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  1. I’ve always maintained the opinion that he would move this Summer. At 28 it’s probably the last opportunity he will get to get a big contract in England.
  2. Yeah it was something along those lines. A KingKirk special that one
  3. Thought Ibrox had been awarded the UEFA Cup Final when it was just a FM screenshot too IIRC
  4. Will the release of Resident Evil 3 be pushed back due to coronavirus? I’ve just finished Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. My plan now was to start Resident Evil 2 and then finish it just in time for when 3 comes out but if it’s likely to be pushed back I’m going to start Red Dead 2
  5. No chance that happens. TV companies want four Rangers celtic games a season. There’s no chance they give that up when the alternative is live games featuring us and them playing Queen of the South or Ayr.
  6. I suppose if you are regularly conversing with a mainly tarrier sympathising press their opinions are bound start to rubbing off on you....
  7. I think they should have said it’s not important right now, just like Klopp did.
  8. And he was more than happy to give it to them and everybody knows why.
  9. Lennon and celtic knew fine well that he would be asked that and they probably had his answer prewritten, practiced and ready to go. Would a Klopp-esque answer not be more appropriate? The answer is of course yes, it would be but Lennon knew exactly what he was doing and what narrative he was trying to set in motion by saying it. A self interested scumbag, even in the face of the country facing it’s worst pandemic in years.
  10. Yeah I wouldn’t have an issue with that at all, that’s not the case here though.
  11. Tbh if I was a football club I would be embarrassed to be awarded a league title for a season that was abandoned/cancelled/called off and act like it’s some sort of achievement.
  12. Got to ramp up the award us the league title campaign early. Under Lawell’s stewardship those cunts have always been masters of getting out ahead of stories and controlling the narrative and this will be no different.
  13. If celtic (and Liverpool for that matter) are awarded the league there should be a massive asterisk next to this season. I’ve never really bought into the “tainted title” talk about their league wins up to this point but this seasons one cannot be considering as anything other than tainted and the record books should show it.
  14. Was always the likely outcome. Anybody who thought otherwise is just clutching at straws.
  15. I pissed myself when they said all gatherings of 500 plus people would only be banned from Monday. As if the virus is going to be like “ok lads let’s just hang fire here for a couple of days until this even ban comes in and then we can start spreading” 🤦🏼‍♂️ Nothing to do with football here but I think the reactive rather than proactive approach of our government has been an absolute disgrace tbh.
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