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what do we actually want?

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I want a Rangers team to watch next season with as little damage as possible to the squad.

I want it to be fair not suffering from made up punishments that get laughed out of courts.

I also want someone in charge who is honest and just get's on with getting the club to a safe place in regards to the financial situation.

I would also love someone to speak up for our club that we have seen to have lacked for a good few years.

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To talk about the title next seaon is a bit premature, we have no idea what our squad will be like, what i really want is for our club to get back on its feet, with credible owners who look to take us forward, what i want is to know that in 5,10 years time i will be able to take my kids to ibrox to watch the same team i grew up supporting

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I want people in charge that know what they're doing and for them to clear about their intentions, I don't want the past mistakes of asshats to continually hover over us. I want be proud of my Team again.

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