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  1. the cry was no


    We are back and they are worried.... therefor Referees integrity is back on the agenda The SPFL/SFA are treating them unfairly They are offended by songs They'll be writing enough letters to destroy a few forests They are being victimised and cheated On one hand I love it and enjoy their pain but the sober reality is they are SNIDE, CREEPY, BITTER, TWISTED, SHAMELESS BASTARDS DRIVEN BY SECTARIAN HATRED. They hate us more than they love themselves but to finish my rant on a positive note.... 55 will be the biggest party Glasgow has ever seen and they will be nowhere to be seen LET'S GO
  2. the cry was no

    McGregor booked?

    He should appeal this saying he was trying to kick the ball to the centre circle to restart the game if they look at the rest of his distribution in the first half they’ll believe him 😂😂😂
  3. the cry was no

    Livi celebrations

    What’s this about mate. Served 16 months of a 3 year stretch for "brutal assault" with baseball bat that left the victim with a fractured skull and brain haemorrhage. Claims he didn't deserve to be jailed.......... no idea where Declan the ex celtic youth player would learn how to be a victim
  4. the cry was no

    Livi celebrations

    Horrible bastard. Shpold still be in prison for smashing someone’s skull with a baseball bat. That said if we turn up he doesn’t get a chance to act like the cunt he is
  5. the cry was no

    Nowhere Near Good Enough

    Declan Gallagher ex tarrier youth player. He was way out of order. Thompson watched it and did fuck all
  6. the cry was no

    Nowhere Near Good Enough

    2 points from 12 in 4 away is never going to be title winning form Pitch was a disgrace, these surfaces need to be banned in top flight Not an excuse for our performance, just a fact that I've stated for years
  7. the cry was no

    Player's training on their day off

    The expectations on a daily basis are night and day compared to the last few years. SG has raised the bar and will accept nothing less than 100% every day. There’s a reason both he and GM played at the very highest level at 35+ and they are instilling the right mentality into this group. It’s crazy to think that they have only been with the players for about 16 weeks and had to clear out 20+ and bed in 15
  8. the cry was no

    Summer spending

    We have done an incredible job building a squad for a nett spend of 7.8m and have 2 players for every position. Next step is to improve the quality where required, bringing in one or two per window who will make a difference McGregor , Foderingham Tav, Flanagan Borna, Wallace Goldson, Worral Katic, McAuley Jack, McRorie Coulibaly, Halliday Arfield, Ejaria Dorrans, Rossiter Candeias, Grezda Kent, Middleton Morelos, Lafferty Sadiq Honestly believe we have the strongest squad in Scotland now Just need to concentrate week in week out and we are doing this
  9. the cry was no

    5 goals

    15 goals - 10 different scorers in the league
  10. the cry was no

    At First

    Beating that lot will be pivotal. The 3-2 game in March was huge last season. Had we won that it was game on but it knocked the stuffing out of us. We were only 12 points off them in the end. That becomes 6 if we won in March and bear in mind bad refereeing decisions in our last 2 games cost us 4 points against the sheep and the spoon burners. We are HUGELY improved already and will get better and better as we gel. They are weaker than last season (Dembele, Armstrong, Roberts all gone) Two seasons ago they dropped 10 points all season, last season they dropped 34 and already this season they've dropped 8 in their first 6. They are downwardly mobile and we are the opposite. Brenda's already rambling pish, beat them and he'll implode like he did at Liverpool. He's had it easy since he arrived but now the pressure's on. Long, long way to go and too long in the tooth to think things can't change but we do look good. BEAT THEM AND WE WILL HAVE A MENTAL EDGE TOO.
  11. the cry was no


    Played as a creative midfielder he will be a great option this year. Ease him in over the next few weeks We need a strong squad this season
  12. the cry was no


    He's a sheep shagger 100% As for McCoist - dick
  13. the cry was no

    Murdoch Maclennan

    Murdo is a hater of the tallest order. His online history has all but been eliminated He wouldn't need any call from Dr Death to fuck us over.
  14. the cry was no

    Tav signs new deal

    The idea that agents won’t talk wages before a fee is agreed is laughable imo Yep you could lose money if the release is too low but you can gain and be protected too a matter of opinion I guess
  15. the cry was no

    Tav signs new deal

    Of course a release cause can benefit a club So Alfredo's on say 15k pw and prem team x say we'll give you 60k pw They offer us £2m and we say no and we have a seriously unhappy player who has stated he wants to play in the Premiership Get an agreement in place now that he can go (he wants to) but they must pay £10m and in return he can have a few grand more from us now Everyone wins