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  1. Running about vegas in the scud Barr a Rangers tie. Class but expected.
  2. I know mate, there's one for 20. Personally I'd go for a cravat myself.
  3. Found this mate https://www.thetiestore.co.uk/SEARCH/Red white and blue
  4. Fucking delete that and start again. I've read the same thing 3 times.
  5. You actually can unresign although not sure how football contracts work. But if you work for a company for over 2 years, and resign,you have the right to change your mind within 72 hours. Acas told me that 10 years ago when I resigned from work due to disciplinary matters.
  6. Bet Dave couldn't look him straight in the eye.
  7. I doubt he will be going anywhere near Notts Forest. Sunderland aren't that desperate even when relegated. I think he will be given a new contract.
  8. I think Barry would be a bad move for Pedro. Or less he has calmed down a lot, I can't see him doing what he's told.
  9. He is reminding me more and more of Advocaat.
  10. Used to enjoy the wee brass band up the broomie. Reminded me of being at the cricket
  11. It's a novel way to a match day. You'll love it. The foods good, get your money's worth though. Order a couple of bottles of wine with your lunch as well as spirits and beer. Also when they take your order for full time, order a couple each, because sometimes the slow down the service, then at last orders order a couple as well.
  12. I done it at the start of the season. Cracking day out although a little to formal for me. It's cracking being in the players lounge for champers before going in for lunch. A word to the wise, look after your waitress when you sit down, and she will sort you out. 🍺 The lassies are cracking couldn't give us enough.
  13. He is retiring in the summer.
  14. I had to unfollow him on twitter. Hibs twat.
  15. Grass