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Boss' Article on RM


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Rangers Media is delighted at today’s news that our membership has soared to over 16,000.

We are, by far and away, the fastest growing Rangers fans’ forum on the net. And we want to say a massive ‘thank you’ to all our loyal posters who have made us the great site that we are. Without you, we are nothing ... and we will never forget that.

In addition to our forum we are playing a growing part in all aspects of Rangers life, just a few of which we note below:

- Raising £5,000 for the ex-Rangers players’ Benevolent Fund

- Creation of the RangersPedia project

- Active support of the ‘Setting the Standard’ campaign

- Sponsorship of the recent Johnny Hubbard/Billy Simpson Dinner

- Developing close relationships with almost every other Rangers fans’ group and site

- Promotion of the colourful Number One fanzine

- Charity Dinner in aid of Moni Malawi which raised £4,000

- Regular informative articles on the Club, the fans and football life in general

We work hard to ensure the site is a positive reflection of the huge range of views held by the Rangers family and we promote tolerance and inclusivity. Our attrition rate for members is very small as we filter out most timposters and cranks at registration and our moderation team do a splendid job in dealing with the few who overstep the mark.

We know we are not alone in the Rangers online fraternity and we are glad of the support we have had from other sites where we work together whenever possible. Life is not always a competition and we recognise that often more can be accomplished by working collectively.

So thank you to everyone who has made our not-for-profit site what it is: moderators, contributors, other groups, but most importantly of all, you the 16,000 members.

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RM has come a long way since it started out and having been here all that time the evolution of the site is something to be proud of. The site has never stood still and never should. Its a site I am proud to be a member of and hope that the good work continues.

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From someone who has been here since the very early stages of Rangersmedia, seeing it grow to what it is today brings a huge smile to this bears face. We have been through alot as a site and it has not all been plain sailing, there has been mistakes made and we have had our share of trouble but to come out the other end stronger and better than before shows how great a membership we have.

I cant wait to see the site fulfill its potential even further.

You are the people :cheers:

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never thought of joining a forum before as it wasnt something i was interested in

but since joining rm i am on my laptop evey single day love to see and hear what

every ones been upto also looking at the pics from the bears abroad and at home

and would miss it now if i couldnt get on to the site for whatever reason. w.a.t.p

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RM is a cracking site - no question.

My only thoughts on development are that I hope it dosnt outgrow itself in terms of trying to grow TOO big.

Ads and a PC policy are a massive turnoff.

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proud to be a bear and glad i stumbled across the website when one of the boys was on it in uni.... If i had never peeked at his PC screen at that point i may never have joined here!

Proud to be part of the staff of sorts in the Design team and more than happy to help the site in any aspect of design for all the dinners/banners and various other things.

WATP and RM will come from strength to strength.

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