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  1. Agreed 100% the influence he can have on the team when he "engages fully" is amazing. Equally the passive manner he adopts in crucial league games is baffling especially when we need to up the ante and show the commitment we saw last night. European nights are special and always will be but they will look like a Sunday school outing compared to 55. Love Stevie G and think he's the man to get us there, but do worry at times that he thinks Europe is more important than the league. 99% of fans would take losing and going out next week to win the league, I hope SG gets this
  2. We have Rangers TV with full coverage of every game from multiple camera angles. We should commission a video of all of the major decisions that have gone against us this season with (where possible) commentary on the referees positioning and visibility of the action and question these decisions. As an example of why this aspect (position and view) is so important Beaton had an un-interupted view of the hand ball from a few yards and "sees" nothing but minutes later from further away and with several bodies in the line of sight (actually the video from behind the goal looks very much like his view is blocked completely) decides to give a foul against Alfredo for very little contact having denied the same player a penalty for a harder push on him which he had a clear uninterrupted view of. There have been examples in virtually every game this season of truly baffling and occasionally outrageous decisions. My personal view is that we have been robbed of 5 points (all by Beaton) and I have no doubts that this will prove crucial at the end of the season. This should provide us with robust and damning evidence of many unfavourable decisions that we should take to the SPFL/SFA and "seek clarification" as the tarriers have done on many occasions. If they fail to engage, release the video on our official platforms and explain to the fans that the authorities won't engage. Personally I would do this asap as it MIGHT just lead to a reigning in of the most blatant "mistakes" and give us a level playing field for the remainder of the season. We literally have nothing to lose as the current circumstances are unsustainable for us as a club. The "mistakes" are so blatant and so frequent that we simply can't sit back and do nothing anymore. We're not seeking favours, just to be refereed the same as everyone else which is something we've been missing for far too long.
  3. I think he is too, but think he's getting this wrong. After Kilmarnock he should have said pretty much what he said yesterday "I feel let down by some BIG decisions that have gone against us that the officials really should be getting right, If Buff is getting booked for diving then the same rule should have applied to their player in the first half and a second yellow given. When Kent is clearly barged in the back by the last man stopping a clear goal scoring opportunity it should be a straight red. We should be playing 9 men at this point if the officials get it right. There's a clear handball in the lead up their equaliser and to cap it all Buff has a perfectly good goal chopped off. We weren't at our best but if the officials were at their best then we leave here with 3 points. It's not sour grapes, just a statement of facts" Part of the issue in this is that managers are being thrust in front of a camera too soon after the final whistle when they haven't had time to properly scrutinise key decisions they are being asked about. We happen to have a manager that tries to be honest and pragmatic as opposed to TLB who would have seethed and spat his way through post match interviews if he'd faced the shite we have in the past 6 months.
  4. If Alfredo does what the thumb did he’s off 100% as proven with Kent on Wednesday and Alfredo at the piggery if we have a last man taken out in a clear goalscoring position we get nothing by the way their last man take out was on the very cunt who should have been off the park
  5. This is a very valid point. Aberdeen kicked us off the park at Pittodrie and should definitely have been down to 10 men (cosgrove's high late dangerous tackle on Davis - not even booked) and could have been down to 9 (Logan's two footed both feet off the ground lunge in the corner) Several others could have been booked in the first half alone but weren't. This happens almost every game Contrast a week later and Cosgrove gets a straight red at the paedodrome for sliding past a player Davis missed four games including a cup final as a result of that tackle, Ajer wasn't even touched Just one example but teams definitely don't get away with half as much against them and early bookings definitely change how a player can play
  6. Fair enough KJ just 3 points since the break and 2 in December then One referee 5 points Difference between being 5 behind with a game in hand or 10 Assuming he’s not cheating then I’d say the death threats, vilification and bullying by all has had the desired effect He’s petrified to give us anything and takes the easy route which creates a bias Madden and McLean are the same. Give us nothing to prove they’re not biased. Hence a bias is created. A bit like positive discrimination (what an oxymoron) in recruitment. Create a bias against one group to favour a minority meanwhile Clancy, Walsh, Collin etc certainly don’t feel the need to compensate Clancy’s performance on the 29th was blatantly biased their campaign of pressurising referees is a well oiled machine where the club themselves barely need to speak They’ve even allowed a video to be filmed inside their ground featuring staff and a club ambassador accusing the referees and the SFA of being corrupt masons who hate and cheat celtic and got away with it Their campaign that created the referees strike has created a conscious or subconscious bias in their favour that is worth several points every season to them
  7. They did at Pittodrie KJ Cosgrove should have been off in first 10 and Mr Beaton missed a clear penalty (unsighted I think)
  8. Burke's last man push on Kent as he prepared to strike at goal (a goal scoring opportunity if ever there was one and no other cover anywhere to be seen) was a stonewall red card. No mention in the rhebel article, not shown on Sportscene, one replay in the live coverage then dismissed A massive moment in the game and airbrushed from history
  9. Don’t forget Eduards dive in last years finals t a time when hearts were the better team (amazing how often this happens) he has several cases of diving but never gets called out or a reputation. Christie is even worse
  10. You see comments on here, you don't hear them BS (appropriate initials) Why would Rangers fans raise a Hamilton penalty claim? I'm sure the Accies forums were awash with it, just maybe not as the tarrier forums. If things really do even themselves up over a season we could very well still win the league. There's a lot of evening up to deal with - probably more than games remaining
  11. The push by Burke on Ryan Kent as he was about to shoot at goal was a stonewall red card that seems to have been airbrushed from history That should have left us 1 up v 9 men (Dicker should have walked for a second yellow for his dive) BT showed one replay and glossed over it. When Livingstone and St Mirren had penalty claims correctly turned down v us there were dozens of replays from every angle and super slow motion desperately trying to find a case for a penalty. Beaton is petrified when he refs us or them as are many others As I said in another thread its a concerted effort from ex players, tarrier journalists, their club and all aided and abetted by compliant editors - THEY DO IT BECAUSE IT WORKS - worth several points every season to them
  12. VAR wouldn't prevent our low tempo ponderous style of play. Nor the square passing, nor the misplaced passing, the losing of the individual battles, the 50/50's, the poor crossing, the shit finishing and the shitebaggery. VAR isn't supposed to VAR would have us 5 points better off Like I've said before our form is shit but that is a different conversation. Trying to conflate the two is nonsensical
  13. Actually Beaton's made a cunt of it twice and cost us 5 crucial points, that's the bottom line. Our forms push at the moment but Beaton's is worse (or better if you like)
  14. They did indeed mate They should also have been down to 10 men when Ntcham raised his hands 3 times to the Hibs player and both got booked in the first half That game also saw Nick Walsh (4th official) buzzing the ref and awarding a free kick to celtic as Hibs broke on goal (1 up at the time) celtic took a quick free kick and scored from it as the Hibs players were confused with what was going on. First time I've ever seen a 4th official overrule a ref. Same 4th official was a few yards away with a perfect view of the Ntcham incident but must have lost his buzzer But lets say they got their penalties and the three points, that offsets the ridiculous blatant fouls not given against the thumb and Christie in the lead up to their late winner v Hamilton
  15. There can be more than one problem JA That our form has been poor since the winter break is not being disputed. That doesn't mean that we have lost points (5 of them) and a cup final due to very bad black and white decisions that VAR would have stopped VAR isn't designed to help our form, its designed to eliminate "clear and obvious errors" There's plenty of threads on our form (or lack thereof) and no-one is saying we're playing well.
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