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  1. There must be loads of famous players out there that are gay and we just don't know it.
  2. Dyer is alleged to be one of those involved in the gay orgy NOTW thing where they were blowing each other etc.
  3. Not as gay as Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole or Keiran Dyer!
  4. Not seen it mate but please tell me he refers to them as "the provos"!
  5. I love that he's called it "I said no thanks". Legend.
  6. Gid


    Davis went to right back as Whittaker had to shuffle inside and cover McCulloch after the sending off. Davis has shown he's capable of covering that role when Whittaker bombs forward so I fail to see the problem here. As for bringing Boyd on - we were dominating the midfield for the last 25 mins, cutting open their defence and Miller was unlucky twice, and if it hadn't have been for Wilson getting a stud to Whittakers cross Edu would have had a tap in. Boyd would be unlikely to get into those positions, would have slowed down the play, and forced us to change our shape when we were playing we
  7. I've got beer. I've got pickled onion Monster Munch. All I need now is a fucking equaliser! WATP!
  8. Would be pretty galling to see Ireland go to Man Ure. Think he's a great player. Don't think he fits into Mancini's system really. He seems to prefer defensive minded central midfielders.
  9. True Gideon, I like Manchester its a good city with a fantastic musical heritagefantastic musical heritageand its unfair to judge it based on the cuntiness of GMP but the point is Neville is a wee rat face cunt And I agree on his cuntageness.
  10. Oh I'd also like to add that I fucking hate Man Utd. Mon the City!
  11. Dont blame the people of Manchester for their police and council's actions. Would you like to be judged on the actions of the vermin of Glasgow F*nian Council and Strathclyde's finest?
  12. In other words they know fuck all that we don't.
  13. Actually the sombrero originates from Spain and Spanish settlers brought it to Mexico.
  14. Fair play to the guy, he took his goal well.
  15. I'd say your the campest centre back Gid I'm well hard when I have Bkay bending over on front of me. Nah Bkay's not as hot since he lost weight!
  16. I'd say your the campest centre back Gid I'm well hard me.
  17. The campest centre half ever. Imagine coming up against him with his Dale Winton voice and Freddie Mercury tash. You'd hardly be quaking in your boots.
  18. Well said Walter. Never a truer word spoken. Especially enjoyed his comment about how we've been too slow in the past to defend ourselves or something to that effect.
  19. Adrian Chiles? You for real? Are you a bored housewife?
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