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  1. I'm not doubting that as such, I just don't think she's straining at the leash for any chance to do us down. I'm not saying she'd turn the story down, (I fucking wouldn't if it was the other way around and had the chance to do some damage to the mhanks) but that's just life I suppose. We'll just agree to disagree mate. So you don't doubt she knew she was sticking the boot Rangers and its support over a bullshit non story, but your still pals with her.. outrageous You and yer wee pals sticking up for you on here are not The Rangers i was brought up with I hope you rot in hell with her and her
  2. I'm sorry Badger but this is a very niave comment. Journalism, or at least as far as British tabloid journalism goes, doesn't work like that. It should, but it doesn't. Speaking as someone with several years worth of experience in the industry, the old adage is true .. never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  3. That's fucking ace! Don't they understand irony???? We should make our own version in red, white and blue only change being: "Doesn't mean they're not out to get THEM"
  4. Oh and before he responds apparently I'm a paedo because I agreed with someone who suggested WVB had thrown his rattles out the pram because he didn't take too kindly to a joke at his expense and threatened to leave. Well I cried myself to sleep that night.
  5. I Can see the headlines tomorrow: "White Van Bear in total cunt shocker"
  6. He's too fast for the cameras but the H**-filled SkySports refuse to invest the money in "Keanovision" TM cameras that are able to run as fast as Keano does and correctly chart his runs, which are always as immaculately timed as the Virgin Mary's conception.
  7. Gid

    Neil McCann

    Was my favourite player at the time. Just a shame he was so injury prone. Always a niggle here and there, which prevented him from fulfilling his true potential IMO.
  8. I agree let's quietly get on with our business. The more they complain, the more they look like pathetic losers. Their ridiculous behaviour is not going un-noticed down south either.
  9. Even if they can afford the transfer fee (which I doubt), there's no way Dermot Desmond would continue to pay Keane's wages in the longer term. Made me chuckle though. How good for a laugh are Celtic these days? Honestly, it's ace.
  10. He should be played through the middle, or not at all! Correct
  11. If they keep this pish up, and I hope they do, every other club in Scotland is gonna hate them almost as much as we do. They truly are pathetic.
  12. I hear he's also stopped youth players from getting interviewed for Man U tv. Sounds like there's been some trouble with the Utd youths.
  13. Gid

    Daily record

    I've been staging my own personal boycott for about 10 years. Not a single newspaper in Scotland worthy of your money. Shite journalism.
  14. This is too funny. Even Scot McDonald is against them on this one. "It's quite convenient that this has all come out just before the game and it will certainly add pressure to the man in the middle," said McDonald. "But Dougie McDonald has been around for a long time, so he'll be more than ready for the game."
  15. There are no good places in EK. Ask Leanne.
  16. Correct. We aren't given enough credit for the way we play sometimes. Because we dont play very attractive football , in all fairness Celtic do play better football than us. Where was this attractive football when Aberdeen were all over them in the second half on Saturday?
  17. Never even been on FF so couldn't tell you anything about it and therefore I have no opinion.
  18. Second is still a losing position and I couldn't care less.
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