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  1. The Gerrard effect is massive Professionalism Standards Respect Crucially - the reputation of a true world class legend. Players like Aribo, Ojo, Goldson and Defoe (Kent last year too) wouldn't have signed for previous managers
  2. the cry was no


    First time I've seen a £11.27 stake 😀
  3. Telling that SG has so far spent around £8m (lion's share of his spend so far) on CBs. If you're going to win leagues you need to get the defence right and we are looking strong in there. So far (without having been seriously tested mind you) I've been most impressed with Katic (absolute beast and first choice for me) and Edmondson (fastest and best distribution plus solid in the air and loves a tackle) Haven't looked forward to a season as much for a long, long time
  4. Jack - free Arfield - free Davis - free Kamara - £50k Aribo - £250k Docherty - £650k Under a million for the best midfield in the country Aribo and Kamara will make us big money in transfer fees when the time comes too
  5. Pretty sure he's suspended but concerned that this might be a mistake from the admin guys as I think he should be listed in the squad and declared as suspended. This is why the bheggars got reinstated after Legia Warsaw pumped them 6-1 on aggregate......... Bereszynski was sent off against Apollon in the final match of Legia’s Europa League campaign last season, earning a three-match suspension. He missed both legs of Legia’s tie against St Patrick’s in the second qualifying round and also sat out the 4-1 first-leg victory over celtic. However, it has emerged that Bereszynski had not been registered in Legia’s squad for the second qualifying round, and so the matches did not count towards his suspension. Surely given this recent event we won't make the same mistake?? Anybody with contacts at the club might want to flag up to avoid being booted out of Europe for an admin error??
  6. NDAs have been abused by individuals and companies for decades to buy silence. As Philip Green and others are now finding out they cannot (as you rightly point out) prevent parties raising criminal actions but that was the reason they were used/abused in most cases. Ironically the existence of an NDA is often now frowned upon by the courts who see them as what they often were - a means of bullying individuals/employees in order to protect another individual/company.
  7. I, for one, would like to see him asked (preferably by Police Scotland) " are you aware of any payments made to parents of victims of child sex abuse as part of an NDA between celtic FC (on behalf of celtic Boys Club) and in relation to a criminal offence that occurred in the USA in the early 90s when you were Financial Controller at CFC during your first spell at there? Further were you aware of several large payments made to The Trophy Centre during your first period at CFC and did the goods received for these payments legitimately match and justify the amounts paid to TTC?" In simple terms - "were you aware of/part of a cover up of child sex abuse? were you aware of/ involved in a money laundering scheme?" He may well be innocent but then again he may be in deeper than is thought.
  8. I know G27 he's better ignored - like the type of tube who stands himself in the pub trying to strike up a conversation and chip away at people for arguments. Just got right under my skin comparing us with them in any way surrounding this
  9. Reported the bastard to the police back in the early 70s when they first knew instead of covering it up to protect their "good name" - had they done that many, many young boys would have been saved from the most heinous of crimes. Reported the USA abuse in stead of covering it up to protect their "good name" - had they done that many, many young boys would have been saved from the most heinous of crimes. Say sorry rather than claim to be a separate entity and then pay the abc to change their name celtic don't just stink when it comes to this - they are rancid, rotten to the core, despicable bastards. For anyone to come across as fighting their corner is completely unfathomable
  10. Given that there has been, certainly in City's case, a major conviction and a huge jail sentence perhaps they felt the need to do something. Still not anything like having one unproven allegation and paying compensation. But in the context of what I said you are obviously correct to show that my statement was wrong - well done. You seem to be argumentative, somewhat arrogant and for some reason appear to positioning Rangers as being as bad as celtic on this subject which I find bizarre
  11. To my knowledge we haven't. "been paying accusers to stay quiet, ignoring allegations completely or anything else, every club that's had staff accused have fucked up in some way." Can you show me where we have been guilty of any of these? No company on earth is going to become embroiled in a compensation litigation for an alleged offence that was never, and can never, be proven. There would be a queue of "victims" a mile long if they thought they only had to say Dunn abused them and we would hand them a bag of cash. Thats being sensible as a business - not failing to take responsibility
  12. The Dude For a clearly intelligent person to state that Rangers are "just as guilty" as celtic when it comes to child sex abuse based on referring one alleged victim (obviously there was never any conviction) to the liquidators is truly staggering. My thought is that Rangers would never be responsible for any compensation as there was never any guilt proven (innocent until proven guilty) therefor rather than waste money on lawyers they referred them to BDO who I'm quite sure will say no guilt, no compo and may need to pay lawyers to contest. For the record If any Rangers employee is/was found guilty of child sex abuse I would want us as a club to take responsibility for that. If we knew about it and never reported it I would want us hammered. If we actively covered it up and paid hush money I would find it difficult to continue supporting us. If a succession of managers, directors and senior players knew and said nothing resulting in several more victims I would 100% be finished with the club. To not only compare but state we are just as guilty as that lot is beyond the pale - have a word with yourself FFS
  13. Mulraney is Lawell with a lower league tracksuit on and needs to be watched every minute of very day. Very dangerous hater. My bet would be that Liewell is working with him on a plan to get this back at the top of the agenda and fight like fuck for his previously refused inquiry - obviously "in the best interests of the game" They will, as previously alluded to on this thread, be playing the card of drop the child abuse stuff and we'll drop this. NO, NO, NO - I would be calling them out BIG TIME. No problem Peter/Mike lets go for the inquiries - oh look Craig Whyte (already sine die) was a bit naughty/niave in 2011 but the SFA should have picked this up at several stages and failed to do so. Who at the SFA are you going to hammer like you did CW? This is a cfc v sfa fight now. The 5 way agreement put it to bed but the Res12 haters won't let go and neither will sleekit Pete (remember his letter to Reagan where he demands a full inquiry) NOW lets have a look at this Child Sex Abuse, who knew what and when, who covered it up and allowed many, many more victims to be abused. Who is still covering it up and WHY? If Craig Whyte (who was involved in Scottish football for 10 minutes and held no official roles in the running of the game) can be Sine Die for failing to disclose that he was disqualified as a director and failing to pay HMRC leading to administration (this an offence deemed second only to match fixing) then what punishments would be appropriate for high profile executives who have held the very highest of positions in both their clubs and the governing bodies (SFA and SPFL) and who have failed to inform the authorities of the most heinous crimes carried out at their club in order to protect the "good name" of said club. If they come hunting us to deflect from the biggest scandal in sporting history ever lets get the gloves off. BRING IT ON
  14. Only if we don't replace them with the same or better Creampuff If we brought in Trent Alexander Arnold, Messi and Ronaldo we'd be just as strong I'd say
  15. Morelos is worth more to us in transfer revenue than if he stays. I say this for the following reasons He's had an excellent season in terms of goals and assists therefor (provided buyers can see beyond the red cards) his value is high, perhaps even as high as £20m in the EPL market He WANTS to leave and has made no secret of this. If we keep him against his will he could easily spit the dummy and become a negative in the dressing room He has poor self discipline and will be even more provoked next season and even more demonised in our mhedia He is not a team player as witnessed on many, many occasions. We actually played better as a team when he was suspended at the end of the season His record in big games is poor so far. If we can get the right money I think we can get as good, if not better, as a replacement. Kent is out of our hands but if he was wise (and he strikes me as a bit of a clear thinker) he could do far worse than a further season up here. His time will come sooner rather than later and what he needs is games, experience and development. Tav, for me, would be the hardest to replace. He has been outstanding for us and would be a huge miss. I'd only sell for serious money. He's worth more than Morelos imo and bear in mind the tarriers talk £30m plus for Tierney. Tav is a better player than him by a distance All in all if all 3 leave we will have enough cash to keep moving forward The biggest improvement this year has been how we've progressed as a team as the season went on Just as a thought, imo the most consistent and impressive youngster coming through the academy is Nathan Patterson the young right back. He'll be 18 soon and could have a big future
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