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  1. Don't know why Im surprised, but I have clicked onto some tabloid websites several times today (weird behaviour for me as I usually avoid them like the plague) fully expecting this to be the lead story with calls for him to resign and face internal investigation etc... Not a peep, not a single word anywhere!!! How can you keep shit like this out of the media..... something stinks here
  2. This cretin is quite clearly not fit to hold public office. He should be removed from his position immediately and publicly humiliated. There have been many horrific revelations in the past few days and you get the impression that the net is closing in on the club with no shame. This is only because it is becoming unavoidable, not because they've found a moral compass beside the skeletons in the closet. For this excuse for a human being to actually put this in writing is jaw dropping and ranks high in the hall of shame that surrounds the club, the press and the authorities in this sad and vile situation. This should be headline news in every media outlet in Scotland and beyond
  3. The upgrade would have been because the ref confirmed he saw the offence but didn't think it hit his face hence a yellow sufficed. The cheats said "He hit his face - we know this because Scott Brown (one of our own) held his face and he wouldn't do that if he wasn't hit in the face (cos he's a model pro) also it has been independent collaborated by both Neil Lennon (also one of our own) and Mikey Stewart (one of a kind). Additionally we have this video from several angles - look............... "Yes, we did look" says Rangers legal guy "There is no contact with his face as you can clearly see. Therefor Brown (one of your own) is a cheating cunt. We have other videos of him doing the same if you would like to see them?? Both of your other witnesses are a couple of lying, hate filled cunts with anti Rangers/protestant/British agendas and cannot be trusted. We have thousands of hours of video coverage to back this up if you would like to see them?? "Okay it was just a yellow - but we'll get you next time ya bastards, you're embarrassing Scottish football in a huge way - so they ur Lenny?" This is a true story
  4. He really has excelled himself Songs - offended Red card rightly overturned on appeal - shocked More child sex abuse - silence Strange man with stranger ethics
  5. If such a piece of footage existed I am certain it would be getting played in slo-mo til the tape wore out to prove he hit his face. Rangers should lawyer up and ask to see the video that clearly shows contact with the head/face. If none exists then the case should be dismissed through lack of evidence. Then produce the video of the hit on Defoe, explain that it clearly shows deliberate and premeditated contact to the head and demand a clear explanation of why this was not punished. The days of doing nothing when faced with blatant cheating via the CO need to end now. We are good enough to beat them on the pitch now but they have a massive advantage off the pitch which we must fight to eliminate as vigorously as we fought to overcome them on the pitch. This is worth points to them and they know it. A classic example of this is the opening 3 games of last season (17/18) week 1 both win week 2 celtic beat Thistle 1-0 with Thistle denied a stone wall pen in injury time for a draw. Rangers 0-0 with Hearts with perfectly good goal chopped off for offside (morelos from Wallace assist) week3 we lose 2-3 to Hibs in the worst display of refereeing witnessed in a long time. Should have been 1 up v 10 men (Stokes on Tav) but ended up playing most of the game with 10 for a ridiculous red on Jack later rescinded. Result tims on 9 us on 4 - 5 behind when it could/should have been us on 9 then on 7 ................ a 7 point swing in 3 games and we are playing catch up with confidence hammered
  6. Genuine question on this... Has anyone seen any footage that shows that JF definitely caught him in the face? I haven't which doesn't mean to say it doesn't exist. This is important as the ref stated to the mutant that he didn't show a red because he didn't think he caught him on the face (or head) which is deemed a straight red. Forget the fact that the mutant went down holding his face, he did that when Morelos hit him in the chest too. They showed about 6 angles on Sportscene but none that I saw were crystal clear that he hit his face. Funnily enough they only have 2 angles of the one on Defoe but you can clearly see that his elbow hits his face/head. Same when he wasn't cited when he felled the Hibs player in Feb with a horrendous blow to the head. Remember this is the same process that downgraded the Kilmarnock keeper's red card when the video from the Main Stand was crystal clear showing him deliberately elbow Kamara in the face. Curious or corrupt - you choose.
  7. Three times this season this rule has been used to upgrade yellow cards to red cards Scott McKenna, Darnell Johnson and Jon Flanagan. Guess the opponent in all 3 cases??? Hibs issued a statement similar to ours after Johnson was cited as they were stunned that neither of our two friends Brown and Simunovic were cited for worse offences. Both of these cunts are more than a little handy with their elbows but have never been cited When the mhedia brush it aside and dismiss it as efficiently as Andy Walker did on Sunday while having a meltdown about Flanagan then trial by biased media can make a material difference points wise over a season
  8. Both were well past their best when they arrived at us. IMO Barisic has his best days ahead of him and more than capable of being a success in Scotland. Players like Ricksen and Papac struggled in their first season and turned it round. Reality is the only opinion that matters is SGs
  9. He's not picking up caps for the beaten World Cup finalists because he can't play. Definitely got talent but has struggled with fitness, hence consistency and confidence. Get him fit with a good pre-season and he could be a massive asset in every sense both as a player next season and as a sellable asset. Lots of players have taken time to settle, especially foreigners
  10. very different cases Kirkiebear McInnes was a horrific case of a rude and inflammatory reaction to some jolly craic from the greatest fans on the planet. Gesturing like this should never be tolerated, the best way to react in similar circumstances is to start greetin at your post match presser. Broon was trying to engage in some of this aforementioned craic with the opposing fans (to help them feel included) and unfortunately these fans (not the greatest in the world you see) were too thick to appreciate the banter leaving the poor soul as a victim of unjust vitriol. McInnes and his best 3 players will be banned from all games v the jolly craicsters for 3 years, Rangers will be deducted 10 points and made to play behind closed doors for 2 years, Brown will be given immunity to bookings for the rest of his career. Justice must be seen to be done.
  11. The rules around all of his are a joke. You can only be retrospectively cited for a red card offence so he'll get off with this. Despite the linesman and the ref seeing lots and him being the instigator the only person punished was Halliday with a second yellow. Quite how no official deemed mongo face worthy of another yellow is typically mystifying. On the other hand a yellow can only be rescinded if its mistaken identity or simulation hence Halliday and Candeias ridiculous cards had to stand. Weird rules Given that mongo face has not been cited retrospectively for clear elbows to the face on Miller, Holt and Morelos the chances of him being cited here are about as likely as him acting in a professional and classy manner
  12. Matter of opinion I suppose but he made no attempt to play the ball. Been getting away with the same for years has Lustig. Anyway we cist ourselves again again with poor goals and sadly Alfredo’s indiscipline would like to see action taken against players who kick and hit players off the ball. Morelos was a stupid arse again and deserved his red but mongo face should have been booked st least for his part one last thing cause I’m hurting... would like to see a replay of the offside call on Morelos in first 10 as I thought it was very close and he was clean through suspicious that sky never looked at it as they replayed far less important incidents given they seem to have at least half a dozen cameras on Alfredo at all times you’d think they could replay and confirm the decision. Maybe the couldn’t though.
  13. On all five occasions when he wiped a man out with no attempt to play the ball?? aye a right clever player Arfield booked for his first foul that’s no worse than any of Lustigs 5
  14. He effectively ended Graham Dorrans career with a typically cowardly and horrible tackle. Cunt of the highest order
  15. 100% eduard and Dembele bully defenders with raw power Morelos is a thug every narrative is controlled by the mhedia 6 minutes extra time today, McIntyre fuming, nota single sentence in the mhedia
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