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  1. I like their use of the single quotation marks when referring to the ‘dossier’, as if to belittle it as not really a credible dossier. Wanks
  2. Struggling to click on any newspaper links anymore - all full of biased rabid shite. The rebel, Scotsman, Glasgow Evening Times.......
  3. It appears everything is now in place, the stage has been set, to belittle our evidence and condemn us as the bad guys. The SPFL and the media have been bolstering their positions, filling the airwaves and the back pages with their spin. The more noise they create, the more the gullible will absorb. We have been set up for a fall by the powers that be and they will belittle our evidence and wiggle their way out of it. It seems like we’re dealing with the mafia and pissing against the wind. Very difficult to win being in the minority, no matter how honest we are, and how solid our evi
  4. Amateur, coercive statement from a corrupt, biased, unprofessional, and undemocratic organisation. Not only do we need an independent investigation, we need to employ an independent, external consultant to advise on how to progress football in Scotland. Clubs are only interested in themselves and not the bigger picture. This mess isn’t going to be resolved without wiping the slate clean. Need to rip it all up and start again - SFA and SPFL the lot. Drain the swamp. The whole structure of Scottish football needs to be reconstructed. We need dynamic , forward thinking people at the helm of the
  5. He needs to get rid of the perpetual losers and fannies - Tav, Goldson, Borna etc. Tav is now a symbol of failure and a reminder of the bad years - he needs to be stripped of the captaincy and sold in the summer. Bye bye - time for freshness and a new direction. Once these type of players are moved on and hopefully replaced with better, hungrier, more confident, stronger, aggressive and grittier players, other players such as Kent, Hagi, Jack etc will hopefully shine. Time to make some bold decisions, and show that we don’t accept perpetual losers.
  6. Nah I’ve had it with Tav. Need to offload him in the summer - he’s simply not good enough(or captain material). Also don’t think Polster is the long term answer for right back. Our midfield is spineless in domestic games though and Polster might add a bit of physicality/meat in the middle of the pitch. Clutching at straws tho! 👍
  7. Would be willing to give Polster a chance - maybe in midfield. Nothing to lose - he seems to have skill, can defend, can take a player on , is strong and appears to have a good attitude.
  8. The captain should embody the values of the club. He should be the guy who reflects the Rangers spirit. Strong, stoic, motivational confident, inspirational, a leader - and that’s not Tav! We need somebody who grabs a game by the scruff of the neck and who is respected and looked up to by team mates. We need winners in the the team - with each one having a burning desire to fucking win - no matter how it’s done. There’s not enough winners in the team for me. Yes we missed Tav when he wasn’t playing but he is not the answer. There are fighters in the team - Katic, Arfie
  9. Introduce no points for a draw . Teams would have to try and score a goal.
  10. Should be drummed into them that no ball should be allowed to bounce in the box.
  11. I’d like to see us playing a more high risk, high press game against some of the more pish teams in the league - basically a similar approach to the way Braga played against us (despite them losing ha ha!). And use the width. Also wish to fuck we’d stop putting floaters into the box from set pieces and corners. Whip the ball in like what Feyenoord did against us.
  12. Does anybody think the atmosphere is good?
  13. Absolutely sickened to the stomach by the result on Sunday! However I don’t understand the apathy from some folk. From playing in the third division to where we are now, we have come a long way. There have been a lot of disappointments throughout the journey but this club has strength. Harness the pain, and use it as fuel. We are learning, and becoming measurably better and stronger - there is no doubt. Get behind the team and show no mercy! Bring on Thursday and we go again. How does Churchill’s speech go?! 💪
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