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  1. Fucking excellent post!!
  2. For apprentice joiners in the 70's it was PVA and sawdust, fucking annoying tbh. Once was acceptable but one old cunt was wanting to do it every week, never thought about it at the time but looking back he must've been a bit of a paedo. He's gone now.... dead bastard.
  3. Bitton's wife better hope it's not him.
  4. Somebody's replied "That looks like a sanitary towel"
  5. Us getting kicked down the leagues extended that pricks career by 5 years.
  6. He self isolates every game, he's fucking miles off the play.
  7. 20mins about the filth, transfer window gossip coming up after 10 mins of adverts.
  8. SFA have just put out a statement saying there will be no investigation Re Dubai. (Sky Sports News)
  9. Ah right, cheers, thought I was going mad.
  10. Did Gordon Dalziel just say c*ltic had the 2 best defenders in Scottish football? Surely not, I must've misheard.
  11. What about brown feigning injury, no fucking mention!!!!
  12. What a fucking mutt this one is.
  13. Did you get your boiler fixed yet?
  14. These fuckers are gonna come back riddled with Covid, see what their apologists say then.
  15. Can we not just leave the bastards in Dubai?
  16. They agreed the trip with the JRG in the middle of the month but according to Dempster at Hibs they didn't know till the end? And what a slimy apologist Hannah is, there's playing devils advocate then there's kneeling down in front of them and opening wide.
  17. Yup and they've even managed to get the micks and the snp tearing lumps out each other, fucking excellent 2hrs, Alex Rae was brilliant.
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