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  1. A world class goalkeeper and defence? You’ll be waiting a long time for that to happen mate
  2. There’s a lot debate about who will win the award this year at the moment and the majority of people seem to think it is a straight race between these two so who do you think should win it: Salah or De Bruyne?
  3. And if he gets beat in them both he’ll be labelled a taig who shouldn’t have been given the job to begin with.
  4. Do you really need that explained to to you? You don’t think there would be any backlash negative backlas if they won the title against us the weekend after they put us out the cup? I know Clarke has done a good job but I’m not discussing the merits of his ability to do the job, or what he’s done at Kilmarnock, I’m discussing the fact that any manager who came in now would immediately be facing an uphill battle if they lost back to back game against them so there’s absolutely no point in changing managers now. We will wait until the season is finished before we make and chance and I suspect any manager with any wit or ability would want that too.
  5. So did I. I always said he would be a flop and would be out of a job within months but I wasn’t comparing their ability as managers I was comparing the circumstances that Caixinha was put into the job in and the fact that you want us to appoint Clarke in almost the exact same circumstances. Regardless of his reputation if Clarke came in now, handed them the league title at their own midden and got put out the cup by them too he’s immediately facing an uphill battle to win the support over, just like Caixinha was after he got turned over by them twice in quick succession.
  6. What like we did with Caixinha? He came in when he did for that exact reason and even though it was clear he was a diddy he never recovered from the results he overseen before he even signed one player himself. Clarke would be the exact same if they were to beat us at their dump to win the league (which is apparently a possibility based on the post split fixtures) and he got dumped out the cup by them too.
  7. Carson would probably be pretty expensive. celtic offered £400,000 for him in january and that was turned down. If we are going to be working with a fairly limited budget that requires us to be shrewd I think somebody like McGlaughlin from Hearts would be a better signing purely because it would leave money for other areas too.
  8. These sort of threads usually end with people moaning about living in the past and I know we’ve been over it already with Lafferty, Naismith & Davis but I think it’s a topic that can generate a decent discussion. There are still a lot of people who question Foderingham’s capability to be our number 1 long term and think we need a better keeper if we want to win the league so if we do decide to look for a new keeper should we be looking at McGregor? He’s kept Marshall (who cost Hull 5 million less than two years ago) out of the Hull side this season, he’s still playing international football and he’s out of contract in the Summer and has said he would “potentially” be open to the idea of coming back up the road. On top of that you have the usual about knowing the club, having that winnng mentality and knowing what it takes having been the course before and so on. The one obvious drawback (aside from him being one of the players who refused to TUPE in 2012) is that he’s 36 now but at the same time plenty of keepers seem to be able to play until they are close to 40 now so if everything went well we could get a few years service out of him yet. Is a move for McGrgeor something that you think we should consider this Summer?
  9. The worrying thing about these new stadiums is that it’s not going to stop with West Ham. The atmosphere at Arsenal has never been the same since they left Highbury, we are seeing it again with West Ham now, Tottenham are building a new ground at the moment which I’m willing to say won’t be as good as White Hart Lane is and Everton are always talking about moving to a new, bigger ground too. These traditional grounds where the fans are right on top of the players are slowly dying out and being replaced with bigger, soulless stadiums primarily to bring in more revenue in the form of casual or tourist fans who, for the most part anyway, have just landed on a club and decided to “support” them for no reason and with no real emotional attachment to them whatsoever. It’s absolutely sickening and it’s something that I really hope never happens to us.
  10. Exactly. We’ve tried this “attacking philosophy” under three seperate managers now and it’s not working. We can’t outspend celtic to get better players than them and if we go toe to toe with them they will easily outscore us over the course of a season. We need to go back to basics and get a well disicplined, well organised, hard to beat, hardworking team with a group of players who are greater than the sum of their parts. The better football comes once that foundation has been laid and is working and we can build on it.
  11. Roberto Martinez

    I wouldn’t consider Roberto Martinez as box office tbh.
  12. Stevie Clarke

    You can throw in Thisbola too. How many other teams in this league have a five million pound player playing in midfield for them? I don’t think anybody can deny that Clarke has done well for them though and even though I’ve come across as being extremely negative about him, I’m actually not. My problem lies purely with the way people are excessively hyping him up. I think he would probably do fine here, he’d certainly do better than any of the last three have IMO.
  13. Michel Preud'homme

    This one hundred times over. This obsession with playing nice attractive football that a lot of people have is one of our biggest problems at the moment. I’ve always associated us with primarily being a hard working, well organised, defensively sound side who rely on having a solid base along with a couple of flair players to really make the difference. I’m not saying we should be crazy gang Wimbledon or Sam Allardyce’s Bolton but we need to get back to what have traditionally been and leave the obsessing with fancy flair football to that lot across the city.
  14. Stevie Clarke

    And look at Clarke’s. Sacked by WBA, sacked by Reading, sacked by Aston Villa. Prior to this spell at Kilmarnock he was on a slippery slope too. He hasn’t had the longevity to be considered a sure thing yet and with them so close to ten he would be every bit as big of a risk as McClaren would be IMO. People used to say that about Stuart McCall when he had Motherwell punching well above their weight for a few seasons too but most people couldn’t wait to see the back of him when he was here (even though he did his best in a horrible circumstance).