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  1. Coplandrear25

    Bristol Bar, Duke Street. Looking good.

    A couple of staunch families live over there.
  2. Coplandrear25

    Bristol Bar, Duke Street. Looking good.

    Always listen to your dad.
  3. Coplandrear25

    Vidal sassoon

    I could curl up and dye with threads such as this.
  4. Coplandrear25

    A picture that sums up the state of us

    Being of the old school,I would also tell them to get their hands out of the pockets.
  5. Coplandrear25

    Felt sorry for Alnwick today

    We lose more possessions with throw-ins.
  6. Coplandrear25

    I’ll throw this in the mix, this is under kings control

    He's not that fond of the board nowadays.
  7. Coplandrear25

    Warning for bears

    OH, you are awful.......but I like you.
  8. Coplandrear25

    Warning for bears

    Tooooooooooo far mate.Toooooo far.
  9. Coplandrear25

    Warning for bears

    Mr Murty to you cunto.
  10. Coplandrear25

    Warning for bears

    I'll pop up to Royston and go to the local slophouse,congratulate them on a fine campaign then buy a round of drinks. How does that go down OP?
  11. Coplandrear25

    Re-opening the Ibrox Railway station

    Not in my day it wasn't.There were proposals to sight a station there but never got off the ground.
  12. Coplandrear25

    Re-opening the Ibrox Railway station

    No work needed on the tracks mate as it presently in use for mainline services to Ayrshire.
  13. Coplandrear25

    Ibrox Train Station

    One of the previous times this was suggested Rangers were expected to pay a large percentage of the cost.
  14. Coplandrear25

    Miller and Wallace Suspended

    I got a warning for that once whilst connecting up air con units on a roof.
  15. Coplandrear25

    Where we all sitting next Sunday

    Calvay Club.