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  1. Some fucking mutt (fenian) wrote a war and peace effort saying we were 'cheating' using caffeine, it's on the c*ltic thread mate. Hilarious.
  2. Yeah keeps saying wrong email address and when I try to start it now it keeps crashing.
  3. Nope.... can't log in to this one either ffs.
  4. Excellent, they'll be furious if they don't spend that and then some before the window closes or it's back to the carpark with the bedsheets.
  5. Yeah mate, same here, I'll try again later.
  6. I haven't reinstalled it on my phone, also I should add I had to change my password as my old one was all lower case and the new site needs a mixture of upper case, lower case and numbers.
  7. I had to use a new password when I registered earlier, I got it on my laptop no bother but got stuck on log in on the Android app. I ended up uninstalling the app.
  8. I wouldn't go as far as to say it was the full stadium mate but he certainly took a hell of an amount of abuse from the stands, there was however still a bit of support for him. When he first came we were in a terrible place as a football team and the support was at each others throats, with him being the main striker he caught the brunt of it.
  9. Being perfectly honest I wouldn't tack ftp on to the end, if it's just 'The Untouchables' then everyone will know the double meaning but can't criticise it without referring to the scums history.
  10. Can you imagine the meltdown from the vermin if this takes off, fucking outstanding idea
  11. Read some of the replies on twitter, hilarious, someone has posted the clip of Tierney tripping over his own feet and reckons he was 'mad wi the blues' also, the guy stole that pile of shite from someone else.
  12. Last 30 mins for Roofe, Jack and Itten, win for the bears.
  13. Total fucking scum that mob, pure poison. We are in their heads 24/7, we are their first thought of the day and the last. What a horrible existence it must be to be that consumed by hatred that you pay more attention to your rivals than you do to your own team. Fenian bastards.
  14. Ryan Christie is a total fud, all the pressure on Rangers? they do their talking on the pitch?
  15. He'd fit right in, he sung about teenagers.
  16. Forgot.......It's Peter Murrell ain't it.
  17. Rangers family mate, look after our own. Big shout out to Govanblue, Zetland and the fundraising team on here. The easy part is donating a wee bit every now and then, they spend a massive amount of their own personal time putting it all together. I read the original post about your wee lassie and I got to admit I had a tear in my eye although I know that wasn't the intent. All the best for the future, you all deserve it.
  18. They certainly cover up for them.
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