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  1. Read some of the replies on twitter, hilarious, someone has posted the clip of Tierney tripping over his own feet and reckons he was 'mad wi the blues' also, the guy stole that pile of shite from someone else.
  2. Last 30 mins for Roofe, Jack and Itten, win for the bears.
  3. Total fucking scum that mob, pure poison. We are in their heads 24/7, we are their first thought of the day and the last. What a horrible existence it must be to be that consumed by hatred that you pay more attention to your rivals than you do to your own team. Fenian bastards.
  4. Terry Munroe pasta way at the SpaghEtihad
  5. Ryan Christie is a total fud, all the pressure on Rangers? they do their talking on the pitch?
  6. He'd fit right in, he sung about teenagers.
  7. Forgot.......It's Peter Murrell ain't it.
  8. Rangers family mate, look after our own. Big shout out to Govanblue, Zetland and the fundraising team on here. The easy part is donating a wee bit every now and then, they spend a massive amount of their own personal time putting it all together. I read the original post about your wee lassie and I got to admit I had a tear in my eye although I know that wasn't the intent. All the best for the future, you all deserve it.
  9. Is there a link to his rant?
  10. They certainly cover up for them.
  11. He's just found out he's onto a full English, a decent workout then a roast dinner ;-)
  12. Hopefully be listening again on Monday
  13. If statements were points they'd be 21 pts in front of us.
  14. Yup, Imagine him and Steven Pressley on Countdown.
  15. You'd see his beaming smile through the mic, he can slay tims just by smiling.
  16. This show needs Kris Boyd on it. Gerry " I'd like to talk about null and void" Big Boydy "Fuck off Papish face"
  17. Null and void ffs. Who'll payback Sky and the individual team sponsors? Does the spfl not already owe money for last seasons asterisk.
  18. Whataboutery from keevins.
  19. Remember how they laughed at us? Saying they had bids for players from outer space, other galaxies etc, all of them, press included, took the pish daily, radio phone-ins where everyone of them were tax and company law experts? Well here's a big fucking steaming bowl of karma coming right back at you, and this is just the start of it you shower of dirty fenian bastards, make sure you enjoy it because we will. And I'm not being presumptious here, the league is OVER, 55 is a done deal, how you like them apples? No Surrender
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