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  1. the cry was no

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    No, not a mention, never happened. Not the first time that linesman has made a wee mistake against us. It was nigh on impossible to deem that offside. He'll be the toast of his tarrier friends tonight. Its staring out of him. We were rotten but should have 3 points FACT
  2. the cry was no

    Alfredo Morelos: No Quarter Given, No Quarter Asked...

    Superb article, really articulates a a whole AGENDA that is gaining pace as quickly as our momentum is building under SG. Alfredo is demonised by a succession of haters (Rangers haters) who know that he is critical to our team and desperately want him out of the team as often as possible. Many of his bookings have been unwarranted especially when he is fouled infinitely more than he fouls and if he gets animated about it the card follows. The narrative surrounding him is the polar opposite to the wankfest that lauded Dembele for bullying defenders and the same is awaiting "French Eddy" if he ever actually hits a sustained run of form The AGENDA is driven by a toxic combination of fear and hatred and anyone who thinks it won't get worse is deluded. The louder they squeal the better we're doing, lets hope there hoarse come May. 55 will be the biggest celebration Glasgow has ever seen, the city will come to standstill.
  3. the cry was no

    Levein not happy

    How many times can Morelos carry an opposition manager about like a greeting faced wean without getting booked??
  4. the cry was no

    Levein not happy

    Cunt of a man. He’d make a good Tim mind you - never defeated always cheated hearts players were very clearly instructed to wind up Morelos and go down in agony if he looked at them 👀 straight red missed by Madden that’s not being highlighted anywhere. Can you imagine the backlash if that tackle was by Alfredo- he’d be arrested by now and sine die from football if today’s commentators were listened to
  5. the cry was no


    It was like watching Hearts TV today, fuckin cringeworthy from McLean (sheep shagger) and that SNP wanker. They were desperate for Morelos to get booked and drooling over Christoph like a couple of boy band groupies. Cunts being cunts tbh
  6. the cry was no

    Bheast FC and their lap of honour

    Their current squad is infested with classless cunts who have changed the face of the fixture. Every goal they score at Ibrox sees the usual suspects blatantly goading the fans - into the corner and a slow walk back along the touchline smiling, gesturing and goading the away fans in an already volatile situation. Brown, Griffiths, Lustig and Teirney the worst cunts. Every ref simply turns their back and returns to the centre circle letting them do as the please with impunity. When we score at the piggery we can't even run to our own fans without a squadron of stewards actually entering the pitch and physically pushing us back. Closely followed by the ref chirping like a budgie on his whistle telling our players to get back up the park and actually escorting them and herding them away from the stands. Been happening for years and they are masters at manipulating the whole situation. Some of Griffith's action should have seen him cautioned by plod over the last few years. If Alfredo scores and slides along the grass in an aggressive manner it wouldn't surprise me if he got jailed. They've had it too easy for too long and can see us coming so this is being put in place in advance to curtail any celebrations. IT WILL ONLY BE ENFORCED ONE WAY, MARK MY WORDS>
  7. the cry was no

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    We scored 4 but as SG says that's another matter. Going in 2 up at ht would have been massive for us and a massive blow to them, another terrible decision just like Villareal. We've been very unlucky in this group imo. That said the defence was horrific tonight. Flanagan is awful and Katic was poor. Golson had his worst game since joining................and we should still have got a point
  8. the cry was no

    Penalty Ref.

    He seriously needs called out for this. Goading the crowd and feigning an injury in a high profile high risk game in order to be his favourite thing - the victim in an honest world the Sky interviewer would simply say “you’re jaws aching ? But the coin hit your jacket Mr Lennon, did you hurt your jaw when you fell slowly to the ground like a fanny” Embarassment of a man who just can’t help himself
  9. the cry was no


    We are back and they are worried.... therefor Referees integrity is back on the agenda The SPFL/SFA are treating them unfairly They are offended by songs They'll be writing enough letters to destroy a few forests They are being victimised and cheated On one hand I love it and enjoy their pain but the sober reality is they are SNIDE, CREEPY, BITTER, TWISTED, SHAMELESS BASTARDS DRIVEN BY SECTARIAN HATRED. They hate us more than they love themselves but to finish my rant on a positive note.... 55 will be the biggest party Glasgow has ever seen and they will be nowhere to be seen LET'S GO
  10. the cry was no

    McGregor booked?

    He should appeal this saying he was trying to kick the ball to the centre circle to restart the game if they look at the rest of his distribution in the first half they’ll believe him ???
  11. the cry was no

    Livi celebrations

    What’s this about mate. Served 16 months of a 3 year stretch for "brutal assault" with baseball bat that left the victim with a fractured skull and brain haemorrhage. Claims he didn't deserve to be jailed.......... no idea where Declan the ex celtic youth player would learn how to be a victim
  12. the cry was no

    Livi celebrations

    Horrible bastard. Shpold still be in prison for smashing someone’s skull with a baseball bat. That said if we turn up he doesn’t get a chance to act like the cunt he is
  13. the cry was no

    Nowhere Near Good Enough

    Declan Gallagher ex tarrier youth player. He was way out of order. Thompson watched it and did fuck all
  14. the cry was no

    Nowhere Near Good Enough

    2 points from 12 in 4 away is never going to be title winning form Pitch was a disgrace, these surfaces need to be banned in top flight Not an excuse for our performance, just a fact that I've stated for years
  15. the cry was no

    Player's training on their day off

    The expectations on a daily basis are night and day compared to the last few years. SG has raised the bar and will accept nothing less than 100% every day. There’s a reason both he and GM played at the very highest level at 35+ and they are instilling the right mentality into this group. It’s crazy to think that they have only been with the players for about 16 weeks and had to clear out 20+ and bed in 15