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  1. BBC bias

    Don't worry.The officials will be in touch with Rangers today to apologise.
  2. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    They also don't keep spouting shite about the club,unlike McSalary.
  3. How can you live in Glasgow and not care about football?

    Aye-You're lucky that you can pop over to Birkenhead or New Brighton.
  4. SL Benfica Game Cancelled/Club Statement

    Oh for the days when the promoters could have booked Andy Stewart and the Alexander Brothers for pre-match and half time entertainment. The place would have been packed out.
  5. Sunday Night Loyal...

    Hell and damnation awaits you for posting on a Sunday.
  6. Sunday Night Loyal...

    With friends like you.............................
  7. SL Benfica Game Cancelled/Club Statement

    Don't think that's a problem The problem is who would cover the club's expenses as I assume elite sports would have paid for Rangers to travel.
  8. Angel

    A guy called Alex also owned the pub.🐄
  9. Rangers players who lived in your area or near you.

    Jim Melrose was my neighbour in Bishopbriggs when he played for the scum.
  10. Mo Johnston selling his 9 in a row medal for charity

    Sir Willie Hehaw will purchase it and donate it to Rangers.
  11. Caption Competition

    Fuck off Jackson,you're not getting an interview.
  12. He's only Kings puppet.
  13. He's a knob for wearing the beanie hat on what obviously is a very hot night. The scum fan supporting him could be related to the fellow shot in Amsterdam.Rodden is not a common name.
  14. Welcome to Rangers John

    Welcome Derek.
  15. "The Fans Will Be Happy. The Fans Will Be Very Happy."

    I'll throw in Kevin Phillips then.