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  1. the cry was no

    Dorrans might be out for months

    Dorrans was starting to settle well and influence games lat year, particularly when played more advanced (his natural position) and not being played in an alien defensive midfield role. What seems to be ignored is the cowardly, filthy and deliberate lunge at his ankle by Kilmarnock's Power (school friend of Connor McGregor no less) Had that challenge (which may effectively end a player's career) been on Brown or Tierney all hell would have let loose and retrospective action would have been dished out. At the weekend we finished the game with 9 men as Coulibaly was scythed down with a cowardly, filthy and deliberate lash out and next to nothing has been said. WE SHOULD SCREAM FROM THE ROOFTOPS WHEN THESE THINGS HAPPEN
  2. the cry was no

    Tavs role in the team

    Pretty sure we will vary our formation quite a bit this season and not before time. Warburton and Pedro had preferred formations that the stuck to and tried to pigeon hole players into their pre-determined formation rather than look at the opposition strengths and weaknesses and exploit/cover these. As said before we can play 3/4/5 at the back and on occasion Tav could move into the midfield easily. Fernando made this transition to great effect.
  3. the cry was no

    Referee Conspiracy

    After 3 games last season incompetent/biased/inconsistent (delete as preferred) referees and linesmen meant we had a perfectly good goal wrongly ruled offside v Hearts at Ibrox followed by the worst display of refereeing witnessed in many a year (until we played the same mob in the last game of the season) costing us 3 points. Meanwhile Dallas fails to give Thistle a stonewall injury time penalty against the filth. Result - Rangers 4 points from 9 when we should have had 9, Bheggars 9 from 9 when they should have had 7. We are 5 points behind when we could/should have been 2 ahead. A seven point swing in the first 3 games and we didn't open our mouths. Lets hope we're not facing the same incompetent/biased/inconsistent (delete as preferred) start this season. Well done SG for speaking out. Long LONG overdue.