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  1. Angel

    A guy called Alex also owned the pub.🐄
  2. Mo Johnston selling his 9 in a row medal for charity

    Sir Willie Hehaw will purchase it and donate it to Rangers.
  3. Caption Competition

    Fuck off Jackson,you're not getting an interview.
  4. He's only Kings puppet.
  5. He's a knob for wearing the beanie hat on what obviously is a very hot night. The scum fan supporting him could be related to the fellow shot in Amsterdam.Rodden is not a common name.
  6. Welcome to Rangers John

    Welcome Derek.
  7. "The Fans Will Be Happy. The Fans Will Be Very Happy."

    I'll throw in Kevin Phillips then.
  8. Bayern Munich v Rangers 1972

    That'll show those young whippersnappers that today's auld yins could sing in their day.
  9. I'm old school and it shouldn't happen but it's the least of our worries at present.
  10. Oh no he isn't.......... 😎
  11. Facial Recognition To Punish Fans

    You should keep well out of sight as you are the biggest tadger on here.
  12. Work or Rangers?

    I spent most of my working life away from home.The upside though was that I very rarely worked a full year and had plenty of spare time to watch the gers. One downside was during my offshore days when my younger lad was born.it was 10 days before I set eyes on him. Stay until Christmas mate.
  13. McCoist on talksport

    He has nothing to say that would be of any interest to me.
  14. When your son/daughter marries a Celtic fan .............

    Don't ever fall into that trap.When crunch comes to crunch........................
  15. A Bear friendly munchie box

    I'm off to check if there is a Chelsea munchie box as I prefer a bit of Bubble & Squeak with a fried slice with my fry up.