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  1. Nothing is gained and nothing is lost Love that from Gerrard.
  2. Never even rated Wright before we where linked to him and now he seems to be the guardian angel we need not convinced.
  3. Please fucking stop showing any sign of common sense. The fucking Harvey Prices are still logged in.
  4. Getting so far to fuck out this its full of absolute crack pots in here.
  5. From the Rangers i have been watching last few years a goal like that would have been impossible to come back. Just saying its not the greatest result but we walk away with a point and we are 21 pts clear. Calm the fuck down mate.
  6. Exactly could have been worse because we where fucking dreadful today.
  7. Couldn't really give a fuck as long as we lift 55. When we lift that title we wont remember games like today and think aw we played shite and only drew. it will be irrelevant.
  8. Crying over spilt milk. I will take playing shite and grinding out results like today.
  9. Who gives a fuck if we are terrible as long as we pick up the results and grind out games like today. We dont need a kick up the arse ffs we are 21 pts ahead at the top of the table undefeated and strolling it. Players have been pretty poor but they got a result today that is all that matters.
  10. Feels like a defeat on here today its a fucking joke. We played absolute dug shite against Celtic and still won and we where worse today and came away with a point. We are undefeated in the fucking league and people still having a moan seriously. That lot have won 7 games in 21 or something and we are fucking strolling it regardless of playing pish we are grinding out the results.
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