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  1. Bear Andrew Gray

    Sorry for your loss mate. Tragic news.
  2. .

  3. Pedro - recruitment.

    Candias, Dorrans, Jack and Morelos have been excellent. pèna, cardoso, Alves, John have been decent. The rest have still to shine.
  4. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Alves and Doran’s were excellent. Still think our left hand side is far far too weak. Windass is utter pish. Need to rectify this in January
  5. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    If teams played like that against the fenians, the way they do against us, they wouldn’t run away with the league every year. ive not seen a game this season were teams aren’t throwing themselves into tackles, aren’t putting themselves about in corners, fouling as if they depend on it. Buts it’s only against us.
  6. Boab Malcream

    I used to work with his old aunty Isa (MBE) and she she used to get me tickets for the scum games at hampden from him.
  7. Messi might miss world cup

  8. Messi might miss world cup

    I never saw Best, so from who I’ve seen, that’s my top 4, also in between Cantona or Ronaldinho for 5th place, can’t make up my mind.
  9. Messi might miss world cup

    Maradonna, zidane, Ronaldo (real one), messi. In that order
  10. Thick dundee united fans.

    What did you have for supper, is the question on everyone’s lips.
  11. If you won the lottery...

    Invest in a hospitality season ticket for the troops, other than that, na.
  12. Bruno training with Portugal.

    Alves has been pish, no cunt can deny it
  13. Bruno training with Portugal.

    Clint Hill was a better option to Alves IMO in hindsight of course
  14. SL Benfica Game Cancelled/Club Statement

    The SLO said they weren’t travelling
  15. U20's v Brentford

    Flabbergasted that not only was Miller playing, but was made captain.