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  1. You expect Gallagher from motherwell and that lad that was nearly in tears on sportscene to be touted fir them tomorrow
  2. Prob up to 11m with add ons, like winning league, caps and apps. If that's what they get for a runner with no end product we should be wanting to Dollar for borna after the euros or if Tav wants to go in summer
  3. Fulla confidence since his match winner
  4. Yeah but am sure that's were I seen it
  5. Think it was that Joe black on twitter that mentioned upto 10 off them
  6. Mark Dingwall has retweeted some1 claiming at least 2 folk from celtic have tested positive for covid on there return from dubai. Poss lennon and 1 other
  7. What happened in the Hibs and Glasgow hibs games for us to be named?
  8. Think he needs to change his channel name
  9. Download acast app and u can download the fone ins
  10. If alfy scores am sure he gets sent off for celebrating by sticking the nut on brown
  11. 1 hard challenge from us will no doubt result in a straight red card, can see it now
  12. Thats were halliday came in handy last season
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