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  1. I've made it pretty clear that I'm quite apprehensive about Ferguson, but let's be honest if Pedro wants a younger coach who he can influence and further develop who already has extensive experience of Scottish Football, more preferably Rangers, then it is going to be a pretty short list of names because there aren't many people who fit that bill around.
  2. I think that's what people are worried about. Ferguson is clearly a massive and influential personality, as we've seen first hand several times both positively and negatively over the years so is Ferguson going to be content with only having a small background role at the club? My question is if Caixnha really needs somebody like that beside him when he also comes across as having that sort of strong alpha type personality too?
  3. Don't get me wrong, I want us to offload most of our current strikers in the Summer and bring in two real quality ones to play most weeks but if money is going to be tight, which I expect it is, I wouldn't be against keeping him purely because we have so many areas to address this summer and I think he would actually be ok in the sort of 'first choice' backup role that guys like Lafferty & Novo have filled over the years. I get that some people would probably prefer if Garner or Dodoo played that role but I prefer Waghorn to Garner & Doodo. I know that none of them have been great this year, and we've made our minds up on most of them but I do rhink we have to try and give them a clean slate under Caixhina and see how they do between now and May (even though it is hard to do).
  4. It's not like I'm saying he should be a first choice number 9 is it? I've always said we need to improve the quality of the team and the squad and me thinking that Waghorn is capable of playing a part in that squad doesn't mean I have low standards so you can fuck right off with that shite.
  5. Where's the money coming from for the three or four strikers who are going to command a place in the squad that you think are going to average 40 goals a season? Most of our successful sides have had one or two strikers who are clinical enough to score 20 plus a season and they have usually been backed up by another couple who score less but are still decent back ups. There's no reason why Waghorn couldn't take one of those slots going forward, especially when we are going to have relatively limited funds to rebuild the squad. I'd rather keep him on for next season than continue to live in hope that Garner or Doodo come good or continue to have an over reliance on a near 38 year old Miller to be back up.
  6. (Tu) I'd keep him. He's not a clinical enough scorer to be the first choice who plays every week and nets 25 goals a season but he's more than good enough be a good supporting act to somebody who is while chipping in with 10-15 a season himself. We need to improve our squad quality and depth if we want to win the league any time soon but I think Waghorn has enough about him to be a part of that and we have far more pressing issues to worry about before we start demanding for him to be sold.
  7. I meant more in the sense that he seems to be linked with us every couple of months, much like Smith was for the best part of a decade.
  8. What's he meant to do. He's been here a week and he has to work with the players he has FFS
  9. Jason Cummings is like this generations version of Alan Smith.
  10. Charles Paterson is a stuttering mess isn't he?
  11. I think he'll come for Kiernan, he'll try his luck with McKay and as a bit of a wild card I think he might go for Windass too.
  12. I don't think Warburton will be back for Waghorn. I'm not convinced that they got on that well. There were rumours they didn't when the contract stuff happened IIRC and Waghorn was one of the first ones to stick the knife in after Warburton left too by talking about how the team kept changing.
  13. If he could defend he would probably be playing in the Premier League. It's a massive flaw in his game and one that I can't see improving now.
  14. People can only pass opinion on the basis of what he's achieved as a coach and so far it looks like he's been a complete failure - ten games without a win before he left, allegedly given the biggest budget in the legaue and has brought in several big name, experienced players for that level and still failed to get them up. Yeah he's maybe just starting out but so do plenty of other coaches who played at the top level and they quickly work their way back up by doing a good job that attracts interest from other people. Did Ferguson's ideas and coaching impress other clubs and bring him other job offers on the strength of his work, if not you have to ask why was he was overlooked in favour of other people who have moved up the ladder in recent years. I'm not completely against the guy potentially coming here because he does tick a lot of boxes, but at the same time just because he's Barry Ferguson and he was a great player it doesn't mean he's going to be a good fit as a coach especially when his record as one so far has been poor.