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  1. We should never agree to any loan deal that contains must play clause and I fear that we have here. If we pay £7m for Kent and he's not doing it but Jones and Barker are then we can drop Kent. Makes no sense to treat a loan player more favourably than a player we own. If the parent club are unhappy at the lack of game time, tell them to take him back and they can play him. Also if Arfield plays it needs to be in midfield, Stewart is a far better option off the right imo
  2. What concerned me most today was the lack of urgency in the final 15 minutes. Looked to me like we accepted the draw.
  3. They played Hearts at the theatre of screams 3-1
  4. the cry was no


    It wouldn't surprise me if SG extended his stay as a player coach. He's so professional and universally popular for all the right reasons. Still got a couple of seasons left in him due to how well he looks after himself All round good guy
  5. His cross for what should have been the penalty was top drawer. If Alfredo had stuck that away we would be rightly raving about the assist. Right up there with last week's assist v the sheep
  6. Pulled off at the Wankdorf stadium
  7. We can win both home games and get through imo. Not fussed if we don't as would rather concentrate on the league. Two fuck ups from Tav and denied a stonewall penalty YB were very average which makes the defeat more annoying
  8. Provan’s a columnist not a journalist and very well qualified for this He’s paid to talk pish and, given that he’s been talking pish for the last 20 years, he’s certainly earned his stripes as a pish talker Wanker of a man
  9. This is where their ex players and mhedia placement are always "on message" Repeat it, repeat it and repeat it again - they all state as FACT that Eduard is the new superstar and worth fortunes. Dembele dollars will be worthless compared to Eduardo dollars. Meanwhile we have McCoist, Johnstone , Dalziel, Rae, the Fergusons to name a few telling the world that we'll be lucky to get the price of a pint for the inconsistent, indisciplined Morelos Morelos is an outstanding talent and top scouts will see the talent and see beyond the mhedia agenda If a crocked full back whose missed half a season is worth £25m the Alfredo must be worth more
  10. Very true words The tarriers have a very finely tuned PR machine that springs into action at any perceived injustice for them or advantage for us. It is relentless and it works. It isn't coincidence that they're "lucky" enough to get through on the phone-ins and allowed to talk uninterrupted and control the narrative in the mhedia They have well placed enablers and they are extremely organised. Christie, McGregor and Forrest dive continuously but its never highlighted. Tierney went down like he'd been shot every time he was tackled and it worked in terms of bookings for opponents. Eduard dived to win the penalty that won the cup final and it was glossed over......remember the retrospective ban for Aluko for a perceived dive and the pillorying by the mhedia? Editorial control is extremely valuable for them
  11. It wasn't a clear offside though it, not one St Johnstone player claimed it and the commentators only picked it up in replays The Sportscene freeze frame showed it about a foot or so off and the key reason wy it wasn't given IMO was that by the time he took a touch and turned he was a yard onside. It was a wrong decision but not crystal clear I'm not claiming they were cheating throughout, I'm saying that for the penalty incident Dallas cheated as he clearly sees it and decides not to do his job in an honest way
  12. The international aspect is massive and will add millions if he gets a chance and takes it. Also said on another thread that we should be making a business decision to put him on penalties. Adding 10 to 15 goals will make him a 40 to 50 goal striker. People pay big money for that
  13. It was he had his standard shocker that day due to the fact he is easily the worst of a very poor bunch and only anywhere in the game because of hi dad My point today is that, though his incompetence is legendary, the handball incident goes beyond incompetence and needs to be questioned. He saw it clear as day and simply decided he wouldn’t bother doing his job hence he cheated I don’t believe we are cheated every week but I do believe in recent years we are refereed differently to others, notably the tarriers who seem to be very fortunate when it comes to decisions from many refs
  14. That would be a mistake obviously No St Johnstone player claimed offside, the commentators didn’t think it was offside until they saw it from a different angle in slow motion mistake
  15. Completely agree with all comments about incompetence- we see mistakes every week that a poor and that’s expected whats not expected or acceptable is staring straight at a clear handball and deciding not to give it - that’s cheating
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