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  1. Went down in instalments for the 4th . As useful as tits on a bull
  2. He'll be wondering about with his hands in his pockets now.....
  3. Oh , my poor pal ally . Fuck up . A large part of the population would love to wake up tomorrow and have the problems mccoist has or has had I had a fairly open view of McDowell before , actually bought into the previous chat that he was a talented coach , possibly suppressed by ally's dull managing techniques . But alas no , he is ally's fucking greeting burd , possibly also on her dibs as well
  4. No other investor will inject money with the current shareholding structure and board still in play , why would they invest with no control measures ?
  5. No real bear would want to see mosni play against the "harriers " as you call them .
  6. I might be wrong but ,There's a smell of bheast off you
  7. Exactly , managers don't work their notice as they get too much grief and pressure from the fans when they are shite . But mccoist thinks he is bigger than the club and won't get slated by the fans due to his player status . Cunt behaviour . Even paul le guen exited with no money in his pocket and he still had a couple of years of a contract he could have drained
  8. Agreed . I see Some similarities between him and Craig Moore ( not as good as Moore though ) Moore was also played in an unpreferred position at full back where he was inconsistent then gets a centre back berth and just got better and better
  9. Billy will be perfect for us . If he was happy to watch that snake tommy Sheridan pump Anvar khan then he can easily watch the shite our team produce every week
  10. When I watch us playing shite football and getting bossed about by part time teams and the 3 amigos standing there with their arms folded saying fuck all I can only think that any change to the coaching set up can only improve things Having seen bottom tier coaches out fox mccoist tactically I can't fucking wait for a new manager . Someone with fresh ideas will re energise the players I have no doubt
  11. Loved mccoist as a player and what he stood for Now see him as a shit manager and self serving . He really thinks he is bigger than the club and the clubs survival .
  12. It's pretty obvious that an advisor of ally's released the statement to his pals in the press . The benefit to ally is that it takes the pressure of him right away . The debate is no longer about his pish performances and results as a manager , and all the chat is about the ins and outs of the mysterious resignation
  13. None whatsoever . He has spectacularly underperformed as a manage allowing part time managers and teams to table leg him far too easily . I cannot bear to watch or listen to him these days . I actually think he is a bullshit merchant and it's all about him and his ego . He has been very cute the way he has played the press and those in control at ibrox over the years whilst looking like a fucking martyr
  14. Are you allybear mccoist ? Fucking tedious how you defend that goon
  15. He's a money grabbing cunt , he won't resign . Worst manager in our history. He's as fake as Jordan's tits , if he loved this club he would stop destroying it
  16. I have been a season ticket holder for 16 years and went to games before that as well and it's in my DNA to suppo rt through thick and thin . But my son and his like have only known thin and how fucking thin the quality has been since mccoist was appointed manager . The type of football we play is truly embarrassing for a club of our pedigree , I would actually prefer to support my local junior team who play with some verve and tempo and make the game enjoyable . I am truly fucking sick of what we represent on the park (got sickened off pItch ages ago) and if my son said I've had enough with
  17. This has been designed by a manky kid fiddling bheast . This sort of shit is never defended by the club and where is the RFFF , I though we donated for issues like this ???????
  18. heard his name is Stubb not Stubbs if ye catch my drift
  19. Sometimes it doesn't matter what team you support and what' religion you are . You are either a good guy or a cunt. I think jim Murphy is a good spud (tattie )
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