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  1. Does the ban apply to international games also or just club football?
  2. Looks like the victim of racism has been victimised again 👍
  3. It worries me that Shagger has only 1 year left and we don't have any youngsters in to take the reigns unless McCrorie is being groomed for the position the way Shagger went out on loan while Klos was in goal for us. Cant really think of any where weak tbh need to see who leaves in the summer.
  4. Happy with that performance today! But as posted earlier Clive is starting to get on my tits talks some amount of shite sometimes.
  5. Fucking working next Friday finish at 8pm. Can take it on the chin though because Phillip sacrificed his hole life for duty to the crown
  6. Are you guys related? Newphew/Uncle ?
  7. No doubt good friends with someone within the club. Or just knows the right people
  8. 55 league titles in 9 years some doing that.
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