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Everton Vs Burnley


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The game has ended and all bets have been settled. The winning team (at least by the spread) is Everton.png Everton!


david1873 won 514 ibbookie_points

G4rry won 642 ibbookie_points

HashPizza won 257 ibbookie_points

FlippinEck won 1,285 ibbookie_points

GersBear won 128 ibbookie_points

Bazza won 514 ibbookie_points

LivingstonBear won 257 ibbookie_points

ClintonGrey won 514 ibbookie_points

Tumshie won 385 ibbookie_points

rangersgary won 1,285 ibbookie_points

LouiseWATP won 514 ibbookie_points

craignic88 won 257 ibbookie_points

djw1992 won 514 ibbookie_points

MasterD won 51 ibbookie_points

Bluenose_Pete won 1,285 ibbookie_points

gordo7 won 257 ibbookie_points

blueboy94 won 257 ibbookie_points


rickybluenose lost 200 ibbookie_points

Chookes lost 200 ibbookie_points

bigandy999 lost 500 ibbookie_points

BROOMBROX lost 250 ibbookie_points

gogzy lost 12 ibbookie_points

Prodigy98 lost 25 ibbookie_points

Congrats to the winners and better luck next time to the losers. Thanks for playing!

More Game Details Burnley.png Burnley 0 @ Everton.png Everton 0

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