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  1. Hello nice to meet you it is my pleasure to communicate with you if you will have interest in me for relationship i will be glad try to write through email.

  2. The most over face against the most hated heel. What a match to open, and close
  3. Triple H must be involved again later, even if Bryan wins. No way he's just opening the show.
  4. Looking forward to this. Any ideas what surprise entrants might be in the battle royale?
  5. I don't eat too much junk. Just large portions for meals. Probably going to start with some swimming, maybe some running or cycling.
  6. I'm going to have to start some exercise. Played the usual sports when I was younger but not much in the last 6/7 years. Weight used to be around 11.5-12 stone. Through lack of exercise and being a greedy bastard I've slowly put the weight on, now up at 13.5 stone. Don't want to end up 15 stone or so, need to reverse the trend now.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qH2mPNRO8Q Chillin out with my man Curtis
  8. Are there RM features not available? I can't view profiles or send pm's. Haven't tried for a few days so don't know if this is an ongoing issue or just me.
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