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  1. the cry was no

    Last Player To Be Injured Against Us

    How many times do we see a team kick us off the park for 40 minutes (competitive they call it) only for a player in blue to be first in the book for our first hard tackle?
  2. the cry was no

    Compliance Officer Role

    Been saying for years that he MUST know something that he's threatening to use, possibly on King. There is just no other reason to employ this arrogant, obnoxious and not very talented waste of a salary. PR wise we are a joke. Hiring a proper PR heavy hitter should be a priority for us. There are so many areas to focus on and defend our interests in a strong, factual and professional manner and Traynor is so far out of his depth that ironically for the fat tube he is a lightweight.
  3. the cry was no

    First Rangers game you attended?

    Jan 72, 6-0 at home to Hearts. DJ hatrick. wee Bud, Alfie Conn and John Greig Remember thinking the stadium was enormous and wondering where the strange wee blue three wheel cars came from
  4. the cry was no

    Maurice Ross

    Far from a perfect summation 1st red - deemed violent but clearly wasn't and rightly reduced to a yellow for petulance NO VIOLENCE 2nd red - two yellows in 10 seconds for a foul that wasn't a foul then petulance for not going to the ref. Harsh at best, ridiculous at worst NO VIOLENCE 3rd red - two yellows, first of which was never a booking, second was and he was very stupid given he was on a booking NO VIOLENCE 4th red - serious foul play, harsh at best, ridiculous at worst IMO but upheld on the back of over a month of relentless character assassination since he terrorised the tims. NO VIOLENCE He's petulant, stupid at times and frustrating but not violent. He's also developed an understandable persecution complex that adds to his frustration and has been relentlessly pursued by haters like Sutton, Hartson, Stewart, Craigan and Walker sadly ably supported by pricks like Rae, McCoist and Ferguson that should know better and perhaps even defend the young man
  5. the cry was no

    Morelos card appealed.

    It's not it's for the previous ban
  6. the cry was no

    Morelos card appealed.

    This is true. What seems strange is that McKenna has a previous red card for serious foul play v the taigs (which he got as a retrospective upgrade having been booked for the foul - the first time this had ever happened) this was a two match ban but he's only got 2 matches again?? Alfredo's previous red card offence was for 2 yellows so only one game so he seems to be getting royally shafted. Comparing what he did with what McKenna did is laughable but Alfredo is banned for longer. The whole thing is a joke
  7. the cry was no

    McGregor banned 2 games

    The Hibs defender has been charged by the Compliant Officer and faces a sine die from world football in the first case of a player using witchcraft and paranormal powers to foul an opposition player. celtic will be awarded 12 extra points for being the victims of such a heinous crime. Liewell says they are disappointed at the leniency shown but they won't appeal as they don't like to complain. Seems perfectly fair to me....
  8. the cry was no

    McGregor banned 2 games

    It was actually thrown to the door earlier in the season when Scott McKenna was upgraded for a foul he was booked for at the time. Guess who he was playing against????? Here's 2 clues - it was the same team as the Hibs lad charged despite being booked today and you wouldn't let the watch your kids
  9. the cry was no

    Morelos incident

    Automatic next game if deemed violent conduct. No other player in SPFL would get a red for that, the media campaign after we pumped them has paid off already. They know exactly what they are doing and they have the full support of their media. Mcinnes was priceless after it. "I'v not seen it so I can't say anything" when first asked to " I hope that red isn't rescinded as it was a definite red" at the end of his interview
  10. the cry was no

    Niko Katic

    Obviously that top class banter flew over ma heid
  11. the cry was no

    Niko Katic

    Great point, well justified. Clear pattern with Gerrard, you only play if you played for Liverpool............ look at the evidence Flanagan - doesn't get a game Rossiter - doesn't get a game Kent - plays but only because of his one Liverpool first team game as he obviously doesn't play on merit He's also just signed the young goalie who was a Liverpool youth so obviously McGregor will be dropped. With fans like you who needs enemies ffs
  12. the cry was no

    Smell the fear.

    In a similar vein, I've got a supplier (a father and son) who are unwashed. Been dealing with the father for over 20 years and genuinely didn't even know he was a tim until the last few years when he's suddenly developed a keen interest and likes to ask about ........ yep, you guessed it Rangers. Always waiting to greet me with a smarmy smile when they beat us/ win another tainted cup/title. Usually cracks a funny as cancer joke referencing 10 or the number of their recent win over us. Likes to go to big games if he can sponge a freebie and what he knows about football you could fit on a stamp with plenty of space left. The son goes to as many games as he can and has always enjoyed a good honest, knowledgable chat about the football. Genuinely loving this season due to the real competition and interestingly has said for a while that Brenda is over rated and has been very lucky in the timing of his spell up here. Lots of duds signed and team now going backwards. Went in last week for first time this year....... Son - Happy NY, congratulations, best team won and good signings. Cup of tea and a good chat, wouldn't be surprised if we won the league. Old man - not a single word, no eye contact, nada. Not a big workspace but managed to shuffle paper and examine walls for half an hour. Me when leaving - tell you da i hope his laryngitis clears up and he's feeling better soon. Son rolled his eyes and laughed. My point - the old man is typical of a whole swathe of these cunts that hate us more than they like their team. Its all about what we stand for and they believed we were finished and they would lord it over us forever more. Like i said before, we've won nothing yet but we will and when we do it will be the best ever. i won't even waste my breath on the old boy but will continue the banter with the boy. Ignoring cunts like the old boy makes them realise how irrelevant they are. My smile will speak a million words.
  13. the cry was no

    Smell the fear.

    Before he was axed at Liverpool his post match interviews after the last few games made Pedro sound like the sanest man on the planet. He's a smarmy, arrogant, condescending prick when he's winning. Bear in mind his first ever trophy was 2 years ago in Scotland and he's had pretty much a free ride until this season. We've achieved nothing yet and SG should ban anyone from spouting off in the press. Do the talking on the pitch - quietly and humbly. One game at a time, the next game is the most important every time. Get the pressure on and keep it on. Let's see how they cope. This team will become legends with 55 and it will be the biggest party ever seen. LET'S GO!!!
  14. the cry was no

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    No, not a mention, never happened. Not the first time that linesman has made a wee mistake against us. It was nigh on impossible to deem that offside. He'll be the toast of his tarrier friends tonight. Its staring out of him. We were rotten but should have 3 points FACT
  15. the cry was no

    Alfredo Morelos: No Quarter Given, No Quarter Asked...

    Superb article, really articulates a a whole AGENDA that is gaining pace as quickly as our momentum is building under SG. Alfredo is demonised by a succession of haters (Rangers haters) who know that he is critical to our team and desperately want him out of the team as often as possible. Many of his bookings have been unwarranted especially when he is fouled infinitely more than he fouls and if he gets animated about it the card follows. The narrative surrounding him is the polar opposite to the wankfest that lauded Dembele for bullying defenders and the same is awaiting "French Eddy" if he ever actually hits a sustained run of form The AGENDA is driven by a toxic combination of fear and hatred and anyone who thinks it won't get worse is deluded. The louder they squeal the better we're doing, lets hope there hoarse come May. 55 will be the biggest celebration Glasgow has ever seen, the city will come to standstill.