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  1. Is that not what we did this time. I don't think Caixinha was headhunted. He applied and impressed at his interview IIRC.
  2. Sinisa Mihajlovic. The ultimate cunt
  3. I'm struggling to understand why we signed Herrera. He's not got a good scoring record and he looks like he's towing a caravan behind him when he moves. I'm not convinced that he's going to offer us any more than Garner did and I wasn't a Garner fan. Fuck it I don't like the guy but I actually think Lafferty would have been a better signing than Herrera will prove to be.
  4. Bergkamps goal against Argentina 😍
  5. celtic 2 Rangers 0 Rangers 1 celtic 5 Rangers 1 Aberdeen 2 Progres 2 Rangers 0 Rangers 2 Hibs 3 Rangers 0 Hearts 0 Six results that provide more than enough justification for people to want to see him out of a job.
  6. That's a worry because we are noticeably short in a number of areas.
  7. Had a decent start so far but my two most expensive players - Kane & KDB - have badly let me down. I'm going to persist with Kane this week but for 10 million KDB is being taken out, probably for Mikatariyan.
  8. Khalid Aucho is on trial with Dundee
  9. I would have kept Waghorn tbh. I know a lot of people didn't he just looked like a player with absolutely no coincidence and if Caixinha could have instilled some of that on him he would has been a useful player to have in the squad.
  10. Just his latest buzzword. Used it about ten times in the past three days in the same way he used to sarcastically say "we're doooomed" when people were calling McCoist out for the diddy that he was. Also funny how he talks about how teams firing on all cylinders happens with a good, stable squad. Aberdeen have signed seven players this Summer having lost five first team regulars in Taylor, Jack, McGinn, Hayes, Pawlett and it doesn't appear to have affected them too much but that's probably because their manager actually knows what he is doing.
  11. The banners are shit, just like the big "Welcome To Ibrox Stadium" sign they put up outside the megastore too.
  12. This thread has more than run its course.
  13. But I'm not judging him on that one fixture. I don't need to list Caixinha's results in 'big' games since he arrived here, I'm sure you know them, but I don't know how anybody can deny that another embarsssing defeat at the hands of that mob, especially after the results he's had so far, will be enough to see him off.
  14. Didn't realise Paulo Sousa was unemployed at the moment. I'd love him at the club but I'd have slight concerns with his record. He never seems to stay anywhere for any length of time.
  15. Oh yeah I know it's completely unrealistic but how shite must it be to be an Aberdeen fan knowing that you've reached a level that you are never going to better?