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Mo Edu


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If Hutton is to start in CM with someone, Edu is more deserving than Davis this season.


For an incredibly fit and quick athlete, he's a lazy bastard. Rarely uses his great pace and loses the ball too often, without chasing back to make sure he wins it back.

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Edu's main problem is that it's quite clear to see he came to the game late.

He doesn't have the instinctive footballing mind that comes with playing the game through childhood, so his reading of the game is often off, he spots passes too late or not at all, and he'll mistime challenges or give up possession as a result.

Great athlete though, and first touch aside he has decent technical ability, and that's enough to make him worth a jersey a lot of the time.

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Mo's a good athlete, but he has the unfortunate knack of going into tackles as favourite, and losing them.

He also takes more time than Derek Johnstone choosing between a cream cake and a doughnut, when he's deciding where to play the ball.

He'll always do OK, but he hasn't got a football brain, so I doubt he'll ever be top notch.

One of his US team mates was on a youtube video giving Mo a bit of a ribbing about being a prankster, and he said, "Mo thinks football's his hobby...". I think he probably has a bit of that about him.

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