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  1. Yeah he personally fucked up our new year by not passing to dodoo for a tap in.
  2. Never forget what he did at Hogmanay. Fucking wee prick.
  3. Was there not rumours Pedro was gay?
  4. Folk act as if it's Real Madrid that we are up against. The ten in a row season we bought more players than we needed and we fucked it. The same with Advocaats 3rd season. We bought because we could. These things can turn at a drop of a hat and I think it will. Just not this season. A proper manager could stop them in their tracks just like Fartin O'feel did.
  5. Think some cunts tripped the switch, it's been out that long.
  6. 2nd? Don't count your chickens just yet.
  7. There squad is on an average 700k per year. Add staff, backroom cunts manager, board bonuses etc,there wage bill is close to 30 million. That's without spending a transfer fee. And keeping the lights on. Ours is probably half of that.
  8. Exactly. There wages bill is through the roof. That's were there money goes.
  9. Do we not discuss any ex players in the BD now or is it just these ones?
  10. I'm not complaining that they were sold. Just sold for a pittance compared to some of the money thrown around down there.
  11. The other point is, we probably scraped 1million for both of them and now are scoring goals in a much, much tougher league than ours, says quite a lot about the people that are in charge at Rangers.
  12. PRobably playing Waghorn on the wings never helped him up here. Playing in his natural position, he scores 3 goals in 2. probably playing Garner without a striking partner never helped him. Playing him with someone next to him, he scores 2 goals in 3. Probably having two arseholes as managers never helped them.
  13. Do they not need to wait until after the 3 year trial is over at the jim'll fix it stadion, before they can commit to it?
  14. Not even going to lower my self to that fenian bastards level.