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  1. Looking for 2 tickets but will be driving so don't require the bus
  2. Preferably together. Mates back from Australia for a couple of weeks and only game they can make. Thanks in advance for any help
  3. I am also looking for 3. Have mates over from Australia.
  4. They're playing a smart game, sadly. Cutting their wage bill while banking plenty of money from transfers and Europe while still making sure that they have enough to win the league. They'll be using that money for the latter stages of their journey to try and make 10 in a row, which I can see them doing.
  5. Big Jig leading the Ibrox haka into 50,000 fans chanting No Surrender!
  6. The Sasha sounds sounds fantastic. We need a choreographer!
  7. I was thinking that we should take a leaf out of the All Black's book and have our team perform our own rendition of The Haka before all of our games. What do you all think? Discuss.
  8. There isn't anyone on this forum that I would say has the required knowledge to be an "expert"
  9. Nobody said he was as good as Messi and Ronaldo. They said he was as important to Spurs as Messi and Ronaldo are to Barca and Real, which is true. I think he will stay at Spurs unless a £40million plus bid comes in. AVB is going to build a phenomenal team at White Hart Lane, Spurs will be a top 3 club in the next couple of years, knocking on the doors of the two Manchester teams.
  10. My tips are on Spank The Bookies this weekend. http://www.spankthebookiestips.co.uk/GuestTipster.php
  11. Hahaha aye I was in on that thread too, classic Misterc!
  12. Hahaha I know. That was the point where I had to go to the birds' so that post was meant to be me "outing" myself haha!
  13. There are plenty of people on here who enjoy fishing, it's a good laugh when people bite. You must have a pretty shite life if things like this aggravate you so much. Sack sitting next to you at Ibrox and trying to get a laugh out of you. All folk do all day is moan on these boards. Do you know how painful it is to read? It's nice for me to have a little fun while reading the constant complaining. It worked, I was amused. Until next time...
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