lawell still involved with.
  4. Katic on for us, hanging on against Ross County ffs
  5. How can we be getting worse, I thought we'd hit bottom
  6. Davis is done, can't complete a pass or cross
  7. Needs to watch his temper today, looks iffy already.
  8. I would have played Patterson at full back Polster right hand side of a four man midfield.
  9. I'd protect the young lads from the first team shit show at the moment.unless they're strong mentally it could harm their development. Let the first teamers stew in their own mess or play their way out of it.
  10. It's a known problem with Tav which isn't entirely his fault as he's asked to give too much offensively, he needs someone capable to cover his forward runs like Candeas did, same over the team as a deeper mid should help the defenders, 4,3,3 isn't working, Stevie needs to change the shape to get cover in place. Tav moving on in the summer will be best all round as we can address the captaincy issue also.
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