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  1. One of the biggest frustrations with us is that you can usually tell what type of game or performance it’s going to be within five/ten minutes of a game and it rarely changes. If we start well we get our tails up and go on to hammer teams or run out comfortable winners but if we start badly then it’s like confidence drops and we toil for the rest of the game. St Johnstone is the only game I can recall this season where we were poor in one half and then good in the second.
  2. Remember when Man Utd and Arsenal were good?
  3. Looks identical to all the videos of Aribo that popped up when we were first linked with him. It’s one thing looking good in a YouTube video when you are playing for a diddy team like Charlton or QPR, it’s another thing entirely doing it for a club like us week in week out.
  4. He might only play there for one season but so far he’s showing that he can do a job in that league (John McGinn is too who was another player that everybody on here said was shite for years) and that you don’t have to be half as good to play in that league as people on here make out that you have to be.
  5. He’s the captain of Rangers. There’s always going to be more pressure and spotlight on him than there is on other players.
  6. I think he could easily play in that league tbh. There are full backs who are a lot worse than him that get a game every week. If Kenny McLean is good enough to play in the Premier League then Tav, despite his deficiencies, is too.
  7. Rightfully so at this point. He’s been fucking honking this season.
  8. I really wonder if he wanted a move in the Summer and his form is suffering because he didn’t get it. As an Englishman I imagine he will want to play in the Premiership at some point and at 27 (28 by the time the season ends) he probably knows he’s only got one big contract left in him and the opportunity might be slipping away from him. Usually a player would get their head down and get on with it, but he’s never come across as a player with a strong and determined will. I’m not trying to play armchair psychologist, but it’s clear that there is something way off with him.
  9. He’s been shite this season. Playing like a player who’s heart and head isn’t really in it anymore.
  10. Better players than Aribo have come here and taken time to settle. We aren’t helping him by playing him so deep though.
  11. Five European giants circling Edouard. It’s amazing to see how their PR machine works. As soon as somehody plays well for four or five games then the hype immediately ramps up.
  12. Remember when he said he would fine Dom Ball for running the ball into the corner to time waste in the last minute of a 1-0 win against Falkirk (Billy King goal game IIRC) because “that’s not how we play football”
  13. Classic attitude of somebody who’s spent basically all of his professional career in Scottish football. It’s attitudes like this that play a massive part in why Scotland is such a footballing backwater.
  14. Think it’s more a GIRUY to Bowyer because of the crap he spoke about how Aribo was making a bad move for his career by joining us.
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