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Suarez Report Published

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The Football Association has released the full report by the Independent Regulatory Commission which investigated the Luis Suarez racism charge.

The outcome of the lengthy hearing was published on 20 December when the FA announced that Liverpool striker Suarez would be banned for eight matches and fined £40,000 following his clashes with Manchester United defender Patrice Evra at Anfield on 15 October.

The ban is currently suspended pending an appeal by the Merseyside club.

The full written reasons for the commission's decision have now been published on the FA's website and the 115-page document goes into detail of the case and the conversation between the two players.

Suarez, who gave "unreliable" and "inconsistent" evidence according to the report, called Evra a "negro" seven times during the game and when Evra asked the Uruguayan why he had been kicked, the striker replied in Spanish: "Because you are black."

The Frenchman, who was described as a "credible" witness, said he would punch Suarez if he repeated the comment to which Suarez is said to have replied in Spanish: "I don't speak to blacks."

The FA says Suarez has pledged "he will not use the word 'negro' on a football pitch in England in the future."

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Presumably there's a bit of Moorish ancestry in the mix as well.

Thus the 'for the most part'.

A large amount of the remaining moors were slaughtered during the reconquista and inquisition.

Plus, the Moors were Turko-Urgic, which is only like 1 shade of colour different.

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The minute Suarez admitted the use of the phrases 'negro' and 'blacks' he was done.

I think Evra has been a wee shit stirrer in the past but this one seems to be ringing true.

Imagine Joey Barton had said it to Glen Johnson for example. He'd have been run out the game whilst Liverpool wrung their hands and demanded an example to be set 'for the sake of the games future cos we're a pure family club etc etc'

Seems the English morals only extend to how many zeroes are on the price tag.

They are all a steaming cesspit of fake values and, hopefully, one day it will all come back to bite them on their arses

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Okay ive seen tons of people mention Evras past... but any actual evidence or news reports on it?

this is the two versions of events btw... judge for yourself which is more likely :lol:

FA's case:

The FA's case, in short, was as follows. In the goalmouth, Mr Evra and Mr Suarez spoke to each other in Spanish. Mr Evra asked Mr Suarez why he had kicked him, referring to the foul five minutes previously. Mr Suarez replied "Porque tu eres negro", meaning "Because you are black". Mr Evra then said to Mr Suarez “say it to me again, I’m going to punch you”. Mr Suarez replied "No hablo con los negros", meaning "I don't speak to blacks". Mr Evra continued by saying that he now thought he was going to punch Mr Suarez. Mr Suarez replied "Dale, negro, negro, negro", which meant "okay, blackie, blackie, blackie". As Mr Suarez said this, he reached out to touch Mr Evra's arm, gesturing at his skin. Mr Kuyt then intervened. When the referee blew his whistle and called the players over to him shortly after the exchanges in the goalmouth, Mr Evra said to the referee "ref, ref, he just called me a fucking black".

LFC case:

Mr Suarez denied the Charge. His case, in short, was as follows. He agreed with Mr Evra that they spoke to each other in Spanish in the goalmouth. When Mr Evra asked why he had kicked him, Mr Suarez replied that it was a normal foul and shrugged his shoulders. Mr Evra then said that he was going to kick Mr Suarez, to which Mr Suarez told him to shut up. As Mr Kuyt was approaching, Mr Suarez touched Mr Evra's left arm in a pinching style movement. According to Mr Suarez, at no point in the goalmouth did he use the word "negro". When the referee blew his whistle to stop play, Mr Evra spoke to Mr Suarez and said (in English) "Don't touch me, South American". Mr Suarez replied "Por que, negro?". He says that he used the word “negro” in a way with which he was familiar from his upbringing in Uruguay. In this sense, Mr Suarez claimed, it is used as a noun and as a friendly form of address to people seen as black or brown-skinned (or even just black- haired). Thus, it meant "Why, black?" Mr Suarez maintained that when he said "Por que, negro?" to Mr Evra, it was intended in a conciliatory and friendly way. Mr Suarez said this was the only time that he used the word “negro” in his exchanges with Mr Evra during the match.

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