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  1. Signed with a lot of fanfare last Summer after a steady career in England but in all honesty he never really got going for us. I’ve never been as big a fan of him as some people were but I’ve seen people saying his legs have gone and he’s finished as a player but at 31 i’m not sure that he is. 31 isn’t old for a footballer these days and it’s not like he’s 35 or 36 and trying to come back after a long lay off. Do you think with a good pre season behind him to work on his fitness and a new management team at the club he has something to offer next season?
  2. DBBTB

    Jon Flanagan

    Questionable character but would probably do ok for us. At this point all we can do is trust Gerrard’s judgement and he clearly rates him highly.
  3. DBBTB

    Jimmy Bell

  4. DBBTB

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Just shows how far Sunderland have fallen in recent years if that’s the type of player they are after. Surely Jack must know that players like that aren’t going to cut it for them, even if they are in League 1?
  5. DBBTB

    Jon Flanagan

    I’m out for presidents that represent me...
  6. DBBTB

    Out?: James Tavernier

    I can’t my head around people who think we can or should demand similar fees for our players to what celtic do. If we were in tight tussles for the title then yes, but we can’t lay a glove on them and we haven’t played in proper European competition for six years now so where do people dream this idea that we are in a position to say Tav is worth the same as Tierney, Windass is worth the same as Armstrong or Morelos is worth the same as Dembele from?
  7. DBBTB

    McCoist as a pundit...

    “You can sit there and make your short passes and continue to feel sorry for yourself or just do something different, just go long for ten minutes. Go direct. Tell lewandoswki to go up the park and hit him with diagonals and try to get people around him” Amazing tactical insight there from McCoist
  8. DBBTB

    Out?: James Tavernier

    On what basis? Tierney hasn’t looked out of place in Europe or on the international stage. Tavernier looks good against run of the mill SPFL teams (and I’m a fan of him).
  9. DBBTB

    Out?: James Tavernier

    Are there though because I haven’t seen anybody who’s ever tried to say that he isn’t a piss poor defender.
  10. DBBTB

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Population of England: approx 53 million. Population of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: approx 10 million. If people cannot look at those numbers and understand or rationalise why the coverage is so “pro English” and over be top then there isn’t anything anybody can really do for you.
  11. DBBTB


    I’d take Berg. Can play upfront on his own and one bad spell at Hamburg aside he has scored goals everywhere he’s been throughout his career.
  12. DBBTB

    Scouting Setup Mark Allen interview

    How many times has he explained how the recruitment process works now?
  13. DBBTB

    Boss says we weren't fit enough last season

    Saying the right things but until we see the results it’s just lip service.
  14. DBBTB

    Saido Berahino

    Wouldn’t take him for free.
  15. DBBTB

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    And ultimate we ran out out of steam because the players burned out.