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Kids or Experience at Arbroath?


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If you were Ally would you play with mostly the young guys or go for a strong experienced team....?

I'd like him to play a mix, but with a little more emphasis on kids. It would be good to see MacMillan, Fleck, Hemmings (is he back from injury yet?) McCabe all start though. Personally i would like to see us with a good young team next year, with these guys plus Hutton and Ness all starting regulars.

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this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ we havve played 5 cup games with 0 wins so tinkering might not be an option for ally

Hmmm. You make a good point. We should really be hammering teams like this, but then again, we should be hammering teams like Malmo and Maribor (and Falkirk).

that said, i think our 'experienced' players were the reason we lost those games - very few turned up. The younger boys will show a hunger that I think would get us through these games. these games are perfect for the youngers IMO.

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A mix, half of the guys not getting games are not young anyway, Ortiz, McKay, Bedoya, Alexander, should be mixed with Wylde, McMillan, Fleck, Perry, Bartley, a couple of them aren't particularly that young either. If that list added with 2 others can't beat Arbroath then they are in the wrong profession.

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tryin to rack my brains about a SC tie under McLeish's reign when Kanchelskis and Dodds played and we scored 2 quite early (opening 10mins?) too lazy to google it :lol: was a 'lowly' side away from home and was our fringe side.

Anyway,would hope to see the likes of

:McKay: :Weir: :Bedoya: :Hemmings: :McCabe: :Fleck: start.

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