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  1. I thought you maybe snuck Allan in there just to check people we're reading your whole post and paying attention
  2. Kranjcar has had a serious knee injury, gone through surgery, rehab, light training and now full training meanwhile Rossiter is still 7-10 days away
  3. A lot of people are quite negative at the idea of Jack joining us but I actually think he would be a decent signing especially when we are probably going to be working with such a limited budget. He's a good age, has good experience, he has leadership skills and he's a decent player in a position that we have been weak in for years now. I think he could slot into the holding position with relatively little fuss and a do a quiet, yet effective job. This post isn't really McLean related but I thought this was probably the best place to post it.
  4. I know there were stories after it happened saying that Stewart might have been planning to retire anyway but is it a coincidence that there had been no mention of reports that the might have been happening until he was booted out of a job? Ans don't get me wrong I don't think it's the sole problem, and I don't think anybody else is saying it is either, but it's one of a number of things that Caixinha has done since he came here that's made me frown and say hmmmm.
  5. Pretty sure @STEPPS BOY alluded to this being an issue of contention among the players a few weeks ago.
  6. I have the same concerns mate. I just look at Stewart and see somebody who has been there through it all; the highest of highs and the absolutely lowest of lows and for Caixinha to make such a big deal over the need for a local assistant and then immediately dismiss somebody who to me looked like a near perfect candidate was something that really didn't sit too well with me. Not everything needs to be an attempt to reinvent the wheel.
  7. He had somebody in Jim Stewart and he let him go which is a decision I've not understood since it was announced (there were rumours that Stewart is retiring). I know Caixinha wanted to bring his own goalkeeping coach with him but if he was insistent on doing that then I don't know why he didn't just move Stewart into the local assistant role rather than let him go and then go on to interview four or five people who all had far less experience of what being at the club in a coaching capacity entails.
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  9. That's a fair point actually.
  10. Cunmings is in the exact same position that Waghorn was a year ago in the sense that he has looked good in the Championship but needs to show that he can step up to the top flight. Theres no way I would want us paying the sort of fee Hibs would ask for at the moment.
  11. You don't see 'evidence' of his influence but it only took Caixinha, who works with the players every day, a matter of weeks to see his influence and value and tie him down on a new deal.
  12. Millers influence around the training ground and in the dressing room is every bit as important as anything that he can offer on the park. At a time when we have a squad full of absolute shitebags I don't know why anybody would be so quick to just get rid of the one player in the squad who hasn't disgraced himself this season and knows exactly what is required and expected at the club.
  13. I hope we sign a 3 million pound player soon but I think the quality of player you could get for 3 million in 2008 would probably cost you closer to 6 or 7 million these days and I'm not convinced we will be spending that much on a player any time soon.
  14. See how Broadfoot was being talked about as a pre contract a few pages back? He's not even out of contract this Summer. He signed a new two year deal with Rotherham last June
  15. I wish we could afford a player as good as Davis now :(