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  1. Flanagan and Polster have no long term future at the club. Give Patterson his opportunity. If we don’t then what’s the point of him even being at the club?
  2. Anybody see that on the back of that Morelos article the other day The Sun have done an article with a “positive” slant today about the boy who confronted Foderingham on the pitch after the Scottish Cup final in 2016 and how he’s rebuilt his life and how low and bad he felt after it. These cunts (The Sun) are absolutely fucking shameless and if we have any sense we will ban them from Ibrox.
  3. Gareth McAuley predicting that his move there will be a “car crash”and basically calling him out for being a lazy bastard.
  4. Class player for us, especially in his first season, but he spent most of the time he was here angling for what most people assumed was a big move and when he got one it was to Qatar of all places :lol:
  5. I hate People filming things and then posting it on social media in general so I’ve never been a fan of initiation songs ending up on social media. Maybe i’m just old fashioned but I’ve always felt like some things should stay between the boys in the dressing room and initiation songs should be one of them.
  6. 16 points clear in January. Best league in the world right enough...
  7. DBBTB


    Because scoring goals against Patrick Thistle and Ayr United is comparable to being the top scorer in the Europa League. And that whopper is meant to be a “journalist”
  8. No because by and large January is a horrible window to try and sign players. I know we’ve done successful business in January before but most clubs either panic buy or over value their players because nobody wants to sell their better players at this time of year. Its a time for tweaking squads, not making big statement signings.
  9. Sounds decent. I’ll have to check that out.
  10. Different situations IMO. One was a heated reaction to being asked a stupid question in an interview, the other was an hour long sit down interview in a pretty casual setting. I know people won’t see it as a big deal but it just surprised me to see somebody who is usually so well spoken in interviews swearing fairly openly
  11. Really good listen but I didn’t like the swearing. I know fine well people will say I’m a moaning cunt because ultimately he’s just a guy having a chat with his pal but every time he’s speaking on any sort of platform he’s representing us and the cursing doesn’t come across well.
  12. Nice of Brazil to use a word used to trivialise and mock people with mental health problems to describe Morelos. The language that is constantly used to describe him is absolutely ridiculous and Gerrard was absolutely spot on to call out the people who clearly have if in for him the other day.
  13. It was Culshaw that was sent off against Hibs and Beale that was sent off against celtic
  14. He’s only 21 and has already shown his potential in the first team and people are already writing him off. Fucking mental.
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