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  1. Its Doug Ballie who went on to be a journalist but cant remember which newspaper
  2. Showing my age here--Charlie Cooke from Chelsea.Lots of stories at the time that he was going to sign for us as well as Bobby Hope from West Brom.
  3. If the always injured left back Arsenal signed is worth 24 million what is Alfredo worth.
  4. Bar el toro in Quesada will have all the games on . Quesada Loyal meet there.
  5. If clarke cant handle being called names while manager at kilmarnock how on earth would he handle the abuse he would get at the peados.He will end up in the loony bin.This has all been planned for weeks.
  6. It is very clear that when this subject about segragated schools is raised is that the vast majority of non catholics want all children to attend the same school.We dont want church of scotland schools or muslim schools or jewish schools or any kind of seperated schools because of religion. We want all children to attend the same school.So who are the bigots.My children attended school with a mixture of all race and religions and it didnt bother me at all.So again- who are the bigots.
  7. Duncan Ferguson got locked up for less.
  8. Happy new year to all bears.we are the people.god save the queen.All the best for 2019.
  9. Watch a rerun of c*****s goal and keep an eye on Tav running back to cover the right back position-he chucks it and the bastards score.
  10. Anybody watching the game today could see this boy can play.Remember he has only played a limited amount of games for whatever reason but you could see he has ability and we can only hope our new manager can get the best from him.Today his legs just gave in through a lack of competitive games. He is 1 for the future.
  11. Colin Colin Colin Stein the best centre forward youve ever seen.A true legend.
  12. Big Dereks goals total that season was 38 goals.Joe Jordans was 3 goals.D.J.should have played in Argentina.
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