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  1. By steady I didn’t mean his performances, I was more meaning the style of player that he is.
  2. The biggest problem with Flanagan is that as a player he was the polar opposite of Tav and/or Barisic as a player. A more experienced manager would probably keep him around so we have the option of a “steady eddy“ for certain games and situations but with the way Gerrard/Beale want us to play we really need a back up full back who is more attack minded like Tav/Barisic so that if either of them are out they can just slot in without it hindering the system we play too much.
  3. I just think we have been linked with him too many times now for there not to be something in it.
  4. Hopefully we look to sell Docherty and reclaim the money we spent on him. He did well in England and he’s done well at Hibs too so there will be interest in him. If he’s likely to be used as part of a swap deal I think we will offer him to Aberdeen as part of a deal for Ferguson (who I think we are interested in).
  5. I don’t want to sound cynical but how many times have we heard this, or something to similar effect, now?
  6. Need to build a team around him to suit his strengths now. There is no point in having him if we are just going to stick him on the right hand side.
  7. Gerrard signed Flanagan so I wouldn’t rule anything out tbh.
  8. We need more quality and a higher return of goals and assists from players in the final third and somebody in midfield who can play box to box and influence a game because although Jack is decent he’s better as a water carrier, he isn’t the guy to do that role.
  9. Edmundson needs more games under his belt before he’s ready to command a regular first team place for us. We should put him out on loan in the same way that the filth did with Ajer.
  10. That bench would also be one of the worst benches I have ever seen during our time supporting us. People might not like them but players like Davis, Defoe and Arfield still have a (reduced) part to play next season. This Summer has to be about adding 3 or 4 quality players to the starting 11 rather than having another root and branch clear out that leaves is needing to bring in 8, 9 or 10 players.
  11. Scott Allan is a talented footballer when he can be arsed but even if he hadn’t played for celtic I still wouldn’t want him because he’s a big fish in a small pond and even in that pond he’s still a total luxury.
  12. He’s still a good player to have in the squad. We have far worse players than him that need to be phased out first. He needs to pack the international football in though.
  13. I’m not saying he should be playing every week, but at 31 a lay off like isn’t going to effect him in the same way that it could a player who is 35 and another who is 38.
  14. Arfield is only 31. Not comparable to Davis or Defoe at all IMO.
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