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Alan Pardew


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Did anyone see Alan Pardew on MOTD2 last night? What an idiot!

'The BBC apologised today after one of its football pundits compared a tackle by a Chelsea player to rape.

Alan Pardew, the former Charlton Athletic, West Ham and Reading manager, was describing a challenge by midfielder Michael Essien during Match Of The Day 2 on Sunday night.

After the Ghana international clattered into Manchester City midfielder Ched Evans, 47-year-old Pardew said: "He's a strong boy. He knocks him off - he absolutely rapes him."

No apology was made at the time, but the BBC issued a statement on Monday which said: "Alan Pardew apologises unconditionally for any offence caused by remarks he made in the Match of the Day 2 programme last night."

A total of 35 complaints have been received about the incident, the spokeswoman added.

Pardew is not one of the show's regular analysts, but is used from time to time.

The BBC said no decision had been made about whether he would be invited back on the programme after the incident.'


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Quality...we need more like him. It's about time folk talked on telly the same they do on the street. It's fitba, we all say very similar things but don't mean them!

Good on ya Pards!

I agree (tu) the pc brigade is ruining football like it is the world

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I honestly couldn't believe I'd heard this. Luckily I have Sky+ and could check. I've been laughing about it for ages, what a legend! It's like he's been playing too much xbox live or something! Such a gamer-y phrase.

I really hope the tabloids don't go mental about it.

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