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  1. DBBTB

    Jordan Jones

    Most people in Scottish football who see a lot more of him than any of us do rate him and talk about how good he is. People on podcasts who cover Scottish football constantly rate him among the best wingers in the country, pundits on the TV, other managers at clubs. He’s had nothing but praise from prettt much everybody (apart from Ian McCall ) basically since the day he turned up at Kilmarnock. For the record, I’m not saying I want us to sign him (I think we will though) I’m just agreeing with the person who says that stats can at times be misleading.
  2. DBBTB

    Jordan Jones

    Seems odd that he’s widely regarded and talked about as being one of the best wingers in the league by people who see a lot more of him than we do and yet people are saying he isn’t purely because they’ve looked at some stats.
  3. DBBTB

    united sack jose

    Sky Sports News talking about Google search trends. FS they are really doing all they can to try and milk this story for as long as possible aren’t they?
  4. DBBTB

    united sack jose

    A long but good video by Tifo Football about Pochettino and if he would be a good fit for Man Utd
  5. DBBTB

    Our fans on social Media

    Some daft young lassie who’s never been to ibrox in her life but thinks she knows about the club because she’s got a Broxi Bear tattoo and her brother is a supporter giving it “Leave wee Lee Hodson alone. He’s trying his best. WATP.”
  6. DBBTB

    united sack jose

    Yeah I think he’s done as a manager at the elite level clubs for now. He might manage to come back to that level but he’s going to have to learn to adapt his style if he wants to do that.
  7. DBBTB

    Our fans on social Media

    Abusing players on social media is shite patter but the happy camper social media types who won’t hear a bad word about anything related to the club, particularly on facebook, are equally as bad IMO.
  8. DBBTB

    united sack jose

    He’ll end up in a high paying international job next IMO.
  9. DBBTB

    united sack jose

    Dier, Trippier, Alli all signed for relatively modest fees and developed into effective top end Premier League players under his management. He’s made bad signings too Jansen, Sissoko, Wimmer..guys like that but to keep Spurs where they are with a fraction of the resources that the clubs around them have had shows how good a coach he is IMO even if he hasn’t won the honours to back it up.
  10. DBBTB

    united sack jose

    Big clubs sack their managers and then appoint temporary people for the remainder of the season all the time now because big name managers don’t typically take over clubs in the middle of a season. Klopp is the only external one I can think of who’s done it in recent times and obviously Zidane did it too but he was an internal appontment.
  11. DBBTB

    united sack jose

    Talented player but ultimately he’s a spice boy who holds and carries far too much influence in the dressing room because of who he is and his price tag. I’m no Man Utd fan but do you think people who have been synonymous with Man Utd’d success in the past 30 years the SAF, Neville, Keane, Giggs, Robson’s of the world would tolerate that if they were in there?
  12. DBBTB

    united sack jose

    I think they badly need fresh legs and energy in midfield. They have who Herrera grafts hard and does the dirty work but Pogba doesn’t work hard enough off the ball, Matic is fairly one dimensional and the less said about Felliani the better Fred might offer them more energy but I’d also try and sign Andre Gomes in January if I could.
  13. DBBTB

    united sack jose

    The big mark against him is he hasn’t won anything but on paper he promotes everything that Man Utd have traditionally been during my lifetime: attacking football with an emphasis on young, hard working players.
  14. DBBTB

    united sack jose

    Big job for whoever takes it on, even with a blank chequebook. Uncertainty over DDG, weak right across the defence, plodding in midfield and weak upfront too even though ther options are actually not bad. There are players there who have been badly managed and whoever comes in might manage to pull something out of guys like Lindelof, Bailly, Shaw, Fred, Lukaku & Sanchez but they probably need 8-10 top quality players.
  15. DBBTB

    united sack jose

    He’s as toxic as Mourinho was IMO. If I was given that job I would immediately bin him too.