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Goodbye AVB!


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Rubbish club who will slide back into obscurity when Abramovich get's bored.

Think of the big picture. The size of the fanbase Chelsea have in Africa and Asia, along with some world class players already in place would be an attractive proposition to most looking to invest in a club. Would you rather start from nothing like Sheikh Mansour did at City? Or take over and build on what's already at Chelsea?

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I don't see that much difference with avb and mccoists situation .

He must start playing players on form rather than reputation . Terry , cole , cech , and Torres . Taking sturridgr of today was just plain stupid .

The main difference though is that avb will get money to strenghen .

I still think he can turn things around , he's trying to get them playing good football , but he's got to move the old guard and the duds out soon .

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If the rumours about them offering Porto £84m for Hulk then you can only imagine they are capable of getting rid of AVB.

They just paid £15 Million for his release from Porto, not to mention his backroom staff.

He's on a 3 year deal on the best part of 100k a week.

The fact they'd then need to find another management team to replace him (albeit Hiddink is free) and reshape the squad again makes me think that changing the management team again would be a financial hit they won't be taking.

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As a neutral to the English Premiership I'm a bit disappointed that Chelsea aren't challenging more. It always seems to be between two clubs each year so we'll just have to see if Spurs can keep up the pressure till May; good competition for the remaining CL places though.hh.gif

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AVB is trying to play fast attacking football with players wrong side of 30 who have spent majority of career playing the opposite.

Lamps, Terry, Malouda, Drogba etc must be sold in January.

Write off this season (it's kinda a write off in any case) and get some of yer targets in.

Give them the 6 months to bed in and see where it takes them.

As it stands they are simply nowhere good enought and it's the 'big names' who are dragging them down.

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