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Rangers Exclusive Title winning t shirts design

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Ive been texted saying A guys got a pic of the t shirts and they say its a homage to the inbetweeners

Sit on the back of the bus wankers

I don't like the implication of that message. I will be honest, most of your points bore me- they mostly revolve around Celtic, and religion and so on. I think enemies of our Club would like what you say there, but Rangers never put anyone at the 'back of the bus' and I think you should take note of that I've heard it said that if even Pele could have signed for Rangers back in the day the Club would have refused, and that is not so- but you go ahead with your messages, and your gripes about others, and continue to give our enemies more and more rope to hang us with And another thing, Rangers never put messages on t-shirts about them or anyone else for that matter; we leave that for others to do

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didn't belive that guy about Weir's wedding message and we got shown up as he was right. However this is extremly unlikely.

And you turned out to be a complete wank, glad you learned :craphead:

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