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  1. It must be shite being a tourist supporter of a club. I don’t care what anybody says but there’s no way some random guy in Malaysia or Africa who decided to support Man Utd one day because he seen them on Sky can ever feel as strongly and as connected to a club as somebody from say Manchester who was born into a family that and has supported them since their formation is.
  2. It’s hilarious that despite all their spending they still haven’t come close to winning the trophy that they really want
  3. DBBTB

    Left back

    And unfortunately that’s something that can’t be taught by no matter how many laps he runs in pre season or how many extra days he spends lifting weights.
  4. Moshni going upfront to try and salvage a cup tie at Ibrox against Albion Rovers. 😭
  5. DBBTB

    Left back

    I think we wanted Max Lowe - there were certainly noises that we did anyway - but possibly couldn’t get him (Derby rejected a 1.5 million bid from Brentford for him before the window shut and are playing him now) but because we couldn’t get him we are back to the drawing board a little bit.
  6. DBBTB

    Left back

    If Barisic can’t get a game against East Fife after not playing in our previous three or four games then he’s nothing more than deadweight and we need to get rid of him.
  7. I thought my obvious troll was obvious tbh 😂
  8. I watch Tav play for us and long for the likes of Broadfoot.
  9. Could make a case for Jack too. We are definitely starting to get to a point where we have a lot of very important players.
  10. McGregor, Tav, Arfield & Morelos are our four mots important players. If we lose any of them for an extended period then we are in trouble.
  11. Mental how Blue Avenger’s whipping boy always seems to be one of our better players. Last season it was Morelos, this season it’s Tav.
  12. A player who was pretty much the forefather of full backs who couldn’t defend but were immense going forward.
  13. I’m not a big fan of him but I think Gerrard rates him and I think he will struggle in England.
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