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  1. Looks like that's the general consensus. I'll let the management know they should be letting me go
  2. Not too far from from the truth tbh. But not quite
  3. I have been in the past. And thought I could take short cuts. It didn't work and I made a mistake trying it. But I still consciously made that decision in the first place. My employer is more than happy with my day to day performance. Thanks though
  4. Thanks. I'm actually not. But I made a mistake. Cutting a corner thinking I would get away with it...
  5. Fantastic argument. Thanks for your comment
  6. People have gone for much less. But at the time they saw enough growth potential that I would make them more money than that in the long run. 3 years later I'm still here
  7. The reason for the the comparison is four of the 5 are around 20 or under. I have made some monumental mistakes and cost my company somewhere in the region of 20k. My employer didn't want to sack me on the spot, and clearly neither do the club with these 5. They clearly want to help them understand what they have done wrong and move on. Why do people find that so difficult?
  8. General consensus means nothing mate. We are not in the head of the management team. You have quite firmly said they are out but have no proof other than fans opinions. When actually until it happens they are still Rangers players. So you can't say they are out because only the management team know what they want to do with them. How do we know that they aren't giving them a chance to prove they can still have an impact here.?
  9. Every decision you ever make is a conscious decision. It doesn't mean its not a mistake after the fact though?
  10. Is the title party in jeopardy? You cannot punish someone for something that hasn't happened. They need to be educated. A child steals from their parents purse and gets caught before they spend it. Should we be sending that child to jail for doing something they shouldn't or do you educate them and make sure they know they have fucked up. You know right and wrong from a very early age. My daughter is 1 and she knows what no means already. But she will still make mistakes and I'm sure she will be in her 20s saying dad I fucked up. And I'll be there to pick up the pieces not t
  11. OK. Prove they won't and I'll eat humble pie.
  12. They have been sent on loan.... where is it confirmed they won't be back
  13. I've had it. All be it mildly. I have had family die from it. Everyone has a reason as to why they choose to do something. You don't know my circumstances or my reasoning. But in the eyes of the law that doesn't matter. I caught it at work from a customer because my job was deemed important enough to carry on through lockdown. I can't be completely contactless with my clients. It's impossible. I followed the rules for nearly 6 months. My mother hadn't seen her first grandchild. I made the decision because I felt it was important enough for my family environment. Have you fol
  14. Have you never made a mistake that you have had to atone for regardless of how severe it was. People make mistakes it's how you deal with it that determines what type of person you are. Regardless of it was you who made the mistake, or you who was the brunt of it
  15. No what is nauseating is people not recognising they are no different to anyone else in the country that has been asked to follow rules and has made the decision not to. They have been punished. I wasn't I have made the 500 mile journey from Wiltshire to duns on multiple occasions to see my family because I chose to. Not one person has ever stopped or questioned me. I deliver cars all round the country as part of my job. I've never been stopped. Why is me breaking the rules OK but for these young lads they should loose their careers. Some of them might not of seen their family in a year. I
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