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  1. But that’s why the pools were restarted. For stadium maintenance. If o was doing the pools for that reason to then find out the money was going somewhere else, we’d be being deceived.
  2. You’re no quite getting the purpose of the Rangers pools mate are you.
  3. Looking for 2 foo fighters tickets for Glasgow. No paying the touts 200 quid a ticket
  4. Ricky foster. Played for the club he loved.
  5. Was it called the celtic cup or the celtic (Keltic) cup?
  6. I’m also sure they were passing child porn about, like wee jay in the home dressing room.
  7. The boys club competed in the US in the 80s. Guess who was coaching them at the time??? Its already be said , if abuse was carried out on American soil, the authorities are ready for it.
  8. This is just the beginning. Wait till the American lawyers get involved.
  9. She drinks in the wee Rangers Club, I’m sure she’s from Belfast
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