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  1. I think everybody has had a stinker of a week this week
  2. Millers Agent

    People on here are obsessed with statements. I swear there's people calling for one on a near daily basis.
  3. Graham Potter

    Seems to be building quite the reputation for himself at Osterstunds in Sweden. They were in the 4th tier when he took over in 2011 and since then they've been promoted three times and last season he won the Swedish Cup which took them into the Europa Legaue qualifiers. In the Europa League they beat Galatasary & PAOK in qualifying and they are still undefeated in the group stage having beat Hertha Berlin and Zorya Luhansk before getting a draw with Athletic Bilbao last night. Surely it's just a matter of time before an English club gives him a shot (and probably sacks him within two or three months ) because it's hard to deny that what he's done there is pretty impressive. They are always trying to figure out why England fail at major tournaments and why Scotland are so far behind nations that they should compete with but IMO more British managers and players need get out of the U.K. bubble and go abroad IMO.
  4. Nottingham Forest

    Just a matter of time until he's sacked. The job here was far too big for him and even though Forest haven't won anything in years, their fans have high expectations and demands too because the are historically a big club too and he can't deal with them. I still think he would be a good manager for an absolute nothing club who have a fan base who are content with watching better football than they are maybe used to but they still don't expect or demand to win anything because they never have.
  5. Millers Agent

    I could understand Miller making such a song and dance of this if he was a player at the peak of his powers but it's clear that he's not the player he once was and at 37 does anybody expect him to be? Obviously everybody wants their playing career to last as long as possible - and he could probably get a start every week elsewhere - but at his age a reduced role in a team that's been rebuilt isn't a bad gig. I'm still not convinced by Caixinha but when the power play is between him and a veteran who would probably have left the club at the end of the season even if they hadn't fallen out then there should only be one winner.
  6. Hard to have any sympathy for Shakespeare considering he basically snaked Ranieri to get the job in the first place.
  7. Millers Agent

    Millers agent hasn't fucked it. He won't have done anything today without Miller's approval or say so. Do you think it's a coincidence that his agent decided to post this on the day that the manager says he's fit to resume training?
  8. Graham Dorrans

    Gives us so much more energy and legs in midfield. He doesn't do much but he allows the players around him to go and influence the game.
  9. Pena

    He's not a great footballer but he has that knack and timing of his runs into the box that's going to see him score a lot of goals this season.
  10. Does anybody find that Mark Sutherns to be really annoying? Imagine making a living from pretending that you know what's going to happen in fantasy football
  11. I have Kane at the moment. I'm trying to find a way to get Jesus, David Silva & Hazard in but I don't want to sell Salah so it's proving to be a bit of a struggle.
  12. I'm considering offloading Ben Davies. Controversial but Spurs have a tough run of games coming up and he's pretty expensive.
  13. Pedro Caixinha: Rangers have gone up a level

    Good to see the younger players getting a run out but it's hard to take anything else away from what he's said there tbh because at the end of the day it's a meaningless bounce game against lower league opposition.
  14. Slovenia v Scotland

    They should be finished but in reality who are the alternatives? There aren't many talented younger players coming through.
  15. Imagine jumping about cheering and celebrating the thumb scoring a goal :anguish: