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  1. Hugh Knew Auld bastard was a guest of Celtics many of times and was no doubt in the know about the child abusing
  2. Watching the game and the wean asks Daddy is Celtic playing today and i told her " yes honey they got beat 6-2 " she burst out laughing and says " ohh jeez Granda told me they where shite but i did not know they where that bad " She is only 6
  3. Exactly what i was thinking and wrote in the WhatsApp group. Every time the ball was at his feet he was having a go and looking for space.
  4. Imagine if Edoured got a bad injury and they could not sell him and he went for free next year
  5. He shouldn't even be in the team never mind the stadium We shipped out Jones and Edmundson for attending a party and Celtic have let Gritthis back in and hes a pedo Club like no other
  6. I watched a bit of the Preston game mate and if they play like they did against Preston they will be pumped silly.
  7. Honestly think they are going to be handed a fucking lesson tonight. They are treating FC Midtjylland like some wee diddy team from Denmark they are a good team (not sure about this season but last few seasons in Europe) 95% thinks they will get tortured and the other 5% can see the cunts getting something
  8. Fucking buzzing 👏 cant wait to see everyone again 💙 been to long
  9. I hope you know what i was meaning
  10. Exactly never even purchased last years or this years. Got Pro because Ibrox was in it.
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