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  1. I assume Martin was being booed because he's been heavy shite for Scotland basically every time he's played but he still remains one of Strachan's favourites.
  2. I seen a photo on Instagram with a cunt wearing a top with Maradonna 86 printed on the back. The tartan army are a riddy
  3. £500,000 is good money for him.
  4. They fucked it by sticking with Strachan after the last round of games. Lars Lagerback was still available then and he would have been the ideal manager to take over.
  5. I actually forgot all about Bardlesy, but yeah, that's who I would have in there at right back.
  6. Alan Hutton has had that jersey for about three or four years longer than he should have purely because there is such a shortage of players in that position.
  7. Rangers player or not, I don't rate Wallace all that highly tbh. Tierney & Robertson are both better players and if I was an international manager I'd probably have Shinnie in the squad before him too because he gives you cover in a few positions.
  8. I can't wait to see the moaning that goes on here when the person who gets the job is appointed. With Pedro wanting a local assistant it was always going to be somebody who's worked extensively at the club and/or in Scotland. People can moan about names like Ferguson, Rae & Brown all they want but what are the alternatives? Scotland isn't exactly awash with great coaches, let alone great coaches with vast experience at Rangers.
  9. Exactly. When you look at the pool of ex Rangers players who are coaches there's not a lot to choose from.
  10. That's absolutely brutal.
  11. That's a horrendous interview. He gives off the impression that being involved with us is a burden that he would rather not have.
  12. I've made it pretty clear that I'm quite apprehensive about Ferguson, but let's be honest if Pedro wants a younger coach who he can influence and further develop who already has extensive experience of Scottish Football, more preferably Rangers, then it is going to be a pretty short list of names because there aren't many people who fit that bill around.
  13. I think that's what people are worried about. Ferguson is clearly a massive and influential personality, as we've seen first hand several times both positively and negatively over the years so is Ferguson going to be content with only having a small background role at the club? My question is if Caixnha really needs somebody like that beside him when he also comes across as having that sort of strong alpha type personality too?
  14. Don't get me wrong, I want us to offload most of our current strikers in the Summer and bring in two real quality ones to play most weeks but if money is going to be tight, which I expect it is, I wouldn't be against keeping him purely because we have so many areas to address this summer and I think he would actually be ok in the sort of 'first choice' backup role that guys like Lafferty & Novo have filled over the years. I get that some people would probably prefer if Garner or Dodoo played that role but I prefer Waghorn to Garner & Doodo. I know that none of them have been great this year, and we've made our minds up on most of them but I do rhink we have to try and give them a clean slate under Caixhina and see how they do between now and May (even though it is hard to do).
  15. It's not like I'm saying he should be a first choice number 9 is it? I've always said we need to improve the quality of the team and the squad and me thinking that Waghorn is capable of playing a part in that squad doesn't mean I have low standards so you can fuck right off with that shite.