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  1. 300 million team so we have no chance? If this is the case we might as well send the B team along. This has always been the case and we have beaten better teams than Lyon at Ibrox.
  2. Paterson has to play. Tav needs rested.
  3. We certainly need to do something with midfield. Davis is the only one playing as well as last year but he needs rested. I think the op has a point here and JL should be tried as the understudy/long term replacement for Davis.
  4. Lyon were a reasonable side but we played like a team with no belief that we could win the game.
  5. He is going down the Cedric hole. Give the boy a chance . We are completely stale and need to change.
  6. It was an awful performance. Players looked as though they had no confidence that they could win this game.
  7. He needs to freshen things up. The team is stale. We need to be more realistic with what we can receive for our players and bring in younger players already here as well as new signings. Next transfer window has to be better.
  8. Got to start giving Sakala and the other new boy a run or they will go down the Cedric route.
  9. They were ok but we made them look like superstars. Remember lost home and away to Malmö and struggled to beat Alaskert.
  10. Worst performance since Malmö and that was the worst performance since DU. Horrendous start to the season. We even struggled against that Armenian mob.
  11. If we play like this we will struggle to get any points in this group
  12. Team has regressed. We must give some of the young lads (Bassey and Paterson)and other newcomers a chance now.
  13. To win this game we need more speed when we get possession and stop passing the ball back in triangles
  14. I think Alf has been poor but I would keep him on but bring on Roofie for Lundstram and try and win the game
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