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  1. Was just coming here to say that. There isn’t a manager on the planet who doesn’t have favourites.
  2. Fingers crossed that his performances for bury alert a club south of the border who will take him off of our hands.
  3. It’s hilarious how people say he can’t play upfront on his own when he did it for Sunderland and almost single handedly saved them from relegation.
  4. I thought he was poor that day tbh. The slip shook his confidence and he looked like bombscare the rest of the game. That game and Spartak away were easily his worst performances of the season IMO.
  5. Benitez’s Newcastle to end the league. The script is written for that isn’t it?
  6. Said if after we lost to them the other week. It was still unlikely that we would win it but if we had got a result that day then the pressure was on them. We blew it.
  7. Hope Liverpool thump Cardiff. I don’t think they will but I want them to win the league.
  8. Man Utd Got the carektaker bump, gave the guy the job off the back of it and now they are dreadful again
  9. These cunts are tying to delay it so they can win the league against us aren’t they?
  10. Might have been and i’m sure he’s alright in real life but he was an insufferable troll when he was on here
  11. Having a centre half who can build play from the back is vital in the modern game. However i’m of the opinion that he should always be partnered with somebody who is more old school blood and thunder. With the way teams play now if you don’t have a centre back who can play it out from the back then teams will just press them or the sitting midfielder who collects the ball and you turn into a route one team because you can’t get out.
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