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  1. A closed stand at least.
  2. Hit him with your handbag.
  3. Any excuse to have a pop at Chelsea for some.
  4. I'm fucking ancient and gave up on newspapers years ago.
  5. Zebra also do the 4 month option.
  6. Being really old school,2full backs,3half backs and 5 forwards,I really don't have a fucking clue about the new formations.
  7. If you want crap songs,go watch Britain's got talent and leave us grumpy old bastard's in peace.
  8. Do you not need to have a child with you to sit in the family section?
  9. Pop into town soon to buy my subway ticket then have a bit of breakfast. Home to take the dog out and have some dinner then off to the game via a boozer.I fucking hate this rain.
  10. Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwn.
  11. King has never mentioned the 23,000 fans who kept the club lights on by purchasing season tickets during the rediculous boycott. He should learn when to speak and when to shut the fuck up.
  12. Could you not just write a song about it?😎
  13. He should call cancel his holiday.That burn won't be anywhere near cleared up for August.
  14. I'm not surprised by it but doesn't mean you need to buy his wares. I grew up with that wee prick.Bitter wee fucker. As for a booming industry......You would be surprised at the income earned from it.Ask Tam.
  15. Don't but anyfrom the wee baldy cunt who sells round the PRW pubs on matchdays. Wee tarrier prick who owns the scum stall at the front of the Barras.