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Up top on sunday...


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Who would you play up front on sunday

Im going for Lafferty and Boyd

Anybody with me ?

Absolutely not - why drop miller after saturdays performance? He was better than lafferty. Laffterty scored two easy goals.

Having said that a miller laffety parrtnership seemed to be working quite well so would go for that from the start and boyd as novo on reserves. Would be hard playing novo if he's just back from injury though

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hopefully lafferty and miller. Boyd is off form and his record against celtic is pish anyway.We need to stretch their defence and he just wont do that. Lafferty and miller will cause them all sorts of problems with their movement.

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I'd start Lafferty and Miller, they'll run the centre backs into the ground and then with 60 odd minutes gone bring Nacho on for Lafferty/Miller, and let us stomp all over them.


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