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  1. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    I got a warning for that once whilst connecting up air con units on a roof.
  2. Where we all sitting next Sunday

    Calvay Club.
  3. Sweeneys No2 Platoon

    Will cost you a tenner from the Union Jack Shop web page.
  4. RIP Ray Wilkins

    No.We clear out the board as they are obviously incapable of selecting a manager.
  5. Rangers Legends this Saturday

    Could have been worse........think Andy Cameron.
  6. We need a manager

    To be honest and clinical about it,we have not improved that much.We missed sitters under the last two managers and are still making the same defensive mistakes.
  7. Ticket scammer

    He should now be an ex mate.
  8. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    It's not the losing, it's the manner in which we lost that worries me.
  9. Falkirk game on Sunday

    Mind your language lad of you'll be evicted from Finnieston.😉
  10. Club megastore on evening matchdays

    Probably a burglar.
  11. Terry Butcher

    Rita has a lot to answer for.
  12. Rangers Bar in Benidorm

    FFS.Stop digging that hole.
  13. Rangers Observer On Wilson

    The author of that pish will now be able to see Wilson play in person as he's never been to Ibrox in his life.
  14. Rangers Burns' Night

    I moved from the Briggs years ago because of cunts like you.
  15. Rangers Burns' Night