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  1. DBBTB

    Charlie Adam (Stoke)

    The fat cunt could provide a one man low block when we are defending and trying to see out games.
  2. DBBTB

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    I think he’ll end up in the Championship tbh.
  3. DBBTB

    Steven Davis

    Nah I just couldn’t find the Scott Allan thread
  4. DBBTB

    Steven Davis

    Just me who still thinks our midfield needs a more creative player to give us a different option? Jack is good at what he does but quite limited, Coulibaly is all power and Arfield is mainly energy. We need the option of that more creative player who will play in the pockets and thread little through balls and defence splitting passes and for me Ejaria cant be relied on to be that man, he’s too inexperienced.
  5. DBBTB

    Halliday going nowhere

    Three managers gone but Andy lives on
  6. DBBTB

    Halliday going nowhere

    I think this is a massive part of the reason that Gerrard wants Lafferty and why I don’t get it when people say they should just abandon our interest in him and find us another striker.
  7. DBBTB

    Kyle Lafferty

    Gerrard wants quick, direct, hard working wingers. Players who are the complete opposite of what Lafferty would be if he played on the left hand side.
  8. £60 million on Borini, Allen, Aspas Alberto, Mingolet, Illori & Sakho
  9. Rodgers has always been a manager who is better at working with what he has. It tends to start going wrong when he starts signing his own players.
  10. DBBTB

    Coulibaly is a good prospect

    He’s good, but he’s no Jason Holt
  11. DBBTB

    Kyle Lafferty

    Sometimes I think we are deliberately taking the piss when it comes to dealing with these Scottish teams.
  12. DBBTB

    What is still required?

    A few weeks ago I didn’t think we needed a winger but now I do. Candeias is fine but Murphy doesn’t fit Gerrard’s style of play and system properly, Kent is a bit hit or miss and Middleton is only 18. A striker, centre half, creative midfielder and a winger are still required.
  13. DBBTB


    Seem like a strange one mate. Any idea why we even signed him?
  14. DBBTB

    Jamie Murphy

    Doesn’t fit Gerrard’s system. Too slow.
  15. DBBTB


    If Arsenal really bid 10 million for him last Summer it’s little wonder they finally sacked Wenger.