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  1. It's a lot of shite to be fair. Can see why he's getting slaughtered If le guen came out and said he didn't get as long as other managers because he was French and he doesn't blame the club but blames the Rangers fans for unconscious bias against non British managers we would be biting back as well with the facts from his time in charge.
  2. Haven't seen legs like that since the brontosaurus died out
  3. And by older he means 9 What the fuck is a peng anyway?
  4. Why would u want to abuse someone who is suffering from a terrible illness and at the end of their life at a young age. Utter filth.
  5. Just seen it. He was behind ball so onside
  6. I remember this one well. Seemed really colourful in the 90s. Was some game and a different class of player. Was a good treble season also
  7. They get a shit load of money but it's all relative. They pay run of the mil guys way over what they're worth and spend 10x player value in their inflated bubble of a market. No one down there is thriving with the money they get. Its all taken up in wages and fees. The fear for these clubs is massive. Relegation and a few years down they're in trouble.
  8. So somebody scoured social media and a group released the rape video....
  9. At 20k a week he really is a golden bear...great to be able to throw another star into the mix. Hes maturing nicely and doesnt spit the dummy if his cola bottle crashes. Expext him to pick up a few MAOAM awards....Kids and grown ups will love him so
  10. Nonce neutralizers Huggy tugger thumpers Bacon bashers Wrong un wreckers
  11. The wee midfielder looked good on the ball but his decision making was terrible....He kept picking the wong option.
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