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  1. It is 8 out of 15. Considering Cowdenbeath, stmirren hamilton and Dundee are part of the wins, that’s still brutal as fuck
  2. I’ll find that stat if I can I just read it 10 mins ago
  3. We have won 4 games in 15. That’s ridiculous. I’m sure that’s worse than Pedro. My mistake it’s 8 out of 15. Cowdenbeath, Livingston, Dundee, Hamilton and stmirren are in that 8
  4. Shut up you wee poof this aint the OT
  5. Any cunt want to bump my exact same thread I posted months ago and got ripped for?
  6. She’s still on twitter under her boyfriends name. Craig Hale. She’s in trying to defend herself 🤣
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