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  1. 100% Gerard is the best thing to happen to us since Souness in terms of the effect he's had on the club. Walter was absolutely fantastic and achieved so much but Souness revolutionised the club to allow him to do so. The change in all aspects of our club in the past 18 months under SG is night and day. We were getting annihilated and ridiculed every time we played those cunts and setting all sorts of unwanted records every other week. Jurgen Klopp has been at Liverpool for 5 years and has won 2 trophies (albeit the Champions League and the Super Cup), Sir Alex took 4 years to win his first trophy at Man U and 7 years to win the title. Now is the time for cool heads and focused minds and I a certain SG has both. We've all been on a long hard journey and there's still some miles to go - but when we get there it will be the biggest celebration party Scotland has ever seen Sunday was so, so sore because we know we should have won it. Keep the faith WATP
  2. When??? We haven't been closer to them since we returned to the top flight. The progress since Gerard arrived is massive. We are as good, if not better, than them right now (better imo) But for some horrendous decisions we could/should be 2 points ahead in the league and a trophy in the bag. If anybody shat the bed it's the incompetent (at best) officials who take the easy option when faced with BIG decisions against them or for us. BIG decisions - not HARD decisions . The penalty at Aberdeen, the two fouls in the build up to their winner v Hamilton, the keeper being 2 yards off his line with the linesman looking straight at it and the only job he has to do at that point............ BIG decisions and all clear and easy to call.
  3. That useless cunt had one job to do......stand on the line and let the other cunt know if the keeper jumps forward to gain an advantage. A bit like Beaton on Wednesday he possibly struggled to see through all the bodies in his line of sight to be fair
  4. Liewell has responded... "Our fans are the greatest fans in the world and proper good guys. There is no evidence to suggest this has anything to do with celtic fans and any suggestion that there is would be clear anti irish catholic racism. This will be Rangers fans trying to damage our good name. We've already had many instances of this this season with fans of teams playing thousands of miles away travelling to celtic games and pretending to celtic fans to get us into trouble" Nicola Sturgeon added "Police Scotland have carried out a far reaching investigation and agree with Peter. The Hummel training centre will be closed and turned into a visitors centre for the great famine. Rangers will be deducted 50 points for the next 10 years. Tomorrow's final will go ahead but Rangers will be required to field an under 15 team and will start with 10 men. We must take a strong stand on this blatant anti irish catholic racism" Only kidding .....the bit about the under 15s is made up
  5. Saw Brian Rice complaining that he won’t get an apology from the ref for 2 fouls in the lead up to Lego’s winner took a look at highlights on spfl web and sure enough nudge in the back by the thumb as Hamilton player about to head clear and accies player kicked in the head in the box first one a definite foul and second could argue head was low but9/10 foul would go to player kicked in face first mention anywhere when accies manager brings it up 2 days after if both refs had got their decisions right we could be 2 points ahead instead of 2 behind
  6. Cant fathom those with the "not the refs fault we dropped point" outlook It absolutely was. We should have been playing 10 men before half time (really from his first tackle) and then he misses a stonewall penalty when he's the closest person to the incident on the pitch There's absolutely nothing between us and them and that performance by Beaton could cost us the league. Thats why putting maximum pressure on every ref serves the tarriers so well
  7. 100% Whenever a decision goes against them they go immediately into overdrive and their mhedia ensure that it gets maximum exposure Players squeal, ex-players squeal louder, manager squeals loudest and the mhedia amplify every squeal until the ref is vilified for weeks and is shit scared to give decisions against them or for us It's like a well oiled machine that has served them very well for many years. Worth 5 to 10 points a season to them - and they know it
  8. Not easy for him to see from that angle with all those bodies in the way 👀 Cunt had a major bearing on the result tonight. Cosgrove's first challenge was over the ball straight red nd he didn't even book him. His tally of 9 fouls means he should have been off the park either for the first one or certainly long before he created the equaliser. Logan could easily have walked for that lunge He let them kick us off the park and the denied a stonewall penalty Not the first time and won't be the last he's cost us points If that was against the tarriers they would be baying for blood and screaming conspiracy........................... thats why so many refs bottle giving us decisions and give them soft ones so often....PRESSURE
  9. Correct. And here's the only FACT that matters....... Our next punishment for singing/displaying banned words is a full stadium closure. Personally I'd hammer flares and pyro much harder than words since people have actually been killed by these but making sense of UEFA rules is impossible. Stand by my earlier statement that anyone singing these songs in European matches is a selfish fanny who cares more about their right to sing what they want than they do Rangers
  10. Most of the Indians are Rangers fans because we 🎶Guard old Dhelis walls🎶
  11. I'd be shocked if FARE weren't at any game involving us I'd be even more shocked if they didn't hear our add ons - it's the sole reason they attend our games I'd be amazed if the report to UEFA wasn't filed before the match ended - it happened at half time, FARE delegate to FARE head office - "Got them again boss - can I go home early please?" "Course you can mate, great work again - like shooting fish in a barrel with this lot" FARE agenda? - 100% FARE to blame? NO - the blame lies with the fannies who just can't help themselves - sick of these selfish arseholes Fearing the worst AGAIN
  12. Hartson was beelin. Even better when Keown said he could be going into the final group game with a trophy in the bag from the Bet Fred
  13. I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if he moved directly to a top 6 EPL club. Would do a great job for anyone imo
  14. Tarriers re-arranged their game but we couldn't as we play Motherwell on the Sunday and then Hibs was brought forward to the Friday night effectively killing that midweek for us. Happy with this tbh as it gives us decent recovery time between Motherwell and Hibs then 6 days before we face Kilmarnock on Boxing day
  15. This could be crucial this season and the lurgan bigot was squealing about it the other week which will be enough to ensure they'll not dare steal a second from them again. We need to shout like fuck next time this happens. The Hibs and sheep games were ridiculous - we were up the tunnel within a minute of the ninety despite 6 subs in both not to mention injuries.
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