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  1. Who gives a fuck who's hammering us. When the scum stop glorifying terrorists and harbouring peodophiles then I'll worry about what folk think of us.
  2. Running just as fast as we can, Brendan left his wife for a man.
  3. Our players can't get near our fans to throw jerseys in at parkheed I've noticed they even have trenches for the cameras
  4. Said to my mate the other day, imagine Ian Ferguson in that team, do you think Brown would be running the midfield laughing at us. Would he fuck. Im so willing for someone in our squad to end one of the careers. Brown, Griffiths, anycunt. Just fucking hit one of them.
  5. Canny talk about it due to legal reasons
  6. Looking forward to the lap of honour at the end of the season. Waghorn running about kissing the badge in front of cunts like BP9 and Boab.
  7. Put no beacause in rarely correct.
  8. Fairly short compared to his other ones.
  9. They either want to play with Rangers or they don't. If they where playing in the World Cup or euro championships they would only get a couple of weeks off before going into pre season.
  10. What happened to them then? They're not that shite that they couldn't get within 2 yards of a Celtic player or passed the ball 3 times in the opening 10 minutes, 2 being from kick off.
  11. We had a 90 minute principal on Sunday. Dangerous once in 90 minutes
  12. Let them run the gauntlet.
  13. The huge majority did stay including you and I. And yeah I probably could name the handful of folk I know that did. I could also name ex players and managers that had those feelings at the time as well. But I am not going to. I think a lot of folks minds where fucked that year when that happened, including mine. No one really knew where we stood. Until Jardine and McCoist brought us altogether.