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  1. Was doing weights about 2 weeks ago and still have pain in both my arms at my elbows feel like a bruise and jts bloddy painful. Obv been lifting weights to heavy and maybe done my tendons or something.
  2. Honestly will not complain if we play shite and come away with a sloppy 1-0. 3pts is all that matters right now.
  3. The hype when he came to celtic you would have thought they signed Sergio Ramos. He's an aggressive defender but hes not Intelligent he looks like a big donkey He really is being found out and the money they are spending on him in wages is fucking brilliant 😂
  4. The scenes if celtic drop points away to the sheep 🤣 And we win against Livingston 👏🇬🇧
  5. As others have posted it is mental that we only got him for 50k. He is just so calm on the ball and he is very silky he turned them outside in today. Love the wee turns he does when the ball comes to him and confuses the opposition. The return on profit on this boy will be fantastic when he moves on in the future.
  6. Fuck me our world is turning into snowflakes. If i was David i would be walking over with my knob out and pishing all over the club.
  7. He is fucking shite by the way Looks like a wee pedo.
  8. Hugh Keevins all week was going on about us winning but i bet the auld bastard was trying the hole " reverse phycology ". We have them right where we fucking want them.
  9. Got a funny feeling that Laxaalt will have a blinder for them. The fucking roasting's that man has been given since signing for the beasts. Sure to bite us in the arse hahaha!
  10. Only player in that team that gives me any worries is Frompong! Great wee player but the rest fuck them haha
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