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  1. Peña to paper
  2. One of the worst things I've heard was One Step Beyond coming on and the celtic fans ironically chanting along with it when Miller scored to make it 4-1 against celtic at Ibrox. It was genuinely one of the worst things I've heard and whoever thought playing goal music after the humiliation we had just been through that day should have immediately been given their jotters for allowing they cunts to rub it in and revel in how shite we were.
  3. Nottingham Forest being linked with Jake Bidwell (played under Warburton at Brentford) and Luguono (ex Spurs youth team player) Warburton is an absolute riddy
  4. I was defending Waghorn until fairly recently but yeah at this point I think his time at the club is up. I thought he could have been a decent back up or second fiddle to a more prolific striker with better finishing instincts but his form has been so bad that I don't think there's any way he wins the fans back around now, especially when he is clearly a confidence player.
  5. I mentioned this in a thread last night but thought it would be better served as an actual topic. We have Herrera coming in plus Morelos & Miller and then there's Waghorn (permanent) and Hardie (loan) who I would expect to see leave before the window shuts but does that leave us with enough for the upcoming season? Herrera's record doesn't suggest natural goalscorer, Morelos comes with an impressive record but he's an unknown quantity and Miller is 37 going on 38. If there's more money available I really think we need to be looking at another striker with a good goalscoring record and a bit more experience than Morelos has at the moment.
  6. I hope the extra fund mean we can go into the market for a striker of real quality. It's something that I still feel is missing. Herrera doesn't strike me as a player who will score enough goals, Morelos is a complete unknown quantity who will probably be in and out of the team & Miller's role should be reduced this season because we should have players of a higher quality available which means we shouldn't have to rely on him quite so heavily.
  7. Can't say I'm overly excited by this one tbh. I hope he proves me wrong, but I'm not sure if he's going to score many goals for us.
  8. I've seen Tavernier and Kiernan both being referred to as young in this thread. One of them is 25 and the other one is 26. That's not young, that's when a player should be coming into their peak.
  9. Bye Harry
  10. The same people who constantly talk about how we shouldn't just accept low ball offers for our players and how we should build them up are now raging that Hearts are doing the exact same thing for their most sellable asset and not immediately accepting our bids
  11. What's impressed me the most is how quickly he's brought in different types midfield players so we actually have a number of options in midfield now.
  12. Fartin O'Feel
  13. Forest being linked with Kevin McDonald now too. Does best in the business just go from club to club with the same list of players?