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  1. Roberto Martinez

    Looks like it has some substance. Only problem with that is europa qualifiers. Don’t fancy murty taking us through them.
  2. Roberto Martinez

    If you mean phantom then no. As this rumour has been going around for a month or 2.
  3. Roberto Martinez

    I absolutely despise this statement. If he wants the job he will take it, if he doesn’t he won’t.
  4. This summers rebuild mk5

    I think you have given docherty a disservice, but apart from that can’t argue.
  5. I doubt we have the mentality as a club to go forward

    Prove me wrong!
  6. Prove me wrong. I doubt you can. Fans have carried the club for 7 years and nothing in return. Fucking prove me wrong
  7. .

  8. Roberto Martinez

    Take him in a heartbeat
  9. Roberto Martinez

    So is my wife. But needs must
  10. Roberto Martinez

    Murty or Martinez. 😂😂😂😂
  11. Roberto Martinez

    Yer da
  12. Roberto Martinez

    Rumours that we have approached him. 😂 no seriously
  13. Too many handwringers

    Too many catholics
  14. Murty times up mate

    It won’t be long before we all lose respect for him. Which is a shame because it’s all Stewart Robertson’s fault ✊🏻💦