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  1. The Scottish Football thread is over rated anyway
  2. Sometimes it’s about more than trophies and games played though. His actions in 2012 were completely befitting of a Rangers legend. I’ll never understand this mentality of people who want to make snide comments and tear down our ownso much and so often.
  3. “I’d play him off a front player because he can open defences up and score. For me he has more than enough ability. I know he is as good as anybody on his day. But he can also play in the wider area and he will offer Rangers good versatility. He has scored over 45 goals in his spells at Dundee, Kilmarnock and Aberdeen. I don’t think that’s a bad return because he’s not a No. 9.” Paul Hartley (I know, I knows) thoughts on his position and he’s the manager who’s got the most consistent form out of him in his career so far.
  4. We should offer Robbie McCrorie to Livingston on loan. A season in the top flight is exactly what he needs now before he tries to stake a claim for a place as our first choice.
  5. Of course I’m not saying that but generally speaking games involving us are nowhere near as open as that. It’s a different game entirely when you are playing for us. At the end of the day cute little gifs of him scoring a great goal doesn’t really tell us the whole story, just like YouTube videos don’t, because nobody is going to make videos highlight a players bad points are they? From what I’ve seen of him, Stewart has talent and he will probably be fine as a squad player but I think he’s 1) too much of a luxury player and 2) lacks the mentality to become anything more than that for us.
  6. People said that when we signed MOH too and he could barely get any space to run into because every team packed 10 men behind the ball. Jordan Jones is going to face the same issue IMO.
  7. I’m not trying to make it sound like a bad goal though am I? It’s a good finish but do you think any player that plays for us is getting the space and freedom that he did there to do that?
  8. Because he’s going to get that same time and space for us isn’t he? Some teams we play have ten men in their own half. When Stewart turns the man in the centre circles he’s got one man to go past and the other two are toiling in their attempts to get back.
  9. “Bargain” 9 million
  10. They are talking about £65 million for him, which is a frightening amount really.
  11. Don’t want him when he was playing well for Kilmarnock. Sign him on the back of an absolutely pish six months at Aberdeen. Makes absolutely no sense at all.
  12. Seems to be the reoccurring theme about every player we are being linked with. We need quality, real proven quality and all we have signed so far are squad players.
  13. The likes of Adams and Maupay are being talked about as being worth 20-25 million too. They both scored 20 plus in the Championship last season.
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