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  1. Fuck me. Polster getting ripped now. I’m starting to hate us
  2. I don’t think anyone is disputing the singing of fenians in Europe. What I think has angered a lot, that, the club has bent over and took it. Rather than coming out and saying you are correct but what about every cunt else. They have shafted a key faction of our support and it stinks to the core
  3. The way I feel right now mate, it’s 50/50 whether I go or not. Thursday will probably come and I’ll be fired up. But the club have hung folk out to dry here.
  4. I’ve no time for hypocrisy.
  5. No time for folk that work/help our enemies.
  6. I wish admin would tell you to fuck up or fuck off
  7. I’m sickened tbh. Probably the biggest week of the season for us and I can’t be arsed with any of the games. Thursday is tainted for me. The way the union bears have been hung out to dry is disgusting. Reading on FF, they want them disbanded, shunned. Disgusted by it. I’ll decide on Thursday whether I go or not.
  8. Jules, you need anything, money.support no matter what. I’m here bro. I mean it
  9. This is falling through
  10. No one buys programmes. Food and drinks are from a contractor
  11. How is it 200k. It’s 75k tops
  12. Wouldn’t be worrying about the loss of 100k. The cunts will probably stick it on the group stage prices. Id be more concerned about how much Dave King And his band of arseholes have cost the club concerning sports direct and Hummel.
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