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  1. THE_Ibrox_Preacher liked a post in a topic by Creampuff in *** The Official Rangers V Cowdenbeath Match Thread ***   
    That's poor, Kenny. Need to score those.
  2. THE_Ibrox_Preacher liked a post in a topic by gogzy in ***the Official Rangers Vs Hibernian Thread***   
    Not sure about taking Law off.
  3. THE_Ibrox_Preacher liked a post in a topic by the brown brogue in **** Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ****   
    All fair points I'd agree with, the point in bold re. our forward three I think the problem is if we have McKay wide left and Waghorn wide right the first thing they look to do is cut back on their stronger foot. If you add Miller into the mix with his tendency to drop into the 'hole' looking for the ball, then all three forward players are essentially clogging up the centre of the pitch where our narrow three man midfield are already struggling to find a yard of space. This may be deliberate to try and create space for the full backs, but our build up is so pedestrian that any space created is covered by the time the ball gets out wide and essentially they're running into a brick wall, losing possession and then we're one long ball away from conceding a gilt-edged chance.
    Its no coincidence that our equaliser today came from raising the tempo with Waghorn being in the box where he should be, I would like to see him down the middle, with our two wide forwards playing on their naturally stronger side to try and stretch the opposition defence and at least try to create some gaps to exploit.
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