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  1. It is good that the club has drawn a clear and "irrevocable" line in the sand.
  2. Eric Drysdale is one of the haters who sat on the tribunal that imposed an unlawful sanction on Rangers. Here's my article at the time that shows what an unfit person he is to hold office. The difference between his views on Airdrie during their troubles, and us during ours, tells you all you need to know about the fool. ---------------------------------------------------- Eric Drysdale - Is he Fit for Purpose? Was Eric Drysdale a fit and proper person to sit on the discredited SFA Tribunal and pronounce judgement on the 140 year old institution that is The Rangers? Raith Rovers Drysdale has been a director of this provincial club for more than a decade. He signed the most recent accounts to 30 June 2011. Here are some extracts: - loss for the year £162,000 (2010: loss £73,000) - balance sheet insolvent to the tune of £1.4m (this is my WTF point 1) - this excludes £201,000 of unpaid rent that the landlords have waived for the moment but retain the right to claim later - net current liabilities £310,000 i.e. it owed more in the short term that it had available - payroll taxes and VAT outstanding of £78,000 (2010: £118,000), see later for comments on this - was only able to pay some of its bills because other directors paid in £52,000 - going concern emphasis of matter by the auditors which cast "significant doubt on the company's ability to continue as a going concern". - disclosure that "the company does not have formal funding facilities in place that allow it to meet its liabilities as they fall due". - disclosure that a group restructuring took place in 2005, the terms of which were "incorrectly documented" and an "assumed waiver of the loan ... has not in fact been made". Drysdale owned 0.0003% of the 327,400 ordinary shares and 0.5% of the 10,000 preference shares. If he has made any money in banking, it doesn't appear that he has invested it in football. Although there were payroll taxes and VAT due at the year end, these weren't necessarily overdue at that time. How £78,000 was paid in full the following month when there was only £27,000 in the bank at 30 June would be a legitimate question to ask. Likewise the year before, £118,000 taxes due but £44,000 in the bank. In the interests of transparency, perhaps Drysdale would like to make a statement confirming that, during his directorship, Raith Rovers have never been late with any tax payments. If he is sitting in judgement of Rangers on these matters, surely that's the least we can expect? B&B Limited Drysdale was a director of B&B Limited when it was dissolved at the instance of the Registrar of Companies on 23 June 2009. - the accounts which he signed in August 2008 state that he had been a director since at least 1 December 2006, but his appointment form states that he was appointed in 2008 (that's my WTF point 2) - loss for the year of £7,000 - I'd love to tell you what the loss was in 2006 but there are no comparative figures in the profit and loss account (that's my WTF point 3, a breach and completely unheard of) - balance sheet insolvent to the tune of £15,000 but no disclosures regarding going concern or ability to continue trading (and indeed it was dissolved less than 12 months later) - it should have submitted its annual return in December 2008, but didn't - this is a breach of the Companies Act for which the current maximum fine is £5,000 - Drysdale also signed the accountant's report. What? Since when was he an accountant? What qualifications or experience does he have to sign that? Especially when the accounts contain (or not!) a number of non compliance matters and omissions. (that's so bad it qualifies as my WTF points 4, 5 and 6 - never in a quarter of a century in the profession have I seen this, a director who is not an accountant signing the accountant's report) Given Drysdale's demand to punish Rangers to the maximum scale and beyond, one wonders whether he feels it would be equitable for him to also have been punished to the maximum for these breaches. Airdrie Airdrie supporters remember Drysdale kindly. When the old Airdrie died, and newco Airdrie applied for SFL membership, Drysdale was particularly sympathetic to their cause believing that Airdrie fans had suffered enough. Raith Rovers voted for newco Airdrie, although Gretna won the overall vote. Sympathetic to Airdrie following liquidation, but maximum penalty for Rangers - thanks, Eric. Independence On the Raith Rovers website www.raithrovers.net/directors Drysdale's "primary responsibilities are the management of cashflow [no laughing at the back], corporate governance [i told you, no laughing] and representation of the club at SFL and SFA meetings". Now we're talking. So he meets with the SFA. How many meetings with the SFA has he had? Who has he met with? Has anything ever been discussed at any of those meeting which is relevant, directly or indirectly, to the affairs of Rangers? Given the supposed independence of the Judicial Panel, will minutes of those meetings be published? In the intetests of transparency, you understand. Banker According to Drysdale's publicly available LinkedIn account, as a Sector Credit Policy Manager at the RBS he has responsibility for setting lending policy for certain key industries including professional football. Having all but bankrupted the country with their policies, the RBS know where they can shove those policies - the same Lawwell orifice in which Regan's tongue allegedly resides. But despite any other perceived failings, even I would find it hard to blame Drysdale for the catastrophic failures at the RBS. Where does this leave Stewart Regan? Appointments to the Judicial Panel are made by the Board of the SFA with reference to the Judicial Panel Terms of Reference. I have not been able to find this document on the SFA website. Perhaps in the interests of transparency, Regan should make it publicly available so that we can judge what procedures, including fit and proper tests, are carried out before appointing Panel Members. Regan did carry out a fit and proper test before Drysdale's appointment, didn't he? It was reported today that Drysdale was "hand-picked for the tribunal" which is in accordance with clause 7.2.1 of the Judicial Panel Protocol, where each individual Tribunal is appointed by the Secretary. Who is that? It's Regan of course! So Regan decides exactly who sits in judgement on Rangers. (WTF point something, I've given up counting) He makes the appointments to each tribunal with reference to the Protocol for Tribunal Appointments. Once again I haven't seen this document and wonder whether Regan, in the interests of transparency, can direct me to its public availability. We could ask Stewart Regan on Twitter for access to these documents but, ever transparent, he blocks Rangers supporters who ask difficult questions. Rangers fans may now have zero confidence in Drysdale's fitness to serve on the Judicial Panel. And even less confidence in Regan's (hopefully soon-to-end) tenure as Lawwell's useful idiot. That is completely transparent.
  3. The BBC don't understand the meaning of the word balanced when it comes to reporting about Rangers, so their assurance is worthless.
  4. Clear MOTM for me today. A few mistakes but covered for more experienced players time after time.
  5. How out of touch with the fans is it possible for the Board to be? Next thing you know they'll be praising the Daily Record...
  6. I've never liked red on our home tops.
  7. I said it was a red the moment it happened. Having now seen the video, it's clearly a red. Jig completely let the side down.
  8. Distinctly average player states the obvious about the previous manager and sucks up to the new manager. Wowzers.
  9. boss


    Unfortunately he's not good enough and never will be. Kidding yourself if you think otherwise.
  10. I'm sure he won't follow McDowall's team selection of: McCulloch from the top row and 10 others from anywhere else
  11. Rangers managers should always wear suits.
  12. Tell that to the numerous Rangers employees who were made redundant at least in part because our club was starved of money. The boycotters had no vote last week; only the shareholders did.
  13. There's a difference between building relationships and taking over. I'm all for us retaking our place at the top of Scottish football; I'm not one for groveling to our haters.
  14. Must be the funniest thread of the year. So witty, I can barely breathe.
  15. As will your time out unless you stop spamming the board.
  16. That's one of the funniest things I've ever heard. They are so obsessed with Rangers their lives revolve around us. They'd be nothing but for us. To spend their giro on an advert pleading for the world to believe their warped view of our club shows just how deeply we get under their skin, which is nice.
  17. This has never, ever been done before.
  18. The only place Boyd's cheese is going is in his Large Whopper Cheese Meal with Coke.
  19. I don't know whether it's true or not, only that the story was pulled.
  20. OP is right - we need to boss the midfield to win games. It's clear we need an extra man in there. Also, confidence is torn to shreds - a few wins, albeit dull, would help.
  21. To be classified as a "group" there must be more than one of you. So you'll have to find a friend.
  22. I see no point in petty infighting over whether UB's boycott was right or wrong. Surely all that needs said just now is: welcome back, we missed you.
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