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  1. From top to bottom

  2. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Mcrorie made that goal, well played
  3. I'd give Beerman a shot at left mid before Miller or krancjar,him and Wallace could support each other.
  4. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    Rossiter should have been subbed on when Jack was sent off ,probably for Miller .In my opinion
  5. St Johnstone again?

    Time to give Hardie a chance , cannot be worse
  6. Nearly 10,000 haters against us on this petition

    Yes agreed,but let's take it further ,let's not go to away games or cups at Hamdump. FECK the rest of Scottish football,let them deserve us.
  7. Is Pedro Caixinha a dead man walking? 

    Shouldn't have been employed in the first place, he came in, watched from the sidelines, and only learned to make us worse, the cup game against them we didn't fight in a one off game, home result a sacking offence due to mismanagement(obvious to most) board then backed him with cash we won't get get back, time to cut losses.
  8. Pedro Caxinha: Stay or go?

    Disagree, mistake to appoint him was bad but we can't compound it, no more money unless DOF says so.
  9. Wish Pedro would ban Waghorns non shooting boots.
  10. The list

    I don't agree ,say we'd had a director of football to sense check the deal,he'd have likely canned it, his stats rang alarm bells for everyone I know,same with the manager appointment it feels to me the board are out of touch with what we need.it's only opinions but mine is made up about the boards direction.
  11. The list

    The money lost on Garner would be shocking, I know the board backed Warburton but ffs its another indication of how out of touch they are.
  12. Josh Windass

    We turned down a bid for him at Xmas, doh.
  13. Get tav to Fuck, too many goals that side conceded
  14. Deserved that son,outstanding
  15. Millers positional play

    That's why I want him in the box. Happy days.