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  1. Some of the contract offers the club have made to players have been a joke, you cant expect the guy to bang in goal after goal yet except a massive wage cut? No doubt he offered the club the chance to stay till the end of the season and they said they would rather take the money.
  2. Have and R4i card for the DS and still think its pretty mince, so until you get one that works for the 3DS doubt ill get one.
  3. it was a wee computer shop on the main street. 15 bucks, you need to get a wee memory card though its a microSD one it needs to hold the games etc. you can get games easy from Pirate bay etc
  4. got an r4 gold car from the barras. have a 4gb micro card for the kernal and games. just waiting on the software downloading, its taken hours!!!!
  5. Hi, Anyone know were i can get one of these in glasgow?? with games already on it.
  6. like the game but its really glitchy, i had a save a which point which killed me right after i loaded! had to restart the game!! annoying as i wanted to complete it before COD comes out,
  7. He should be allowed to play in the CL, but not the europa as long as rapid are in that.
  8. FUCK This means it'll probably be Heskey staying, I hate you Capello. I dont mind Heskey, hes different from what we have and could be a good option if we are getting beat and resort to the long ball. Zamora is a far better option than heskey over the past season!!
  9. and yet rangers fans continually line this mans pockets. a boycott of next weeks game should the title be wrapped up would be perfect.
  10. to describe every novo does good as lucky is a disgrace. The amount of things he has achieved with this club dwarfs what many so called superstars have done. pound for pound there are few better signings for us.
  11. nominess rooney drogba Tevez zamora bent
  12. If Liverpool are coasting then torres should try and get booked so he can whipe the slate clean going into the semis.
  13. Smith gambled tonight as he clearly sees saturday as a bigger game, no one could have predicted them losing tonight so the gamble failed, but no one will care when davie holds thats trophy above his head,.
  14. Im in for this one, the_t_man_bjk be on from about 5-7 then 10 onwards.
  15. I have an external hard drive and i gave it up to my neighbour to swap movie collections etc. However we wasnt able to put anything on the drive, he could view the files on it and only remove certain ones. The drive has over 500gb off free space remaining. He is MAC and im PC any ideas??
  16. its tuesday, far far too early to have thread about the next game, we should still be laughing at timmy
  17. from the threads it seemed to be FF, for me it totally ruined the atmosphere before and after the game when it came on. poor show from the DJ and rangers to debut a song in that game, especially one no one could understand
  18. anyone on here saying boogie should have walked i ask you to look at the 90 mins again and pay attention to the perfomance of Kamara, how this man avoided a booking and red card for his CONSTANT holding of the ball and at one point tossing it away was a joke.
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