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  1. Agreed. If you actually go past/close to the piggery in daylight on a non-match day (I had to for a site visit a few months ago) it's a soul-less shitehole. The compliant mhedia do their part by siting their cameras at the best possible angle to capture the "Tarrier Way" which in reality is a decent bit of landscaping in front of a concrete husk that was paid for by GCC state aid. The facade of Ibrox is one of the most iconic and traditional football stadia in Europe and architecturally on a different planet to their piggery. If the sale of the Albion car park allows us to develop Edminston House (hopefully a museum, sports bar, conferencing facilities etc) and landscape/upgrade the stadium footprint then I reckon it will be good business. Visitors to Glasgow can reach Ibrox easier than their toilet and that experience should be a positive one. The Barclays development at Tradeston will see our side of the river and the areas close to us being developed in the next few years On another note their stadium was built on the cheap and will need major work in the next 10/15 years
  2. There's a definition of lucky I've never seen before
  3. He sold it to Premier Property Group for under market value and then rented it back to us for car parking. Guess who owned PPG - yes cunt face Murray, the root of all our problems
  4. McGregor, McCrorie, Firth Tavernier, Patterson, Polster, Barasic, Goldson, Hellander, Katic, Edmondson, Jack, Davis, Kamara, Arfield, Hagi, Aribo, McCrorie, Docherty Morelos, Defoe, Kent, Jones, Stewart, Barker, Murphy 26 currently on the books Out - Foderingham, Halliday, Flanagan, Rossiter, Holt, Alnwick (min £40k in wages) Sell Morelos (a cert imo) £15m, Kamara (£5m) - £20m in and another £30k in wages Sell or loan Stewart, Barker, Murphy (probably max £500k in fees) anther £20k wages. (of these I'd rather keep Murphy than the other 2) With the £90k wages and £20m I'd look to bring in 3 quality players - striker, right wing and midfield plus cover at left back and a second cheaper striker (would take a chance on Dykes rather than Kamberi) and pay the £4m for Hagi Right wing was a constant problem last season with Arfield, Aribo, Hagi, Stewart all tried but in reality all square pegs in a round hole and none formed a partnership with Tav in the way Candeias did. We have good midfielders but no-one who really dictates and runs games week in week out Quality striker will score plenty in SPFL and this is all that matters for the next 12 months. There is nothing between us and them, in fact I think we are better on first picks, but we need to find the final pieces of the jigsaw to beat the rest of the crap in the SPFL EVERY time we play them Most of all we need to be bursting for it
  5. I am pretty certain that if you look at the "rule change" that allowed them to circumvent the 38 game rule with a PPG outcome, that it covers next season as well which was a bit strange but would allow them to award 10 if they are ahead after just 10 or 20 games is my only guess. Be assured they would take it and celebrate it as if it had actually happened. If we are ahead after 10 or 20 games there will be a 75% must be played rule buried somewhere that will trump this I'd bet. When it comes to abusing rule books they have no peers
  6. Sion and legia Warsaw can confirm this
  7. There are dozens of reasons why they went into full blown panic mode to avoid an II They have LIED to just about everyone, UEFA included At some point all of this will be aired in public and heads will roll, but they will have achieved there objective and the shame for that will rest with all of the clubs who lacked the simple moral fortitude to do the right thing
  8. Cheers Tannerall, you prompted me to look at the SRU website and their handling of the crisis was the polar opposite of the SPFL. Open, honest, all options fairly presented and considered, no conflation with money threats, no board pressure, no false promises, no lies. We should publicly ask the SRU what, if any, consequences were triggered with sponsors etc due to N&V (worth asking the Dutch too). Rugby relies heavily on commercial revenues and punch well above their weight so I am sure any financial impact would have been fairly addressed for all 5 options presented. Reading this reaffirmed the absolute corruption that is running and ruining football in Scotland for the benefit of one over 41. https://www.scottishrugby.org/# the article is in news on 31 March, well worth a read
  9. There was a clear support of 81% of members to call the leagues will be their argument. Right now we should be explaining the truth of that 81% backing to serious players at UEFA. It was not a straight question of should we call the leagues? asked professionally by the board in the interests of all clubs equally. It was a recommendation made by the board, clearly not in the interests of all clubs equally, with the caveats of i) if you say no we will withhold money from you which may result in some clubs falling into financial distress ii) if you say yes we will allow a phoney discussion on league reconstruction iii) if you vote NO you may be contacted and be encouraged/coerced into changing your vote to YES to allow the resolution to pass and will be rewarded by unseen and underhand methods That we are not having an II into this shit is beyond a joke
  10. 21 No votes excluding board members Scum, Dundee U, Raith and Cove all promoted and awarded titles not won plus Dundee who would definitely need to avoid any investigation. Leaves 16 No votes from clubs with no benefit or board membership. So vote without board members (35 votes) Y - 12 (34.3%) N - 21 (60%) Abs - 2 (5.7%) Vote without board and beneficiaries (30 votes) Y - 12 (40%) N - 16 (53.3%) Abs - 2 (6.7%) So 46.7% of non board members and clubs who unfairly gained from the original resolution don't agree with the board that there should be no independent investigation
  11. Said fuck all officially for weeks Rousing speech at the EGM Dead heat with SPFL for first statement released within an hour of the result Speeches almost identical - large majority, Covid19, move on, Covid19, good of the game, Covid19, everything by the book, Covid19, focus on restarting, Covid19, no more action, Covid19 And no cunt will question their motives The most corrupt club in history
  12. For any club not represented on the board the obvious, logical vote should be Yes In a normal organisation the board members, who are screaming "We've done nothing wrong" would vote Yes to demonstrate just that. That they are doing everything and anything to stop an II tells us everything we need to know. That others not represented on the board will back them is even more concerning I'm going for an optimistic 22
  13. That Alloa with an average attendance of 1,179 have such influence in both of our governing bodies is a large part of the problem and in a tribally divided country like ours there will always be the very real issue of placemen tactically placed and routinely voted into positions of real influence that are way beyond their status. It is wide open to abuse and has been for many years now. Taking over committees and public bodies is what tarriers do best, and ALWAYS for their sole benefit. The anomaly is that the S PROFESSIONAL FL is infact majority made up of clubs who are neither full time nor professional and their needs are entirely different to the large clubs who they regularly exert way too much influence on. Today we have the ludicrous situation whereby the three lowest attended clubs in the Championship (Alloa, Morton and Queen of the South) with a combined average attendance of 4,783 between them could vote down a resolution to have an II into the culture and governance of the whole of Scottish football. It's like a local grocer with 3 small shops dictating policy to Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury et al. Madness
  14. Livingston will vote whatever way the are told to by the jap. Their ceo is a bitter bitter rancid tarrier
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