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  1. Who would Rooney go to if he left Man Utd? Can only really see PSG affording him. Unless Real Madrid come in for him.
  2. Spurs should get a good bit of money in for Aaron Lennon. He's a better version of Theo Walcott, so I reckon they're looking at £17million+.
  3. My Gran has that carpet. She died in 1972 and is still lying there.
  4. What's the difference between a black man and a park bench? A park bench can support a family.
  5. Why could Jill Dando not collect her bookie winnings? She had a hole in her coupon.
  6. I can't be arsed reading through this to check if it's already been posted, but my favourite joke is... What's pink and smells of holly? Ian Huntley's cock. Edit: Aw baws, it's posted right above this
  7. 1 - Get away from ma birds 2 - Vikki would be my bit on the side while I'm going out with Kelly. 3 - When Kelly hits 33, I dump her for Susan, while still banging Vikki on the side. 4 - Susan want's to settle down and have kids, so I patch her with a horrifying cunt punt, just so nobody else can have her. 5 - Me and Vikki get together for reals and just get fucking wasted at the weekends at gigs.
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