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  1. DBBTB

    Mark Warburton on Open Goal

    Smith also signed Ehigou and Weir for nothing and immediately made us a better and more robust side than we had been in the six months prior to us coming in. Warburton might not have got the resources that other Rangers managers have had but even if he did it probable still wouldnt have worked because he just didn’t get what was needed at a big club with big demands and a lot of his comments since leaving us backs that up.
  2. DBBTB

    Mark Warburton on Open Goal

    Pretty sure he’s played 2 upfront on occasions too.
  3. DBBTB

    Steven Gerrard

    Considering the fact that we have dropped points to Motherwell, Livingston, Dundee & Hibs - who are all in the bottom six - then I don’t see how anybody can say that what he said there is “utter pish”.
  4. But Liverpool aren’t a game from being top of the Premiership because they gave Klopp time. They are where they are they because they spend a world record fee on a defender and a then world record fee on a goalkeeper. They invested at a level that allowed them to go up a level. On occasions you get expections - Leicester being the prime example - but generally speaking cash is king in football so until we spend at a level that matches celtic then we will always be playing catch up to them unless all the planets align and we get a massive slice of luck.
  5. No manager worth their salt will touch the job IMO. Expected to wrestle the title from a celtic side who still comfortably outspend us and know that you will be out on your arse within a year if you don’t. There’s more of a reason why we’ve been saddled with Warburton, Caixinha, Murty and now a rookie in Gerrard than it simply being a case of the board not knowing what they are doing.
  6. DBBTB

    Steven Gerrard

    It’s a two way thing. He needs more money to compete with celtic but he also needs to stop wasting the money he is given on shite.
  7. You are literally arguing just for the sake of arguing now. There are no guarantees with anything but I think we have all seen enough of those players to safely say that they are no better than the players that we have who are currently playing in their positions.
  8. It wouldn’t matter who might be sitting in the dugout. Guys like Foderingham, Flanagan, McAuley, Wallace & Grezda still wouldn’t be the answer to our problems.
  9. If the fringe players were good enough then they wouldn’t be fringe players to begin with.
  10. DBBTB

    Gerrard : Post Match Reaction

    I remember a podcast was saying a few months ago that he was starting to show signs of being one of those managers who doesn’t seem to understand that the players he works with aren’t and never will be as good as he was and I think we are seeing a bit of that now.
  11. DBBTB

    Rangers retirement home

    Defoe still has something to offer. We seen what he can offer against Aberdeen. That is the role he is best suited for at this stage of his career. He really shouldn’t be starting games but it’s almost like there is pressure to start him because of how much he is costing us and his name value.
  12. DBBTB


    I thought he would be good at helping us to retain and use possession better but I never thought he would be the answer to our creative problems but he’s been absolute dug shite so far and our creative issues weren’t addressed properly in January either which made the signing of him absolutely pointless.
  13. DBBTB

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Go and watch the two Kilmarnock games and the game today and tell me that we don’t serioualt lack a player who is direct and a powerful runner in the way that Burke has shown himself to be for the tarriers so far. If you want to focus on acting all über and staunch and saying i’m embarrassing because I happen to think that celtic have a player who is exactly the type of player that we lack then fill your boots but that doesn’t change the fact that we struggled to create more than one half decent chance today against a side that Burke ripped apart on his own last weekend.
  14. DBBTB

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    I thought Davis would be a decent signing provided it was as a piece of a bigger puzzle but by not signing somebody who can offer us creativity and directness between the lines in the final third, his signing now looks absolutely pointless. I refuse to believe that people at the club we’re daft enough to think that he would be the one to address those issues.
  15. DBBTB

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    From what I’ve seen of Burke at celtic so far he looks like exactly the type of signing we needed in January. He gets the ball and his first thought is to run at people with pace and power. With the exception of Kent, who does it on occasions, we don’t have anybody who does that and games like today and last week just highlight it even more.