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  1. He still has two and a half years to run on his current deal but with his form is he somebody who we should be looking to the down to a new contact? His stock has risen significantly this season and although I don’t want him to go anywhere I think we should be looking to protect our asset and maximise his value for when teams inevitably come asking the question about what he would cost.
  2. DBBTB


    It’s crazy how it’s been an issue for years now and we are still yet to fully address it.
  3. DBBTB


    He’s been shite in the past three games and although we shouldn’t hold his price tag over his head we paid the money for him to show up on occasions like that.
  4. I forget for a while that he ever managed us and then when that memory creeps back in I refuse to believe it really happened and I must have just been on a mad one for six months. The single most baffling appointment in our club’s history.
  5. With this somewhere in the middle..
  6. We weren’t looking for somebody with ability to come on win us the game, we needed somebody with legs to freshen the midfield up and do a lot of running. Halliday isn’t a good player but he’s capable of doing that for 15 minutes especially when you could see that Kamara and Jack were dead on their feet.
  7. He isn’t without his flaws and he has made mistakes but Gerrard has done a great job for us so far overall. You only have to look at people like Kompany and Henry to see how badly appointing a big name can go but fortunately for us it looks like we’ve got it spot on.
  8. I think all three are done as Rangers players tbh. It’s gone from looking like an area where we looked overloaded to one where we might actually need a signing.
  9. Katic managed ok and he’s barley kicked a ball in weeks either. With the way we were defending all we needed was somebody with fresh legs to help us see it out. Halliday could easily have done that.
  10. It didn’t happen tonight but generally speaking I think he is far too reactive rather than looking to be proactive. More often than not he makes the sub after the damage has been done rather than trying to do something to stop the damage from happening.
  11. Halliday could have done a job for the final 15-20. We were crying out for fresh legs in there.
  12. Playing as a winger/wideman. I still thought his final pass was wasteful on a few occasions but his skills and quick feet meant he was a constant threat until he tired towards the end. He’s certainly more effective when he’s given freedom to play further up the park than he is when he plays deeper in a midfield three. Do you think we should keep using him out there rather than in a central position where it’s harder to get away with drifting in and out games or is it just a stop gap until Jones is fit or we sign somebody else in January?
  13. 6 games, 6 goals in the group stage proper.
  14. I’m not going to lie, I googled it and then copied it because I always spell it wrong
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